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How do you get a girl to like you?

There are many ways which you can get a girl to like you, and we are here to give you the tips on how to get a girl you like.  So to answer the question “How do you get a girl to like you?”. just read it all below.


How to get a girl like you.

If your girl is a Christian, the first thing you will do to get make her like you is,


  1. Follow her to church


At least let it be because of her that made you repent, find out the church she is going to. Dress and monitor the time she use to go to that church, if you are free try to join her in going, also go to other church activities that she goes, try asking and answering questions there, and don’t forget to always speak with her anytime you got the chance to, but make it a friendly chat. Do not let her understand that you want to woo her, instead make her understand that you too are both lovers of the church, let your discussion be limited to the things of the Lord, and believe me, she will even be the one that will start liking you.


  1. Make her mum your mum.


Whenever you see her mummy, do not hesitate to greet her like a mummy she is, for example, if you see her mum on the way coming back home, meet up with her, greet her, chat with her while going home, especially when you are free, till you reach to a place you will divert. Answer every question she asked with sincere heart, make sure that her daughter sees u especially the one you love, I bet seeing you doing that will draw her mind towards you.

“How do you get a girl to like you?”

  1. Invite her to your own church one day to worship with you.


She will feel happy following you to your church, and she will try not to miss it, even when she misses it, do not be angry, keep inviting till she makes it. Do not forget to give her offering money as much as she expected.


  1. Ask for her number.


Because you didn’t requested for her number all this while and sometimes when she misses you, she may wishes to have your number in order to call, so seeing you asking for her number, she will not hesitate to give you, and if she does, know that you have won her likeness.

But never you break her heart because she will not forget that.


I believed that by now you have known how to wins a girl’s likeness. Follow the steps and you will win it.

“How do you get a girl to like you?”


Onyedika Boniface

Born in family of life. Love seeing everybody in a peaceful and happy relationship and marriage. Address: no 23 Ase-Eme village, pH. Road, Ohabiam,Aba South, Abia State, Nigeria. Phone number: +2347062470552 Email: [email protected]

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