How do you know if he loves you?

Being disturbed on how to know if a man loves you? Are you scared of getting hurt again by a man? Do you want to be sure of that your man’s love towards you? No matter what your reason could be, I want you to relax for you are at the right place. I will cool down and explain well to you the things you will see in a man and say YES he loves me or he is in love with me.


How do you know if he loves you?


  1. The way he looks at you, will tell you if he is in love with you. If a man is constantly looking at you always or staring at you, then know that he is interested in you.


  1. He will always like to help you out. No matter what or how you try, to stop or avoid him from helping you, he will always find a way, for him to help you.


  1. He will always like to come close to you and talk with you. If he is always coming closer to you and also talking with you more, then he loves you.


  1. He will always buy you gifts. No matter how little or small the gift is, he will always try his best to buy something for you. It is a way for him to prove his love for you.
  2. He will not be happy to see you go. If you are with a guy who loves you, he will always try to stay with you always, even if you want to go, he will try his best to stop you or walk you home.


  1. He will always fight and defend you. Any man that loves you and care about you, will try his best to fight for you and defend you in public. By fighting, I don’t mean dragging and fighting another man for him to leave you, but what I mean is being there for you when nobody is willing to stand for you.


  1. No matter how bad you treat or insult him, he will still be coming and be trying to win your love. He won’t even see those actions of yours as anything.


My final words to you on this, if a man loves you, no matter how bad you treat him or do to him, it will look like nothing to him. But please let you not use it as a means to insult and disrespect a man. Remember that love can still turn to hate, if not handled well.