How Long Does A Crush Last

How long does a crush last
How long does a crush last

This question has been a very trending question, which has not gotten a definite answer. So if you are looking for the answers to this particular question, relax as we will be writing on the exact time a crush can last. Read carefully in order to understand what we are about to write on. After reading please read how long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact to know if your EX is missing you already.“How long does a crush last”

How long does a crush last?

A crush can last as long as you are able to crush on them. Why most people said that the biggest time a crush last is 4 months.

What am I saying?

There is no definite time, date, or period a crush can last, it only depends on how long you can crush on them. It can last for days, weeks, months, or even years and it can even last till eternity. Crush doesn’t have a limited time to be elapsed.

For instance;

If there is a girl or boy you are crushing on, he or she may not know that you are crushing on them and you alone will be waiting for an opportunity to speak with them alone, but unfortunately, you may not find any private time to do that. That love you have for him or her may not die instead it will be as if you have forgotten about it. When you will know that love is still there, is by the time you will have the opportunity to meet them one on one, it will be as if that love is renewed again.

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Crushing on someone is just like loving someone and wanting to be with that person. It gives a nice feeling whenever you see that person. You can see that love cannot be forgotten instead it can be reserved for a better moment.

What does it mean to crush on someone?

To crush on someone simply means that you are in love with someone and want to be with that person, but due to you are not in the position to speak with that person, you will still be crushing on him or her. This is commonly found in women. Due to they may not speak what they feel or what their feeling is all about, they will be crushing on him waiting patiently on the day he may approach them.

What happens to you when you are crushing on someone?

When you are crushing on someone, you will always feel happy to see that person around you.

You will be eager to be seeing him or her even from afar.

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