How to cheer someone up

To cheer someone up, you have to follow the steps which we are going to give you now accordingly for it will provide you with a quick response to what you are looking for.

Cheering someone up is a lovely thing to do because it’s a good thing to know that you are fighting for another person’s happiness, not only your own. So if you are looking for a way to cheer your loved one up, relax as we will be writing on the topic. If you don’t know how to snap good pictures, why not take a moment to read how to look good in pictures and learn what to do.


How to cheer someone up


  1. Come closer to the person.
  2. Do some funny things that will make the person smile.
  3. Play games with the person.
  4. Crack some jokes
  5. Go on work with the person.
  6. Watch movies or video clips together.
  7. Remind the person of those things that makes him or her happy.
  8. Mimic the person.



  1. Come closer to the person.

Coming closer to the person may not always mean being nearer to him or her, most especially may not work for someone who is hot-tempered. Due to he or she may transfer the aggression to you. But I mean, you should not stay far from the person so that it will be easier for you to do the next trick.



  1. Do some funny things that will make the person smile.

When you are close to the person, the next thing is to find something fun to do so that it will trigger the person to smile at least. Do some fun stuff around the person, but do not be too close in case if the anger increases. Just keep on making some fun things that can bring a smile onto his or her face.


  1. Play games with the person.

You can play a sweet game or a brain teaser game besides the person so that he or she will see it. You can use your cell phone to do that, and you can also pick one game and ask him or her to help you finish or help you play.

If the person refuses to play with you, do not give up, just play it there and make some sounds that prove that the game is giving you a hard time, but if he or she still doesn’t comply, change the tone and make it look like you are getting the tricks of the game by smiling and shouting a little with happiness.

If you do that, it will not take long and the person will definitely join you or might be looking forward to seeing what game you are playing. I have tried it, and it works for me, so do that it will work for you as well.


  1. Crack some jokes.

Crack jokes with the person, even if he or she doesn’t respond, just keep on doing it and do not give up. If you know and lay down jokes, maybe the one you saw in the movie, add it up and say it in a joking manner, the person must smile for sure he or she may not be too open to show it on their faces, but always know that you are changing something that time, you are cheering the person up.



  1. Go on work with the person.

You can go on work with the person so that he or she will not be alone and be thinking only the things that caused it. While taking a stroll, you shouldn’t always wait for him or her to say something, because it might not be possible, that only means that you will only be the one talking or the one bringing out some topics to be discussed and before you may know it, the person will come up and comply with it.


  1. Watch movies or video clips together.

If you notice that he or she is too moody to notify you around, just put some exciting video or even make use of your phone to watch video clips or movies with the person. Make sure you put the one that will draw his or her attention.

You can even pick some tracks and pretend that you did not understand what they did, you can rewind it back and still pretend not to understand it, at that time you said you did not understand the track, it will draw his or her attention automatically, and that will switch the person’s mind to that track at that moment to know if it’s something that he or she can understand.

After that, you can ask the person to explain it to you if he or she understands it. You will be surprised that the person will do the explanation for you and that will draw his or her attention in that movie.



  1. Remind the person of those things that makes him or her happy.

Remind him or her of those things you know that always keep them happy. Let him or she remember that there is something that is being left behind, just because of anger. Reminding him or she of those things will cheer the person up for sure. It can be the person’s words, or it can also be the actions. Bring or say it to the person the things that always make him happy.



  1. Mimic the person.

This particular one may not work for everyone, but some people will not control it, and it will add to the anger they have at that moment. But if it’s someone easy going in terms of violence, you can use this therapy for it will work for them correctly. Mimicking the person is just like repeating what that person is doing at that particular time funnily.


In conclusion

Cheering someone up is a lovely idea and to achieve that, you shall have to follow all those tips that we listed above so that it will direct you on how and when to make that. And you will see that your problems will be solved automatically. You can chat us up in our forum if you have any relationship issues or personal live issue, if you want us to help, we promise to be there for all of you anytime any day one on one. You can chat us at, all the best.