How to approach a girl | Tips to get her

If you are troubled and looking for how to approach that girl and tell her that you love her, just relax for you are at the right place. I will explain to you things you need to do to melt her heart first before approaching her, but if it’s a girl you just meet and want to be closer to her or have something to do with her I will also tell you what to do. “How to approach a girl”


How to approach a girl for the first time


  1. Be bold

Don’t be shy of meeting with her just be bold and walk up to her after all she is a girl you are the man. So be bold and walk to her.


  1. Don’t fear

Don’t put fear in your heart so that you won’t go there and disgrace or mess yourself. She won’t beat you, the highest she can do is to ignore you and go. So don’t try to put fear in you at all.


  1. Use your mother tongue if you can’t speak English

My brother if your mother tongue is not English or you don’t know how to speak English, its better you use your mother tongue, to avoid disgracing yourself and for me writing this guide for you please. Just speak your mother tongue and save yourself the stress of it all or sort of error.


  1. Don’t tell her about love first

Please make sure not to mistakenly talking about love first. Just ask about herself and compliment her on her beauty like this

“hello excuse me how you doing”?

When she answers you can now proceed to tell how your names like

“Am Michael by name and you?”

If she answers you can then compliment her by saying

“You look so beautiful”

And that is it, you can then from there engage to talk some more with her.

“How to approach a girl”

  1. Ask her about her number

After some discussion, you can then ask about her number, so that you can be contacting her. It is good for you at this time to be neutral and not talking about love or dating her. But you can proceed to do so if you like, but I advise to get the number and then apply the things in the second section.


How to approach a girl you love.


  1. Be close to her

Don’t just rush to tell a girl you love her, else there are high chances that you will not be accepted by her. So it’s better to keep her close for some times before telling her your mind.


  1. Call her regularly

Keep a strong communication with her and call her regular if you can in other for you to make her have you in mind or start to be thinking about you.


  1. Buy her gifts

Buying her gifts is also an easy way of giving her things that will make her to always be thinking of you and also have you in mind as she looks at the gift you buy for her.


  1. Ask her out or go to places alone

Take her out or places that only you two can stay together. Don’t waste your money or looking for an expensive place, but to those places that you can afford or leave it if you can’t but make sure you do other things.


  1. Be funny

It’s not new that women love to be with a guy who can always make her smile. So try to be funny and make her laugh, to be always thinking about you and develop feelings for you easily.


  1. Always compliment her

Compliments make women happy a lot. Some women love to even be close to a guy because of the compliments they get from the guy. So it’s good for you to learn how to compliment a girl if you don’t know how to do so.

“How to approach a girl”

  1. Tell her your mind and feelings

Now after trying all these you can now open your mind and feelings you have for her. Don’t just keep being close without telling her your mind, because if you don’t you are putting her in a confusion state and she will accept another guy if care is not taken and you will be automatically friend zoned.


Note: Don’t pretend or lie to a girl who you are trying to get, so as to avoid you not ending in a state of spending a lot and even losing her at the end.