How do you know when your marriage is over?

Marriage is said to be a legal union between a man and a woman. It is also a form of agreement which goes with so much sacrifice depending on the ones you may meet. But when that marriage turns out to be a military zone or a kind discomfort to you it is then you will know that the marriage is at stake or in big problem.

There are so many ways in which you will know when marriage is over, and those ways are what I will be writing on. Read and understand.

How do you know when your marriage is over?


  • When you observed that your future doesn’t include your spouse.

What am I saying? When you noticed that you only think about yourself and about your own interests. You do not include your partner in your plans; you only want to be alone by yourself at a very far place without your partner. Your thoughts are only the one that can please only you and you alone. You do not border to Know whether your actions affect your spouse or not, provided that it suits you.



  • When there is no more sexual intimacy between you two.

Couples are supposed to be expressing their feeling every time through lovemaking and other romantic ways. But if there is a cut in your romantic life’s and he or she is no longer eager to be making love to you, it is a big sign that your marriage is falling apart and if you care, you correct it but if you don’t care, know that the marriage is over. Having sex with your partner is a good sign that there is love between you two because sex in marriage helps to reconnect your mind and soul in your relationship.


  • If you find yourself wanting to cheat on your spouse at all time.

What am I saying? A lot of families is experiencing this particular issue, note that it a bad sign that your marriage is falling apart. Feeling of cheat all the time shows that you no longer have feelings for your spouse, it shows that you really need some break-in that marriage. When there’s a hunger for sexual satisfaction from outside your marriage. You begin to find another woman interesting more than your wife or you begin to find another man interesting more than your husband. It’s a sign that your marriage is over.



  • When you begin to find peace outside your home.

This issue is common but very dangerous in marriage. If your marital home begins to irritate you, you no longer find love and happiness staying in your home unless it is outside your home with strangers, only then you will find peace of mind. It shows that that marriage is something else and needs to be over if you do not care about them any more. Your home supposed to be the only peaceful environment that you may have.



  • When both of you start to find it hard to share your problems and happiness with one another.

None of you can share his or her mind to others. You always keep secrets with each other. You do the things that you want to do without anyone questioning you. You spouse will no longer have to say in your business or your problems. In marriage, you are supposed to be sharing your ideas, problems, and happiness together. No keeping of secret is allowed but when you go contrary to that, it only means that the marriage is over.

  • When both of you can’t stay for a second without fighting or quarrelling.

Every of your conversation is always a fight. You either stay away or fight when together. Not that you can’t argue with your partner. For a matter of fact, a healthy family is a family that argues. But the unhealthy one here is too much of it and fighting as well. If there is no minute that can pass without you fighting, my dear that marriage is hell and needs to be over immediately.



  • When there is no atom of forgiveness in you and everyone is feeling too big to apologize to the other.

Marriage is all about, ups and downs. You must encounter so many challenges but what matters is that, after those challenges both of you understand and forgive one another. No one will feel too big to apologize to the other. To ere is human but to forgive is Divine.