How to be a good mother

Are you troubled on what to do and make your children happy or to make them feel the motherly love. Relax for we are about to write the topic that says “how to be a good mother”.

How to be a good mother

1. To be a good mother, you should try to be understanding.

A good mother is one who is so able to understand her children’s feelings, their needs and wants at all time. If you really want to be a good mother, you should try to understand your children. Know when they need a mother to talk with, when they are in trouble and needs some advice. Know their capabilities and weaknesses, doing that will help you in training them in a good path. A good mother works very hard for her children’s betterment.

2. To be a good mother, you should be able to listen to their complains.

A good mother should always be ready to listen to her children so that you can know where they make mistakes and where to correct them, so that they won’t be mislead. A good mother is always ready to give ear to her children’s complains no matter how long it may take them to explain. You shouldn’t be in a hurry for anything as long as your children’s happiness is involve. You should always be there to listen to them.

3. To be a good mother, you should make sure of changing your children’s meal.

Don’t always depend on one particular food. Sometimes change your meal, give them something else as food, so that they will always wish to be with their mother than any other woman. You should spend much of your time in your kitchen so as to bring out something different from the normal diet they know. Even without money you can still achieve that, no matter how little it may be. Try it out for it will improve your motherhood life.

4. To be a good mother, you should always respect your children’s father.

Try giving their father much respect especially in their presents so that it will influence them tomorrow when they get their home. Give their father respect and do not argue or fight with their father in their presents, instead try to take them inside or give them sign to go inside so that you two can have your conversation.

5. To be a good mother you should give your children undivided attention.

You should make sure that your children never lack your attention at any cost. Do not always be a career woman who always focus on her business and forget her children. Make your children to get enough of you, so that they will forever be happy spending time with you. Your attention as a mother is always needed in the family for it will definitely give be you a track to work your ways in becoming a good mother to your kids.

6. Be your children’s role model.

A good mother is one who always lead by example to her children. Make your children to see you as their role model and emulate your character. Treat them with so much love and affection so that they will forever be happy to have some one like you as a mother.

7. Abstain from gossip.

If your children learn that you have not time to be gossiping with other women in your area anytime, they will all be happy for you and always be proud of you too in the presence of their friends. So do not be a gossip, instead train them not to be a gossip too incase if tomorrow especially for your female kids.

8. Play with your children.

Be your children’s best friend, play with them, share their moment and their problems including their happiness with them too. Let them see you as someone they can rely on in any situation they may be in. Do not be harsh on your children, give them the opportunity to feel your love and compassion. Let them know that mother is the best thing that can happen to them.

9. Teach them how to stand on their own.

Do not be too emotional to them. Sometimes you have to teach them how to stand on their own because nobody knows tomorrow. You should always encourage them to do for something on their own. Give them chance to contribute in family gathering so that they can share their knowledge too, at the same time you will able to know how their reasoning are and also it will help you to know to guide them in being wise.

10. Pray together with them.

Always call on them for prayers and all of you should be sharing on dates to pray, expection of no one. You should always direct them in a way that they can be able to pray always and be used to it.

In conclusion

How to get a good mother, has to do with so many effort so as to achieve your goals if you are really in need for that. For the sake of your children’s happiness.

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