How Do You Know You’re In Love With A Guy

Love is beautiful and it feels nice when your heart loves someone, it is the most romantic feeling that one can experience inside whenever the person you love gets closer.

There are ways and means by which you can know that you love a guy, so if you are confused about the feelings that you are having for a guy and you truly wants to understand such feelings. Relax for we are about to write on it today, so that your doubts will be cleared.
Below are ways you can know you are in love with a guy. Carefully read this article and understand everything about it.


How Do You Know You’re In Love With A Guy


1. If you’re in love with a guy, your heart will always beat for that particular guy.

Beating of heart is normal for every human being but the kind of heart beat you will experience from any moment you see that particular guy will be totally different. Your heart will be continuously beating, and you will be feeling nervous around him.
For instance, a guy that you have interest on or maybe you feel that you have nothing to do with him, but if he comes around you, your heart will start beating fast and your body will be feeling nervous. That sign shows that you are in love or have a crush with that particular person.


2. It you are in love with a guy, you will be happy seeing him around you.

Love does not hide itself, once you feels some atom of love for someone, one way or the other your emotions will definitely push them out and you will realize it immediately if you can. So if there is a specific in born happiness for one particular guy whenever he is around you, or whenever you see him. If your heart feels joy seeing him around you without any reason. My dear, it’s a sign of love.
For instance, you saw a guy and maybe you have being seeing him around or you have a crush on him, and he managed to show up to a place you can see him, and you noticed that you suddenly gets happy seeing him and your attitude changes automatically for seeing him, it simply shows that, you are in love with him.


3. If you are in love with a guy, you will like everything about that guy without any reason.

Love they said, changes everything. So if you find out that, there’s this guy in your area or around you that you always admire everything about him, even when other people are saying bad about him, you will find somehow to defend and believe in him, even though you have not been with him. When you noticed such thing for a man, it simply shows that you are in love. You can hide everything but you can’t hide your feelings forever, one-day it must surely come out.

4. If you love a guy, you won’t be able to resist any offer from him.

If there’s this guy that you barely say No, to his request, and you are easy to accept any thing that he may ask you even when it’s goes against your wish. You find it easy to accept it without a second thought and you noticed that you have being doing that unknowingly. It simply shows that you love that guy and you can’t bear to see him disappointed for something you know that you can offer.


5. If you are in love with a guy, you will always give him attention without you knowing.

When you noticed that there’s this guy that you normally gives a special attention and you even do it unknowingly, and when you realize what you have done, you will caution yourself and promise yourself that you won’t do it again, when tomorrow comes you find yourself repeating it over and over again without stopping. It just shows that you love him for real. Time is something that is so special to everyone and when you give yours to that person whom you can’t resist, it means that you love them.


6. If there’s this particular guy that you care for.

You hate to hear anything bad about him, it’s another way you could understand your true feelings for him. Caring and concern is a sign of love, so if you are giving it to one special person, it shows that you love that particular person for real.


7. If there is a guy that you normally check on.

His thoughts never leaves your memory all the time, it’s a sign that you love him. Whenever you are alone and you want to meditate, and the first person to run through your mind is a guy you have crush on, or the guy your heart seek for without knowing. It’s a sign that you love that same guy.

9. Of course there’s someone who you can communicate with more.

You are free while chatting with him, it’s a sign of love. It you love a guy, you will like to be discussing with him continuously without getting tired of him. So if there is a guy you can never get tired of, no matter how many times you tried. That guy is the one you love.


10. If you are in love with a guy, you will always see your future with him.

You will feel that you two are together and will remain together for the rest of your life. All your plans will be that, which favor both of you. You will feel that he has already accepted you and has even proposed to you already. You won’t see him as just a friend, you will see him in another way that is more romantic. You won’t ever like your relationship or your friendship to end. You will always work towards growing that friendship that you may share. And lastly, you will always forgive him whenever he does something wrong to you.



If you are in love with a guy, your heart will definitely tell you that your feelings has changed towards him. Your happiness for that particular guy will increase and you will not see any reason to hate him again in your life. You won’t even mind giving him your time at any moment.

We believed that we are able to guide you on the ways to know if you’re in love with a guy. So if you have any contributions or you want to ask us questions one on one, you can go to our forum, [email protected], we will always be there to answer any of your questions. Drop your comments if you have any.