How do you know if a guy loves you but is scared?

To know a guy that loves you but he is scared to tell you is very easy. But know that you will have to bring out time on this issue if you truly want to know. Below are a few ways you will know that a guy loves you and he’s afraid of telling you about it.

How do you know if a guy loves you but is scared?

He will always glance at you.

Any guy that is in love with you will always look at you whenever he sees you in any place around him. So if the guy always glances at you for a very long time, then know that he loves you but is not bold enough to tell you.


He will always do what you request of him.

This is simply because if he loves you then know that he will do whatever you ask of him. In fact that you never ask is why he has not done it. Because when a man loves you he will always do anything to make you happy.


He will be curious when talking with you.

He will not talk to you freely or will not be completely bold when discussing with you. Some guys do stammer when talking to a girl they crush on at times. So if he is doing this then know that he loves you but he is just scared of what your actions will be.


He will be discussing you with his friends.

Any guy that loves you must sure be discussing you with his friends. He will be telling them about your beauty and will always talk good things about you whenever he is with his friends.


He will always see that you are happy.

If a guy loves he will always try his best to make you happy. Also if he notices that maybe you are not happy or maybe your mood changed, He will try to come close and ask you or ask your friends why you are not happy. So just know that if he is doing these entire actions he loves you so much.


He will be loyal.

One thing about guys that have a crush on a woman but are scared to tell the lady is this. They will always be loyal to the girl just to know if that will draw the attention of the girl if it will make the girl know that he loves him. So if you know the guy is doing this just bear in mind he loves and please don’t treat him anyhow due to it.

All this above is few ways to know if a guy loves you and scared to tell you. But if you have noted ideas you can share it with us in the comment box, so that others can also learn from it too. Cheers.