How Do You Know When To Dump Your Boyfriend?

There are so many ways in which you can know when to dump your boyfriend. Some girls are in a relationship with their boyfriend now, but they are no longer interested in that relationship, but are unable end it because they are confused on it and don’t actually know if they are to dump him or not. We will be discussing on how to know when to dump your boyfriend. “How Do You Know When To Dump Your Boyfriend?”


The 5 major ways to know when to dump your boyfriend.


  1. When you noticed that he doesn’t care about you anymore. He is not interested on how you feel and how worried you may be. When he doesn’t show concern anymore, all he thinks of is himself and himself alone. For instance, you may call your boyfriend and tell him that you are very sick, he may tell you sorry at that moment and sympathize with you. Both immediately you drop the call, he automatically forgets about you, he won’t call again to know how you are feeling or whether it goes any further. He will only speak with you when you call him or flashing him continuously, without that he won’t care to know how you are doing.


  1. When you find out that all that he wanted is just to sleep with you, and nothing more. He calls you for a night to sleep over, he always call during the weekend because he knows that you are free and will have no excuse of not coming. He won’t bring out time during the week to check on you, instead he will choose to call in weekend for you to come and sleep. When your boyfriend is interested in those things that is under your legs and nothing more that is when you to dump him, because he is not good for you.


  1. When he cannot give up something for your sake, he is always selfish in making decisions. He prefers going out with friends to spend money, instead of buying you some surprised gifts. He prefers giving out his kind gesture to other people outside without giving you any. When he comes to you is when he has nothing on him and goes out when he has something with him. All he wants is just to use you and dump you any time he wants. When such is happening, my dear just run for your dear life, because he doesn’t love you at all.

“How Do You Know When To Dump Your Boyfriend?”

  1. When he finds it difficult to present you in the presence of his friends. He is not proud of you, he hides you from his family and friends. He only takes you out at night and brings you back before day break. He is ashamed of you and doesn’t feel like parading you to the people that are close to him. A boyfriend that is not proud to have you, is not worthy of you and cannot have you for any reason. So my dear shine your eyes.


  1. When your boyfriend takes you for granted. He doesn’t regard you as anything, he nags at you at any little thing, and he doesn’t consider you as his friend. You always feel scared when you are with him. He doesn’t care to listen to what you have something to say, he picks quarrel at anything, he always expects you to apologize to him even when he is the cause of the problem. He always neglect your presence, you cannot discuss something as boyfriend and girlfriend with him. He finds it Hard to pet you, he can’t cuddle you properly like a woman, unless if he wants to have sex with you. A man that does that you doesn’t love you and you have to dump him for he is not for you.


These are the most common things to observe in your boyfriend so that you can know when to dump him. You are free to drop your comments in the comments box.


“How Do You Know When To Dump Your Boyfriend?”

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