How Long Does A Crush Last

This question has been a very trending question, which has not gotten a definite answer. So if you are looking for the answers to this particular question, relax as we will be writing on the exact time a crush can last. Read carefully in order to understand what we are about to write on.

How long does a crush last?

A crush can last as long as you are able to crush on them. Why most people said that the biggest time a crush last is 4 months. What am I saying? There is no definite time, date, or period a crush can last, it only depends on how long you can crush on them. It can last for days, weeks, months, or even years and it can even last till eternity. Crush doesn’t have a limited time to be elapsed.

For instance; If there is a girl or boy you are crushing on, he or she may not know that you are crushing on them and you alone will be waiting for an opportunity to speak with them alone, but unfortunately, you may not find any private time to do that. That love you have for him or her may not die instead it will be as if you have forgotten about it. When you will know that love is still there, is by the time you will have the opportunity to meet them one on one, it will be as if that love is renewed again.

Crushing on someone is just like loving someone and wanting to be with that person. It gives a nice feeling whenever you see that person. You can see that love cannot be forgotten instead it can be reserved for a better moment.

What does it mean to crush on someone?

To crush on someone simply means that you are in love with someone and want to be with that person, but due to you are not in the position to speak with that person, you will still be crushing on him or her. This is commonly found in women. Due to they may not speak what they feel or what their feeling is all about, they will be crushing on him waiting patiently on the day he may approach them.

What happens to you when you are crushing on someone?

  • When you are crushing on someone, you will always feel happy to see that person around you.
  • You will be eager to be seeing him or her even from afar.
  • You will not say no if he or she happens to ask you for something at all.
  • You will find it hard to get angry with them.
  • You will always feel nervous when he or she comes closer to you.
  • You will always see him or her whenever you close your eyes. You may even see him or her in some of your dreams.
  • You will not feel happy whenever you are not able to see him or her for a while.
  • You will always smile when there is any little conversation with him or her, it will feel as if you don’t want to end that conversation with him or her.


How long does a crush on a girl last?

How long does a crush on a girl last?

If you are crushing on a girl, it will take longer to get over it, especially if the girl knows that you are crushing on her.
For instance. Some girls are gone of pretending as if she doesn’t know that you have an interest in them. She may be crushing on you too, but she won’t be able to admit it before you. She won’t even give you the chance to speak. She will use a lot of excuses and shyness to keep far from you, but inside them, they will be dying to see you.

Crushing on girls, especially those that know you are crushing on them, takes too long to be over. You will be seeing them around, but you will not be able to reach them. She will drag you too long to the extent that you will start hating yourself for falling for someone like her. But some are so friendly that it will make things easier for you as soon as they know that you are crushing on them. Such people hard to see, but others are common in girls.


How long does crush on guys last?

How long does crush on guys last?

Crushing on guys doesn’t usually take long to be over, especially when he knows you are crushing on him, and he has some feelings for you as well.
He will be happy and open to welcome you into his heart without any pretends. Doing that will help you.

How to get over a crush on some one

How to get over a crush on someone

  •  Create some distance

Creating some distance will help you get rid of those feelings you have for them. But being around him all the time is not a way to get over it. Get busy and make yourself so occupied that you can barely remember that crush of yours.

  • Please do not follow them on social media

Please do not stick to them, whether on social media or the road. Try to avoid anything that will make you see him or her on social media, seeing ever update that he or she may do. Ignore their updates and try moving on with your life.

  • Accept the truth

Accept the fact that they are just your crush but not that you are in a relationship already. Do not assume that you both are in love. Take it as if they are your crush, and it’s not a must that both of you should be together.

  • Make new friends

Make new friends, and mingle with people that make you happy. Do not rely on your crush love and affection. Make other friends and move out with them. From there, you will be freer, and gradually, you will forget that crush of yours.

  • You can as well approach them

Talk to them. You never can tell. You may be able to find something that is not accommodating in them that will make you lose interest. You can as well approach the person and free your hearts to them so that you can be able to know if he or she has the same feelings as you.

  • Don’t avoid them.

Do not avoid him or her like trying to run away each time you see them on the way. Doing so will make you feel hurt, and you may end up having a heart attack. Just ignore it, greet them if you see them on the road, act as if it’s nothing. With that, you will be over it sooner.


Do crushes ever really go away?

Yes crushes really go away after sometime if the person you have crush on don’t show you sign or accept you as a friend when open up about it. The crush will surely go away after sometime.


Can a crush last 5 years?

Yes it’s possible for a crush to last up to 5 years, but it very rare to see that kind of crush and the person will also need a psychologist to help him or her, because it might be more than a crush but obsession.


How do you know if it’s more than a crush?

• You talk about the person always.
• You discuss everything with him or her.
• Always thinks about the person when you are alone.
• You visit places that he or her goes.
• Show of concern
• Trust.
• You give attention to the person.


How long does a crush last until it becomes love?

It depends on the individual but on average of 4 months for most people is the time a crush can last until it becomes love or fades away.


How long does a crush last Psychology?

Psychologically, crush is said to last for four months but your feeling for your crush may last for over four months. And when that happens, it means that you are in love with your crush.


How long does it take for a crush to fade?

There’s no specific time for a crush to fade, it only depends on the individual. There are some person who hold on to their feelings for life time or a long time, but there’s other person’s who doesn’t keep their feelings for their crush for long.


Long-term crush on someone.

Long-term crush on someone shows that you are in love with the person. For a person to reserve his or her feelings for a particular person who doesn’t know how you feel for a long term, it’s said to be love.


How long does being in love last?

As long as your feeling can take. It doesn’t have any limit, it’s a feeling that comes from the heart.


How long does it take a guy to get over a crush?

Whether a guy or a girl, it only takes a strong heart to get over a crush. If you are not strong enough to fight your feeling, it will be very hard for you to get over it. So it depends on an individual capability.


How long does it take to get over a crush?

It can take one, two or three months, even some years to get over a crush. It depends on the amount of feeling you have for the person. And it also depends on how strong and courageous you are.


How long does a celebrity crush last?

A celebrity is also a human. Just as every other person feels. Some celebrity crush can last for years and some may also last for months. So it all lies on the hands of the person crushing on and the celebrity. What really matters is how you feel about the person and how bold you can be in approaching your crush to confess your feeling. And also how you can handle it.


How do you know if it’s love or a crush?

If you notice that your feeling is becoming too high that you can no longer control staying a moment without seeing your crush, that is when you will know that it’s love.
Again, when you understand that you weren’t able to get him or her out of your mind, that is when you will also know that it’s love.


How to get over a crush.

Avoid coming in contact with his or her things. Avoid any form of closeness between you two.
Try to find something annoying in that person so that you will see one reason to get over your feeling.


These are the things you need to know about your feeling on someone and how long you can crush on someone.


In conclusion

There is no definite time for a crush to last. It depends on how long you can crush them.