Famous Narcissists With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A narcissistic personality disorder (narcissistic personality disorder) is characterised by grandiosity, lack of empathy and a need for praise. It is possible to argue that celebrities and public figures are narcissistic.

Drew Pinsky, a professor of psychiatry, found that celebrities are more likely to suffer from narcissism than the general population in his study. This is not surprising considering that the term ‘narcissists’ has been used a lot in recent years. Narcissists are thought to be vain, self-centred individuals.

They are often insecure and their public appearances do not reflect the inner turmoil they experience. Here’s a list of famous narcissists, both in history and now.

Disclaimer: These individuals have not been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorders. They do exhibit narcissistic tendencies.

Famous Narcissists With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

10 Famous Narcissists

The Truth About Narcissism – There’s a side to narcissism. People with narcissistic personality disorders can be charming, intelligent and intuitive.

Let’s look at famous people who display personality traits that indicate narcissism. Many of them display grandiose thinking and exaggerated self-importance, and many believe in or fantasize about the power they have. Most believe they are unique, and special, and deserve to be respected and felt entitled.

Numerous dictators and criminals were or had narcissistic personalities, as well as Hollywood celebrities. Some are negative role models while others are positive. Stalin and Hitler had extravagant self-images. So did Casanova, Marquis de Sade and Peter Sellers. And Christiaan Barnard, a heart surgeon, had one too. Madonna, Margaret Thatcher and Paris Hilton are also possible suspects. Simpson. These are just a handful of famous narcissists.

Donald Trump: Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist, says that Donald Trump is a classic neurotic. Experts argue that it is easy to diagnose Trump with the disorder, as he exhibits many symptoms of the condition such as a domineering personality and willingness to degrade people without remorse.

Niklas Bendtner: The Danish striker was quoted saying, “If I’m asked if I’m the best striker in the world, then I answer yes.”He believes that this is true, despite the fact he has never scored more than nine goals during a top-flight campaign. His comment suggests that he suffers from the common narcissistic symptoms associated with delusions of grandiosity.

Jose Mourinho: Jose Mourinho, the famous football coach, once stated “Please, don’t call me arrogant but I’m a European champion and think I’m special.”

Larry Page: The American internet entrepreneur and computer scientist, Larry Page, is one of the co-founders of Google. Experts believe that he lives in an alternate universe and appears to be living in the future. Because of his high expectations, his employees describe him as “frightening“.

Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is a psychoanalyst, anthropologist and author who has been called a “productive narcissist”. Visionaries with a passion to make a difference in the world are called productive narcissists. They are competitive and aggressive and don’t believe they have to follow the same rules that everyone else.

Kenya Moore: The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta” star feels the need for involvement in every business. Kenya believes everything she says is extremely important and slows down her speech to emphasize this.

Draya Michele: American media personality, model, fashion designer and actress, Draya Michele, stated that she has high self-esteem. Yes, I believe that we are superior.

Joseline Hernandez – The reality TV star refers to herself as a third person and believes that she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Hernandez believes that she is indestructible and, despite many rumours about her private life, her response is the same “It doesn’t matter because I’m a bad guy!”

Rick Ross “Am I a narcissist? I woke up with a bowl of lobster bisque?” Many of his songs boast about his greatness. The American rapper is extremely confident in himself and doesn’t mind telling the world how great he is.

Tiger Woods In Curt Sampson’s biography, ‘Roaring back – The Fall and Rise Of Tiger Woods’, Woods is described as a pathological narcissist who had only transactional relationships. If you weren’t able to help him reach his goals, you wouldn’t be able to get anything from him.

Ted Bundy This psychopath serial killer displayed many characteristics that are typical of a narcissist, such as grandiosity or manipulation. He was self-centred and loved being in the spotlight.

Famous Narcissists With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Ten Narcissist Celebrities

Fact about Narcissism Narcissists has an empathy deficit. They are not able to empathize in the same way mentally stable people are.

Kim Kardashian: Kim has been accused of being narcissistic for many things, but one reason is that she relies on her children to supply her narcissistic needs. In an Instagram post from 2019, she films a video in which she asks her children how they love her.

Kanye west: Media reports that the world-famous rapper is prone to an exaggerated view of himself. West is most likely the most well-known narcissist. He refers to himself as “The new Kurt Cobain”, and believes that his music can cure cancer.

Mariah Carey –Narcissists are known for engaging in bizarre behaviours that are not common among the general population. Mariah Carey stated publicly that she bathes in milk.

Madonna The world-famous singer tends to steal the spotlight and has been caught on several occasions. Both her public tributes for Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin were more focused on her than the iconic singers.

Tom Cruise. News reports indicate that Tom Cruise brainwashed Nicole Kidman’s children against her will. This is why they have ended their relationship. He is one of many well-known people who have NPD/narcissism. When someone breaks up with them, narcissists can turn people against them.

Justin Bieber –Reports show that Justin Bieber is a reckless person who disregards the safety of those around him. He also stated once that Anne Frank, the late Anne Frank, would have been a Bieber if she were alive today. Critics claim that this statement is inferring that Anne Frank’s name is so significant, and should be linked to someone as notable as Anne Frank.

