Mattress Sizes & What Size Room You Should Have Them In

Mattresses are an essential part of our bedding. They affect our comfort during our sleep. As we know that deep sleep is very important for every individual. For every person, a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is very important. Without that sleep, one won’t be able to function properly for the next day. So sleeping is very important and for a good sleep, a lot of other factors matter a lot. For example, the environment, noise-free atmosphere, the pillows, and most importantly your mattress. You must attain the utmost comfort from your mattress. It shouldn’t be poky and deformed. It shouldn’t give you back pain or body pain. Also, your mattress should be clean and hygienic so that it does not become the home for dust mites which can give you some serious allergies.

Your mattress not only affects your sleep but also creates an impact on the overall look of your bedroom. Taking care of the size of the mattress is very important for your health as sleeping in an appropriate mattress size can cause you body pains and aches. You must choose the best mattress size to fit your room so that it can give your bedroom a sophisticated look. Given you have a small bedroom and you are a single sleeper, then you must go for any size between twin-size mattresses to the full-size mattress. These sizes would not affect your sleep and also can fit in smaller spaces. Again, if you are a couple and have enough space in your room then any size between Queen size and California King size will help.

There are a lot of sizes that are available in the market and it gets quite confusing which size to choose. Sometimes you pick the size just by estimating what size you will require but that might not always be correct. If by chance you will buy a size bigger mattress then it will ruin the look of the bedroom or it might be possible that you might end up buying a small mattress whereas your partner wants some extra personal space while sleeping.

Mattress Sizes & What Size Room You Should Have Them In


CRIB SIZE MATTRESS: These mattresses are made for cribs as can be understood by the name. These are ideal for babies. A standard crib mattress is about 28 inches in width and 52 inches in length and not more than 6” in width. There are different sizes available in the market but you should choose the one that fits your baby. Once your baby becomes a toddler you can no longer use a crib mattress and then you will have to shift your baby to a bigger size.

TWIN SIZE: Twin-size mattresses are very much common in kids’ rooms. They are the ideal beds for bunk beds and their standard size is 39 X 74 inches. For singles who have a small budget, they can buy these beds as they are budget-friendly as well as save a lot of space in the room.

SHORT TWIN: These mattresses have a size of 34 X 75 inches and they are usually found in motor homes as the spaces are small over there.

TWIN XL: For adults having an average height or for tall kids these mattresses are ideal. Their standard size is around 39 X 80 inches. Tall people who sleep alone should buy these mattresses.

FULL SIZE: Full-size mattresses have the standard size of 54 X 74 inches. These are quite bigger compared to twin mattresses. These are very common in futon beds. These mattresses can easily accommodate two small kids or couples who want to sleep close to each other.

FULL XL SIZE: The average size of these mattresses is 54 X 80 inches. These are fit for two individuals. These give you extra leg space without taking any space in the width. These are ideal for tall couples.

STANDARD QUEEN SIZE: These beds have the size of 60 X 80 inches. These beds are the most common beds found everywhere. For single sleepers who move a lot during sleep, it’s best for them. These beds are mostly found in teenager rooms or guest rooms. Couples who want to sleep cozy can also use the Queen bed size.

OLYMPIC QUEEN SIZE: The size of these beds is 80 X 66 inches. These are like the standard queen size bed but have a little bit more leg space. These beds are perfect for tall couples or tall teenagers sleeping together. These can also accommodate your pet if you sleep alone.

CALIFORNIA QUEEN SIZE: This mattress size is 84 X 60 inches. These beds are ideal for those who need that extra space to move around and don’t need any extra foot space. The 4 inches of extra space helps couples to have their extra personal space which they need sometimes. It also has enough space to fit a small baby who sleeps with his parents and needs some extra care.

STANDARD KING SIZE: The measurement of this bed is 76 X 80 inches. These beds are ideal for couples who like a little more extra space while sleeping. These are ideal not only for resting but also for other activities like stretching or relaxing in a comfortable position. These beds can easily accommodate two adults and one child or one pet. These beds are fit for large rooms.

CALIFORNIAN KING SIZE: These are the longest beds one could get. These have a size of around 72 X 84 inches. These are huge beds compatible with very large rooms. These give you and your partner enough space. It can also accommodate your kid and your pet. There is enough room for a third person to sleep next to you. It is an ideal bed for those who need the extra length and not the extra breadth.

While buying your mattress just like the size one must also keep in check what type of mattress they want. Since buying a mattress is considered an investment, you should choose the best of all worlds. For example, if you are looking for latex mattresses, they should be made with eco-friendly materials. Your foam mattresses should provide support and pressure relieving benefits. And the innerspring mattresses should have the next generation coil to create a balanced support system.


Different people have different needs when it comes to the sizes of mattresses. One can analyze how much space they need while sleeping and what is the measurement of their bed and then buy their mattress accordingly. One can also visit online and check the prices and reviews of different types of mattresses as this will give them an idea about which mattress will be the best for them.

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