Sending a heart touching birthday letter for girlfriends to the person who loves you is one of the amazing ways to reach out to your lover’s expectations. We all have a special place in our hearts reserved and belongs to a special and a personal like your gf.  Best heart touching Birthday letter for girlfriend on her birthday like this one is more romantic than any other thing. It gonna give a extreme impression to the babe that you care about her.
heart touching birthday letter for girlfriend

Dear Love,

As time keeps going by, you’re moving and growing older. In each minute of an hour, each hour of each day, each day of the week, each week of the month and in each month of the year, I keep loving you!
What kind of  mysterious magic is yours that enchants me more and more each of the month mentioned? I think you have sufficiently and successfully cast a spell on me. If you can confess to me, please do. Did you by any chance laced my tea, coffee, coke or any of my favorite drinks with some potion?
My darling birthday wizard, let me use this letter to validate all my love for you and convey my wish for a wonderful day, and that the love that my loving heart feels for you is endless as it will never die. Even its purity is cool.
I think and think a lot so as to come into a conclusion as to what to get you for your birthday. But now, what I can actually offer is that may all your dreams come true (and that I’m glad to be part of those dreams too) and that you can keep on using that special and unique gift you possess to make happy all those that surround you. But still,  today won’t go until neither do I forget to give you something that you will always remember me by, the same way I think about you every minute of the day because you have the magic spell.
What would you like me to get you,  if you can lend me your idea. But it should be aside from the undeniable and endless attention I have been given you before? Do you want a CD? No, you already have so many CDs in your custody. Maybe I should go straight to get you a romantic music, so that we can play tonight together while I will hold you so tight as my lady and my queen.
Now, honestly, my gorgeous sweetheart, all I want you that you’re looking pretty when evening sets. That you’re in a good mood and feeling happy and that you’ve had a good day with me. And that hat you’re ready to receive the best gift I could give you: myself, all dressed up and smelling nice like a king you adore, just the way you like it! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday babe!

A sweet and lovely kiss from

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Let us look at another heart touching birthday letter for girlfriend 

My love,

It is a usual thing denoting that there  only one thing better in the world than being in a love partnership. There is something more romantic than having just someone in love. I mean there is something more exciting and comfortable than receiving affection from a lady. Dear, dating you is more romantic, exciting, comfortable, lovely and better than every other thing in this world.

I still hold on to my belief that there is no lady has gorgeous and wonderful as you to me. In fact, you’re considered as my only and the whole world. Mind you, I’m not just saying this because I have been captivated by your love. This day, I can say it with the knowledge plus understanding of someone who has had a lot of extensive experience in the subject of spending romantic moment. I am pretty sure you remember it’s your birthday today?

I bet you do because it is rare for a Queen like you to forget her birthday! After all, who would be mad enough not to remember your b’day, who would be crazy enough and forget to engrave in the memory of such a special and bright day that you came into this world? It all happened in such a remarkable manner!

Yes, that’s right, you are a year older and better today. If, on the one hand, it seems like along time that we have known each, on the other hand it seems like yesterday, so exciting it is to be in your company. I can’t have enough of feeling alive because of you, looking at you, loving you, talking to you, caring for you, touching you, being with you and kissing you. If I’m feeling this way after many years of staying together under the canopy of love, can you imagine what I’ll be feeling like after more years to come of being together?

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Baby, I am so crazy about your love that I think I’m going to swallow you alive so that you will live inside me forever. Take it easy, don’t fall from the chair where you are sitting because I have to confess that I’m just kidding. I can’t swallow you because you are already in my mind and my blood

l. But I’ll still be nibbling and slowly and romantically pinching you every now and then, I sure am! But I do mean it: this new age of yours  accomplished today will be the happiest, nicest one in your life. You will never have a better yesterday or a better last year.  I render my promise to do anything within my reach to wish you the best birthday wishes from my heart. Happy Birthday to you my gorgeous queen.

With a tender and passionate kiss from your man

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