Kylie Jenner: Socialite and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner was accused of being self-centred. Jenner’s constant posting of selfies on social networks teaches girls that physical appearance is what matters most.

Drake: After he posted a tribute on social media to Barak Obama’s departure, Drake was accused of being a narcissist. In his farewell note, Drake included a photo of Obama with his hair and beard.

Beyonce The most well-known female singer in the world was branded a narcissist following her documentary “Life is but a Dream.” It was claimed that she was out of touch with real life and was living in a fantasy world.

Angelina Jolie – The American actress is accused of wanting attention and desperate to be seen in the spotlight. Producer Scott Rudin described her as a “spoiled brat” with limited talent.

Marilyn Manson: When asked about the claim that his music was responsible for the Columbine Shootings he simply said that he didn’t know and that the killers required more attention. Manson seemed self-centred and he enjoys the spotlight.

O.J. Simpson: Simpson is a bit naive and lacks empathy. Simpson believes he is unique and merits merit.

Paris Hilton: Paris lives behind the camera-the whole world is her stage. She has been arrested for DUI and appears to lack empathy.

Famous Narcissists With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

These are the 5 most narcissistic people in history

Fact about Narcissism. Narcissism does not come naturally. Instead, their genetics play a greater role than the environment.

Franklin Roosevelt: Roosevelt is often referred to as the charismatic president of America. Experts believe that narcissists can be extremely charismatic and convince others that they are normal.

Lyndon Johnson The 36th president was determined to be the greatest American president. Robert Caro, his biographer, described him as an extremely empty person who could not stand being alone and required constant affection, affection and companionship.

Nero –Donald Trump is often referred to as the new Nero. The Roman ruler brought destruction and misery to the Roman people. He was well-known for his desire to be famous and get attention.

Alexander The Great: Critics argue that he had a narcissistic leadership style. He failed to fulfil his duties as a statesman and was more interested in satisfying his military passions.

Henry VIII. Experts claim that his behaviour was similar to a modern-day serial killer and have called him a psychopath. He was charming, selfish, and ruthless which are all hallmarks of a narcissist.

Famous Narcissists With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Five Historical Narcissistic Leaders

The Facts About Narcissism Narcissism is rooted deep in self-loathing, low self-esteem and childhood trauma.

Adolph Hitler. Experts believe Adolf Hitler to be a pathological narcissist, who believed that he was superior and that everyone should be executed. During the Holocaust, he was able to kill millions upon millions of Jews.

George Washington: George Washington is the first president of the United States. Because he believed he was the one who earned his accomplishments, he has been accused as a narcissist. This has been disputed by many.

Richard Nixon: The 37th president, of the United States of America, has been described by some as having an out-of-control ego. He openly used the third person to refer to himself and he hated former presidents who were recognized for their accomplishments, such as John F. Kennedy.

Robert Mugabe: The late president of Zimbabwe was known for wearing clothes that had his face on them. He was a villain who destroyed many lives and killed thousands. He demanded that everything be done his way and, if it wasn’t, he began a warpath. Narcissists have a reputation for controlling people.

Josef Stalin: Experts call the former leader of the Soviet Union a malignant, narcissist. He was a dictator of the nation and terrorized the people with his unpredictable behaviour. He would torture citizens, then reward them with rescue and rewards.

Famous Narcissists With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Five Famous Movie Characters with Narcissism

Fact about Narcissism: Narcissism is a spectrum disorder. This means that some people are more narcissistic and others less so.

Miranda Priestly The lead character in “The Devil Wears Prada” was an egomaniac obsessed with her body. Priestly was demanding and cold and demanded perfection from her staff. Any attempt to achieve less than the best was met with harsh criticism.

Jenna MaroneyShe is the main character in the television series 30 Rock”, and she suffers from grandiose delusions. Maroney believes that she deserves special treatment and that everyone should respect her. Her achievements, however, are not worthy of the praise she believes she deserves.

Violet Weston, Violet Weston. She is an actor in “August: Osage County”. She is cruel and emotionally abusive. Weston is also addicted to narcotics. These are all characteristics of a narcissist.

Gilderoy Lockhart is Described as “everyone’s favourite narcissist”, this character in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is described as a pathological lying liar who believes only in his own stories. He also believes he is of great importance to the world.

Zaphod Beeblebrox –Zaphod Beeblebrox, a fictional character from ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, is a fictional character. He’s also an extrovert and untrustworthy, irresponsible and clever.

Last Thoughts

Celebrities, public figures, and industry leaders are admired by everyone for their immense success. Entertainment is a multi-billion-dollar industry driven by people who believe in the image of celebrities.

However, the information provided shows that each person has their own set of challenges. We all love to point fingers at self-centred narcissistic celebrities but the truth is that narcissism can be crippling and filled with deeply painful feelings of self-loathing and insecurity.

These people had horrible childhoods. Madonna lost her mother when she was five years old. She was forced to care for her younger siblings, and she grew up earlier than her time. Psychologists believe that this kind of treatment in childhood can stunt emotional growth and lead to narcissism in adulthood.

The public is often more than what we see in private. Many of these people are suffering far more than we can imagine, despite their billions and millions.

What do you think is missing from these lists?