Flirty questions to ask a girl

There are so many flirty questions to ask a girl, but there are the most important and wonderful one that can change your friendship level to another level, and those questions are what we will be writing on today. Read and understand.

Flirty questions to ask a girl


  1. What do you like in me?

This is one of the first flirty questions to ask her, and this question will help you find all about the girl’s first impressions of you and the things she likes and doesn’t like. There is nothing wrong with the fact that she might not have loved you at first. The point is that she likes you now because the two of you are talking, at that moment.

With that question, you’ll also find out more about her taste in men whether she’s the type that falls for looks or the kind of girl who is attracted by a man’s smile, charm, and conversational skills. It will also help you believe if she believes in love at first sight or does she need more time before falling for a guy.


  1. What is your most prominent missed appointment?

First of all, this question will help you see what the girl wants and doesn’t want from a relationship, as well as the things she would never tolerate in a relationship. This way, you can check if the two of you are likely to be compatible right from the start.

It will also help you to find out more about her last relationship without asking her directly, as that would be too personal for the first encounter. When you know what she considers a missed appointment in a relationship, you can sense what she’s been through in the past. If she speaks it with emotions in her and with a bit of hurt for that disappointment, it’s a sign that she had experienced that before.

Just make sure to be careful not to ask too many follow-up questions because it might change her mood, and everything might go wrong at that moment. Just take it gradually and romantically. And at that time, you also have the opportunity to say what you to hate in the missed appointment. In case if you two ended up together.



  1. If you could spend an entire day with me, how would it look like?

This particular question will show you how much she likes listening to what you are saying. It will also give her a chance to express herself about you and the direction the date is going to.

And, if she chooses a place she thinks you both like, then she’s interested in you because she has been paying attention to everything you’ve been saying and she’s also willing to compromise because she isn’t selfishly looking at her needs only.


  1. Have you fallen in love before?

It’s a question that will make her emotional, and if she has indeed fallen in love for someone before, she will tell you and even tell you how much he is to her and what caused their break-up. Saying all that will make her develop some feelings for you, and she will not hesitate to be in a relationship with you.



  1. What will you do if I tell you that I love you?

It’s an indeed a flirty question that will melt her for at least a few seconds. She might lose words but will tell you her mind. If she answers positively trying not to hurt you in her words, that shows that she is into you but if she rushes it and with so many things not minding how it may hurt you or not, just know that she’s not into you.


These are the few most essential flirty questions to ask a girl. Drop your comments on our comments section.