How Do You Keep A Guy Thinking About You?

Are you worried of losing him? Or are looking for what to do to keep your guy thinking always about you. If that’s what you want then I will give you few tips to try out and you will see that your man will always be thinking about you just as you want. Now without wasting your time let me go straight to why you are here and explain the tips for you. “How Do You Keep A Guy Thinking About You?”


How do you keep a man in love with you?

This is all you have to do to keep a man thinking about you always, just follow this guide and you will see the magic behind it.


Encouraged and advice him.

Guys love it when a you notice what they are doing and give him words of encouragement and advice. So to get him thinking about you then know that you must learn to encourage and advice him.


Make him know your dreams or future plan.

Guys love seeing that a woman have plans or dreams about future. You may think it doesn’t work but believe me on this letting him know your dreams and plans will also make him think about you and also see you as a woman with great plans.


Learn to know his mood.

Knowing when he is in good or bad mood is also a way to make him thinking about you. Because knowing his mood will make you know when he is happy and when he want to be left alone. It will also make you to know when he needs you most and if you are always there when he needs you most believe me he will never stop thinking about you.


Make him to know how much you love him.

It is said that action speaks louder than voice. So letting him know how much you love him is not by texting him 100 SMS a day or by calling him at every point. But instead show him too with your actions and character towards him. So that he will truly understand how much you love him.

“How Do You Keep A Guy Thinking About You?

Compliment him

Try to always compliment your man. You know the way you as a lady love it when someone or your man compliment you on your beauty or dress and how happy you are when they do so. That say way is how your man will feel when you compliment him and it will always make him to do things that will make him receive your compliment and doing so he is also thinking about you.


Appreciate his gift.

No matter how little the gift he gave you is, try to appreciate it because doing so will make him to be having in mind of buying more for you knowing that you don’t reject gifts from him. And as he is doing so he is having you in his mind and which will always make him to be thinking about you.

“How Do You Keep A Guy Thinking About You?

Learn to give him space.

Don’t be known as that girlfriend or wife who doesn’t allow his man to move out with friends or a time of its own. Because doing so will make him to be tired of you easily, and he will be looking for a way to be free from you. Instead of thinking good about you he will now be thinking on how to leave you.


Learn to be good to with his loved ones.

Don’t be looking on how to make a man thinking about you when you don’t love his friends and family or people he cares about. Because if you care about them and do well to them they will from time to time ask him about you and as they are doing so it will make your man love you more and keep you close to his heart. And I believe that is exactly what you want from your man.

“How Do You Keep A Guy Thinking About You?

Learn to buy gifts for him.

Don’t think that is only the duty of a man to buy gifts to you. Try to buy him gifts or may be small things you know that he may find it hard to buy, let say buying tooth brush, boxers e.t.c. all this small gifts will go a long way in making your man think about you because as he use them or when they are old, it will always remind him of you.


Your character.

The way you behave will also make a guy to keep thinking about you. Let say you visit him now and you don’t care to help me do his house work. As a woman there should be signs or something that show that you visited your man’s house, when someone comes in the house. Let say the way you arrange his house or room and keeping it clean. Will always make him happy and always want you to visit him.


All this I said are things you should take note of and do it when you are with him because the things you do with that time you spend with him is what will make him to always think about you.


If there is another thing you think a lady should do that I don’t write here please tell us about it in the comment box so that others too can learn from it and do it. But for now this are things I that will answer the question “How do you keep a man thinking about you?” And “How do you keep a man in love with you?” Cheers

“How Do You Keep A Guy Thinking About You?

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