How to be a good friend to people

It is very necessary and nice to be good to your friends. A true friend is someone that is good to his or her friends. If you are having a hard time searching for the things to do so that you can become a good friend, relax for we are here to help and guide you on how to be a good friend.


Below are the tips on how to be a good friend;


  1. Advice your friend.

You need to be a good adviser to your friend or friends. Don’t just stay there and allow him to suffer in silence with his or her thoughts. Ask what the problem is, and try to advice him or her on it. Advice is one of the things that friends can do for each other.


  1. Help him or her.

You don’t just advise your friend when he or she needs help, but you have to help out in any way that you can, especially if it is what you can do.


  1. Show appreciation.

No matter how little it is, you must try your best to show an appreciation for what any of your friend do for you. Show them a good and loving smile, that shows you really appreciate what he or she have done for you.


  1. Be happy when something good happens to them.

You can’t be a good friend, if you are not happy when something good happens to your friend. Because is only an enemy that will be sad when something good happens to someone he hates.


  1. Show concern and care.

Your concern and care is very important to your friend. He or she will like to see that you love and care about him or her. Give him or her all the attention that is needed from you.

  1. Tell him or her the truth.

You don’t have to lie to your friend. You are expected to be the only one person that can be trusted when others failed them. If the person you called a friend takes you as an untruthful person, then you are not getting it right. You need to be open to your friend about anything that they need to know, because it will hurt him or her when they realize that you lied to them.


  1. Keep your friends secret.

Don’t gossip with the secret that your friend trust that you can keep or protect for him or her. It will make them to hate you and can never be free to discuss personal things with you again.


  1. Understand your friend.

YES you need to be the only person to count on that will understand him or her when everyone doesn’t. So try to make sure you understand your friend well.


  1. Know your friend DO and DON’T.

Don’t just understand him or her but try to know his or her Do and don’t. And try not to do the things that will hurt them.


My final my Advice for you on this, is that you should love and trust your friend, just the way you do to yourself. Anything that you know that when someone does to you it will hurt you, then don’t do it to your friend.