First Time Sex Pain, Feeling And Side Effects You Need To Know

Every person’s first experience is different. This is a basic fact. It is essential to prepare for sex. How do you go about this? First, you need to be open to having sex with your partner. Second, you must give your explicit consent. Safe sex is only possible if you use condoms.

Is it painful to have your first date?

Are you thinking, “Will it hurt during the first intercourse?” It might hurt your first vaginal intercourse. Women may also experience bleeding after experiencing first sex. It is possible to experience bleeding and pain in your first intercourse experience. However, this is subjective and not common for everyone. Don’t be alarmed if your first encounter with sex was not painful or you didn’t bleed. It’s perfectly normal.

What makes sex so painful?

Penetrative sex causes this because the hymen, a thin layer of skin at the vagina’s entrance, stretches and tears. Everyone experiences different levels of pain. Research shows that women feel more sexual pain than their male counterparts. Your vagina may not be adequately lubricated, which can lead to painful first sex.

A lack of sexual desire may be a problem for women. Ayurvedic remedies can be used to boost female sexual desire.

How To Put Penis In Vagina Easily

How long does it take to feel better after your first attempt?

Because your hymen can cause first-time painful sex, women with thicker skin tend to feel more pain than those without. The pain should subside within an hour after intercourse. Consult your doctor if the pain persists for longer than one week.

Pain during Sex

It is expected to feel pain during sex. But the pain from sex can be uncomfortable and impact your relationship. This is most common in women who have a poorly-lubricated vagina. Let’s look at some conditions that can lead to pain during sex.


This is the body’s involuntary response to the fear of penetration. It causes a spasm within the vaginal muscle. The friction can cause pain during sex if your vaginal muscles contract before penetration.

Vaginal infections

Vaginal infections can cause pain during sex.


It is a condition caused by tissue growth similar to the tissues in your uterus. It can be painful and cause discomfort during sex.

Probleme with the uterus

Fibroids, which are caused by abnormal growth of the uterus, can cause severe pain in sex.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Painful sexual intercourse can be caused by STDs such as herpes, genital Warts, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Pain after Sex

Some people feel pain after intercourse. These are some of the conditions that can lead to pain after sex.


Urinary tract infection causes inflammation in the vaginal area, which then leads to pain. UTI symptoms include pain when you urinate.

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts can be benign (non-cancerous) and are tiny, fluid-filled sacs. Large ovarian cysts can cause cramping in the abdomen after intercourse.


When sexually transmitted infections go untreated, pelvic inflammatory disease is a condition. It affects the upper reproductive tract organs. It can cause inflammation and soreness in the upper pelvic area. PID can also cause pain in your pelvic area after or during sex.


You might have a painful experience if you don’t get enough lubrication before sex. Increased friction can cause chafing, which can make your sexual experience unpleasant. The pain may persist even after the sex ends.

How To Put Penis In Vagina Easily

How to have sex without pain the first time?


You might be asking, “Is it painful to have sex?” It can happen if your vagina doesn’t have enough lubrication. To reduce friction from penetration, it is essential to have a well-lubricated vagina. To make your sexual experience more pleasant, you can purchase artificial lubricant on the market if your vagina doesn’t secrete any natural oil.

Use a pillow

A pillow can support you if you are experiencing deep pain. To get extra support, place the pillow under your pelvic region.


It’s best to let your partner know if you feel discomfort. Do not be afraid to talk to your partner about any concerns. Ask your partner to be patient and let you know what you think.

Is the First-Time Sex Pain a One-Time Event?

Many women ask, “Does sex hurt the first time?” Although it might be painful initially, most pain will subside over time. The pain begins to diminish as the hymen becomes more used to the stretching during penetrative intercourse. Most cases of pain disappear after several sexual encounters. You should consult your doctor for pain, bleeding, or burning sensations.

Then, in a nutshell, Is it worth the pain?

Even if you’re starting, sex shouldn’t be painful. There are many ways to ease into sex. You can relax your pelvic muscles and use a lubricant. If you experience discomfort, tell your partner. Communicating and finding ways to have sex that work for you both is essential. If you feel too much pain from sex, consult a gynecologist immediately.

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