is it a sin to masturbate

Well this is act that is very bad to do and is also an act that is not good to be seen in us as a human because is makes to feel no good taste of sex. It can also make one not to find good satisfaction in his/her partner so if you want to stop such act then I have some tips that will help you to stop it.“How do I overcome masturbation?” or “is it a sin to masturbate”

is it a sin to masturbate?

See Masturbation as punishment.

I want you to bear in mind that masturbation is actually a natural urge and as human beings, we will always have these sexual urges and having these urges does not make you less of a person or any less worthy compared to anyone. So don’t allow yourself to enter into this act because this is totally a waste of time. Time that you could have spent relinquishing yourself of the addiction, so take this as a step at a time and realize that there is actually help and you are not helpless against the situation.

Remove things that will tempt to masturbate:

One of the major things that bring temptation to masturbate is pornography so for you to stop it. You should try to remove yourself and your immediate environment of anything like pornographic content. That is not all try to also control your access to this content. Try to very observant enough to know the times and instances you mostly get the urge to masturbate, and try to get busy with any other things during those times. Some people may recommend you doing exercising because this gives you a release of its own and leaves you exhausted not to do many things. If you masturbate frequently due to loneliness, then try to find ways to limit your solitude. You should also to do those things you do alone and do it in public, and don’t try to  lock yourself up indoors all day. “How do I overcome masturbation?“.



Remove things that will tempt to masturbate
Remove things that will tempt to masturbate.

“is it a sin to masturbate”

Find another place to spend your time and energy:

Change your life act and fill your life with engaging activities. Because the excitement you will have doing something different and meeting set goals and objectives will surely help replace the urge to masturbate because you will have a lot more distractions that can keep your mind off it. I want you to know that the process of turning your sexual urges into creative output is something that monks and sages have mastered and called it as sublimation. This is something you should try to utilize on a scale that you are capable of. Because there is a lot of things that you can do with your time and energy , let say doing something like writing, learning to play an instrument, drawing etc.

Find another place to spend your time and energy:
Find another place to spend your time and energy.

Try to be persistent and patient:

I want you to know that stopping masturbation is not something that can be done immediately. Instead it is a process that will require commitment and you may also fall to temptation and fall on some occasion. Don’t be hard on yourself when this happens. Because the real struggle is in persevering so commit now in a way that you won’t let mistakes stand in your way. You can also try to stop it in a fun way by setting up a reward system to reward yourself for good behavior and achievement in terms of how long you go without masturbating and also promise yourself more reward if you maintain it. Doing this will make you keep record of how long you have gone without masturbating and this is a good step. By doing this will introduce you into a new motivation which will help you overcome the finish line. “How do I overcome masturbation?

Never admire yourself when you bath and do not stay long.

Try as much as you can not to stay in the bath more than five or six minutes. Just be fast when taking bathe and dry and dress and then leave the bathroom into a room where you will see other members of your family present.

Avoid associating with other people having the same problem.
Avoid associating with other people having the same problem.

“is it a sin to masturbate”

Avoid associating with other people having the same problem.

Never think that two of you will quit it together, because can never stop it like that. So you must get away from that person or that group that have the same problem. Because just been close or together with them will keep your problem in your mind every time. And this is not good because the problem must be taken out of your mind for that is where it really exists. Your mind and thinking should be on other things because when you forget it will help you to stop it. “How do I overcome masturbation?



  • Avoid touching the intimate parts of your body except during normal toilet processes.
  • Never read pornographic material.
  • Put your whole thoughts into exciting things.
  • Pray daily and ask for the gifts of the Spirit, that which will strengthen you against temptation but don’t pray to stop it because doing so will make it remain in your mind as problem.
  • Rise Up immediately from bed in the mornings, do not lie in bed awake, no matter the time of day it is.

“is it a sin to masturbate”


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