Grower vs Shower – How It’s Different & Ways To Tell The Better Penis

What is better for the length of your penis? A grower or a shower. Find out all you need to know about these differences.

Men seem to place a lot of confidence in the size of what they have between their legs when it comes to the amount of stuff they carry. This is not a negative thing.

It’s true, a bigger man makes it easier to get laid and is more comfortable in bed. Despite this, men can behave differently depending on their size.

Personality is all about whether the person is a grower or a shower-taker. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the difference.

You could argue that the size of a man doesn’t matter. It’s all about what he does with it. However, that is not the way men see it.

They are proud of their size and believe that this is all they need when it comes down to pleasing their partner. The truth is a bit more complex than that.

Grower vs Shower - How It's Different & Ways To Tell The Better Penis

What is the difference between a grower and a shower?

For someone who hasn’t heard of these terms before, it can be confusing. They are however quite self-explanatory.

A grower is someone who has a smaller penis when it’s flaccid, but a larger one when it’s hard.

The shower is someone who appears larger when they are flaccid but shrinks when they are erect. You see what they look like when they aren’t excited.

The argument over whether to have a grower or a water shower is based on the fact that you won’t get more with a shower than you see with a grower.

However, magic happens when a grower gets excited!

Why do we have growers and showers?

Some experts believe that genetics play a major role in determining which category a man falls into. But, skin elasticity and collagen production are also important factors to be aware of.

This means that the size of a man’s erection is determined by how far he can stretch his penis.

These are not the only causes. It all depends on the person’s health. Some diets promote better blood flow which means that they will grow more than those with poor circulation.

This could also be a matter of chance because penises are not always easy to comprehend.

How can you tell if a man is a grower or a shower?

Some guys might not be able to tell if he is a grower or a shower. It might not be necessary to run any tests to determine for certain.

If the penis of a guy looks nearly the same when he is hard or soft, he’s likely a shower. If it appears larger or longer when it is hard, he may be a grower.

If you are not satisfied with the explanation, you can always look into it further scientifically, based on your research.

The guy may be flaccid but you can still measure the length of the shaft from the tip to the base. A ruler or measuring tape can be used to measure the length of the shaft. However, it should be held close to your skin so that you get accurate measurements.

After the guy is standing straight, measure the penis from the tip to the head again. If it is 1.5 inches longer than it was when it was soft, he is a grower. He’s a shower if it’s less than 1.5 inches.

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Is it a grower, a shower or something that refers to the actual size of the plant?

A soft penis length does not necessarily correspond with a hard penis size. A penis that is put out on full stretch does correlate with its length.

You simply grab hold of your penis and pull it as hard as possible, as if you are trying to pull it off. How far you can pull the penis away from your body will directly affect its ability to grow.

Flaccid penis size does not indicate erect size. This is why growers experience an increase in length from their baseline penis sizes.

A 2018 study showed that growers had larger erect penis sizes than the shower group, measuring an average of 15.5 cm.

Is it possible for a man to change from a grower into a shower-taker?

Yes, man can change. Growing may be less productive as they age. A shower might also become less effective.

As we age, our ability to grow is less as the collagen content in our bodies decreases.

Studies on rat penises have shown that elastic fibres in the penis decrease with age. This is likely to be the case for humans as well.

Because growers are generally younger than showers, they might be more like a shower.

Some people might become more flexible and grow faster as their tissues become less elastic. When a man becomes erect, the penis retracts and experiences a greater increase in length.

Are women more likely to prefer a grower than a shower?

This is a hard question to answer as every woman is unique.

Some men prefer to take a shower, as they love the look of a large man’s soft penis. They may not notice that his size doesn’t change when he’s erect.

Some women might prefer the grower on the other hand because they can see the changes in the man’s penis when he is excited about her.

Most women don’t think about it much. It doesn’t matter to them how well he can use her penis to delight her.

Don’t forget that personality is attractive as well as sexy – it’s more than just the length of your penis.

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This is why you should choose a grower and not a shower.

There are also arguments for showers. We believe that the one you truly want is the one who surprises you with something, the grower.

Although you might not be able to decide if your man is a grower or a shower guy, there are certain reasons you should choose someone smaller.

These are the top reasons to work with growers.

1. They aren’t cocky

Excuse me for the pun. Showers are more confident than growers. Showers can be quite cocky and rude.

They are all about “Hey, take a look at what I have”, when in reality it is the last place you should be looking.

They know that they have something special in their pants, and their package would be attractive to you.

Showers can come across as selfish and arrogant. This is not at all attractive.

2. They are mysteriously confident down-pat

If you are with a grower, they will always act as if they have a small but important secret they can’t wait to share. We all know how much women enjoy mysterious men.

They are secure in knowing that there is something more hidden within a package than they might think. This makes them feel confident and keeps them enticed in the best way possible.

They will show confidence in subtle ways through their mannerisms. This is something women love.

3. They don’t know how to judge a book by its covers

Girls with less obvious attractive traits have a greater chance of landing a great man. These guys understand what it is like to have more than meets the eye.

They’ll be more open to accepting a woman who may not have the perfect looks but has a lot to offer in terms of her personality.

4. They will be modest about themselves

Growers are not men who show off their skills and talents like it’s their job. They will be humble and modest when it comes down to anything. They’ll be humble about the unanticipated package they pack.

Their chauvinistic behaviour won’t cause fights, scenes or other undesirable situations.

5. You will be the only one who knows their secrets

This is a fun little trait that makes you want to growers, not a shower. Although growers might not seem like much, you will find out what they have in store when you return home.

6. You will feel great about yourself

This one is not easy to grasp, but we will try our best. If you sleep with someone who takes a shower, it is not common to see them grow very large when they strip down.

However, it’s amazing how powerful it feels to be with a grower.

When you are with a grower, you will feel that you have a greater effect on their arousal.

7. It will be easier to have sex with the first time.

You will likely be more nervous than the grower. When it comes to being naked in front of someone for the first time, growers are more insecure than you. This helps to ease the pressure.

If you know that your grower is feeling insecure about their situation, you won’t need to worry about it.

You don’t have to be insecure because you’re having a great time.

8. They might be less likely than others to cheat

While this point is not without merit, we believe it is an important reason you should choose a grower over a shower. Showers may believe they are better than other showers.

They feel that they can have sex with other girls as they know they will be successful. Their large members are visible and they don’t need to be aroused.

It is said that cheaters do so for their gain. We believe this 100%. We also believe that guys who shower and know it is more likely than others to cheat.

9. They are more likely to be pleased with you

Although they grow to great size, growers seem to be self-conscious about how small they are because it is so small when they are flaccid.

They want you to be happy in bed so they work harder. They act as if their flaccid penis compensates for their hard work, even though it’s perfectly average or larger.

10. They are more sensitive to your insecurities

Growers know what it is like to feel insecure. They are often very insecure. Growers feel self-conscious about how small their penis is when it’s not ready for use.

This is because guys who grow and aren’t showers understand what it’s like not to like certain parts of your body.

Because they don’t want to see you make fun of yourself, they won’t poke fun at anything you don’t like.

Although we know you don’t want a shower, we can’t tell you why.

This might sound familiar to you.

That’s a good point. You can tell when a man is packing and when he isn’t. It takes a very subtle and quick glance to tell the difference.

We’re not saying you should go out and randomly check out men and their packages, but we wanted to help you know how to tell.

This is the only way you can tell if you are dealing with a grower or a shower from the beginning before either of them gets naked.

While you cannot choose the type of man you want, there are solid reasons to choose a grower over a shower.