This question has been asked by many women today, so that they can be sure about their husband or to know if their husband truly loves them. Well, if your husband loves you and is not cheating on you is a good thing, but if you are not sure about that and think maybe he loves you but is cheating on you somehow or perhaps he is pretending to like you while he is cheating on you. No matter what your reason may be, just know that today I will let you know about the signs that your husband is cheating on you so that you can understand how to fix your marriage. “How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?”

How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?


• Late nights.

If your husband is the type that always comes back late at night, and not just once in a while, but almost all the time then you need to check thoroughly and do something about that because if not his type of work then is possible, there is another woman out there that keeps him busy.

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If he starts keeping late nights all the time, and when you ask her, she will give you a lot of excuses. He will go very early in the morning and come back very late at night without even caring about how you will feel.

• He always goes out.

If your husband is the type that doesn’t always stay at home but gives you a reason to ever go out and, in some cases even if he goes out he will not pick your calls and always give you excuses for not picking his calls, then he may be cheating on you.

• He holds on to his phone.

He holds on to his phone - How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?

If he doesn’t allow you to have his phone freely, but always hold his phone and hide his phone messages and social media chats to you, then know that there is something wrong. Because if he genuinely loves you without cheating on you, his phone, social media, and others will be accessible also by you.

• You won’t know his activities.

If he is in love with another, then know that it will be hard for you to understand your husband’s daily activities, and he will be giving you a lot of excuses as a reason one or two of his movements are very important to him.

“How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?”

• Your mind will tell you.

Your mind will tell you

If he is in love with another woman, you will have the feelings in your mind. Let say your mind tells you that something is wrong with your marriage or your husband, but you may not understand the main problem or the issue, but all you know is that something is wrong.

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• The way he treats you.

If you think he is cheating or you want to know if he is in love with another woman, then you will understand the way he treats you. I mean compare the way he shows you love before and now, the way he cares about you back and now, and the kind of attention he gives you before and now. Just use all these to know because if you are his only, then he will treat you as his only love.

  • His character will change automatically.

You will notice a change in his character. His character will never be the same as it was before. Your mind and conscience will be disturbing you that something is wrong with him. Even when you want to ignore it, the feelings will also be tormenting you.

  • No longer spends a lot of time with you.

He no longer spends much time with you

A husband is supposed to be spending much time with his wife. When you notice that he no longer has time for you to talk more about spending time with you, instead, he will prefer to go out and meet friends. It’s one of the signs that show that he has an interest in another.

  • He will no longer find you attractive.

He no longer finds you attractive in his eyes. He’s beginning to ignore your looks, no matter how much you dress up for him. He doesn’t compliment your new look, not even giving you an admiring glance. Such an attitude shows that he is in love with another woman.

  • Always be admiring the other woman.

If there’s this woman that he Normally appreciates and admires all the time, you notice that he always mentioned the things that could concern her unknowingly, and you ask him, and he will give you a convincing excuse to cover up. If such character repeats itself almost every time, it shows that he is in love with that woman, but he is trying to hide it from you.

  • He will like to give you all the financial aide you want so that you won’t disturb him.

He will like to give you all the financial aide you want so that you won’t disturb him

For you not to disturb him, he will instead prefer giving you all the financial support that you need so that you won’t be able to bother him as he lives his life. If there’s this attitude that your husband always does. He never seems to reject anything you said, provided that it will make you be him as long as he’s still seeing the other woman.

  • He will be busy with his phone instead of giving you attention.

If he won’t give his phone away just for two of you to be together for a long time. He will instead prefer pressing his phone all the time than giving you his concentration. He becomes happier whenever he is on his phone than being happy when you two are together. Such behavior tells that he is definitely in love with another woman.

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One thing I want to let you know is this. If he loves you and cares about you, he will never do anything to hurt you. He will always be there for you. He will always admire you and make you know everything about him, including his activities, without hiding anything from you. So check him well for you not to hurt him. Try also to read my husband hates me to get more information if the problem is from you.

“How do you know if your husband is in love with another woman?”

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