How to attract a Man with Body Language in Communication

I will show you How to attract a Man with Body Language in Communication, so If you have been trying to know how to move past words, or the things that you need to do as a woman to get that guy in your heart or let me say that you need to know the necessary things that you need to do to get that guy that your heart has been beating for then don’t worry again for you are in the right place. Because I will show you how to catch that man you care about without saying a word to him so relax because it is only a few things that I will show you here. So that you can make that man you dream of, to fall for you. Now without talking much, let go into the main talk of the day.

How to attract a Man with Body Language in Communication


  1. Make Use Of Your Eye

To use eye contact is one of the most important signals that you will use to send to the guy or the man that you want to attract. Let me tell you something that you never understand about this. Eye contact can work correctly for you to draw that man you need or that your Mr. Perfect that you dream of. And also try to remember that if you have done that try to follow it up with a smile, don’t make the mistake of contacting him without following up with a smile. It is also How to attract a Man with Body Language in Communication.


Try not to overdo it for you not to make a fool out of yourself, just stare at him for just a second. Going more than is not a good idea, so take note and just stare at him once. Because all you just need to do is just simply make eye contact, smile, and look away. Just do it for a few more times on that man you want or care about, no man will see that and resist it without coming close to you.

How to attract a Man with Body Language in Communication

  1. Make Use Of Your Hands

It is also a useful technique that you will use as a woman to attract a man quickly. Remember that it is said that action speaks louder than words. So that same way making use of your hands is like using the effort to talk more. So you may be wondering how to do this then. Well, don’t bother, let me give you some ideas or tips to do that. The simple ways to do this maybe like this. Let say something like touching your chest, face, arms, or leg. Doing this usually talks about three messages:


I will like you to do this for me.

I will like to do this for you.

I will like to do this with you.

If you can’t do this, then try to make use of objects to do so. These may include wine glasses, cigarettes, silverware, etc. Gentle fidgeting or touching will surely send strong signals to the man you care for or have your eye on.



  1. Make Use Of Your Lips Not Your Words

Let say after you have successfully move and got a chance to talk to him. At that time that you are talking to him, try to move your lips or make use of your lips while talking with the man. Let say while talking, and you can gently and subtly lick or bite your lips. This is also part of the way to show your interest in the man.

Let say, if you are eating, you can eat intentionally and slowly. Your date, man, or crush will not be able to resist your lips and will start sending some romantic signals back to you. Sometimes I call this women’s power.



  1. Make Use of Your Hair

Try to know that as a woman that you are, that your hair is often one of the things that men find very attractive to you. So try to make use of that your hair to seduce or attract a man because it is one of the powerful tools you have as a woman. So try twirling a strand of hair, to brushing the hair away from your neck, to running your fingers through your hair and flipping your hair lightly. Do it when you are with that man you care about or want to attract to you.

  1. Make Use of Your Posture

This is another effective way you can use as a woman to get that guy you care about or need because is another useful language to get men by displaying the beautiful parts of that your body, which includes (but are not limited to), your breasts, legs, bottom, and neck.


Sitting up straight or leaning back slightly can each cause you to appear a lot of assured and show off your most engaging components. When standing, arch your back, and throwing back your shoulders can help make your butt look fantastic — if you wear heels, they automatically form your body in that direction.


  1. Use Facial Expressions to Make Him Know You Are Interested

By this, I mean making use of your face or body to show him that you are interested in him.  Let say when you are talking to that special man or the man you care or have an eye on. Using your eyebrows and making sustained eye contact, and mirroring his facial expressions will help him be more attracted to you.


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  1. Touching Him

Try to touch him because, at times, touch can be a powerful way to send romantic messages. Just a light bit on his shoulders or top of his back is a great way to start. If you are in a bar or other crowded place, you could break the personal bubble by stepping into his space a little bit, to let someone else pass by.


Touching him on the lower back, on his chest, or his hand is an even more special move that will let him know you are digging him. If he is on the same page or side with you, he will reciprocate with some touching on his end.



  1. Lean In Him

Try anyway you can to get closer to him or closer to the man you have an eye on. Let say you are sitting down, and it is not too close to you. Try to sit next to him and make your legs touch underneath the table.


If you are also sitting across from him, you can start a game of foot size (if you’re being daring), or try to lay your arms across the table and “accidentally” touch his hand.

  1. Have a Smile On Your Face

This may, though, seem almost too simple to you. But smiling is one of the biggest things you can do to attract a man. Because it will make you seem happy, confident, and fun, and all these qualities are what many men are looking for in a woman.


A smile will be said like an open door. And it is also an invitation to discussion, together with some gentle, flirty eye contact. All this will have the man crossing the room for you in no time.