Fake Lashes That Look Real

Your guide to knowing about natural-looking fake lashes. 

The trend of fake lashes is one of the most popular ones today. Be it a casual look or an extravagant one, fake lashes are always the cherry on the top. 

However, many people may not like fake lashes that make the makeup look more artificial than natural. 

In this situation, the best thing to do is to find out how to find fake lashes that look real or even give them a natural look. 

So, let’s get into it!

Things to Consider If You Want Natural-Looking Lashes 

If you want fake lashes that look real, you need to consider a few things before you add them to your cart. 

These things include:

  • Style of Lashes 

One of the major things that affect how natural-looking the lashes are, is their style. 

It is because some of the lashes are made to give a dramatic and heavy look. On the other hand, some of them are made to look natural and effortless. 

So, we recommend understanding which style goes with your makeup style. 

  • Brand of Lashes

Sometimes even the brand of lashes affects their look. 

For instance, some companies only manufacture dramatic and loud lashes. Whereas, some of them like to keep it simple and natural. 

So, if you want fake lashes that look real you can try buying them for companies specifically making natural-looking lashes. 

  • The Way You Apply Fake Lashes

Lastly, your application also decides how your lashes will look. If you apply it in an incorrect way, it may look fake instead of natural. 

So, in the next segment, let’s see how to apply lashes for a natural look. 

How to Make Your Lashes Look More Natural?

If you want more natural-looking lashes, we have come up with an easy step-by-step guide to help you out.

So, read on to know more. 

Step 1: Try Buying Fake Eyelashes That Have An Invisible Band 

One of the best ways to make your lashes look natural is to go for falsies with an invisible band. 

The invisible band won’t look like a second lash line that can make your eyelashes look fake. Rather, it will blend well with your actual lash line and look extremely light and natural. 

Step 2: Try Wearing Single Lashes 

Instead of going got strip lashes, you can actually try wearing single lashes. 

Single lashes may take some more time and effort but they’re so worth it if you want a natural look. Firstly, they won’t make your eyelashes look clumpy or fake. Secondly, you also have the freedom to apply as many as you want. 

If you don’t want single lashes, you can try out trio lashes too. 

Step 3: Change the Glue 

Did you know that eyelash glues are also available in different colors? 

Right now, you may be using clear glue thinking this one will make your lashes look natural. 

However, the truth is that clear glue also leaves a white cast that can give a clumpy look to your lashes. 

So, we suggest going for dark glue. This glue won’t leave behind any white cast. Additionally, it will also make your lashes appear naturally thick and long. 

Step 4: Change the Application Method

Many people may get confused about how to apply lashes properly. 

Well, to give you a quick tip, always try to apply fake lashes on top of real lashes.

If you end up applying them on your eyelids, the extreme space between the lashes will become visible and look unnatural. 

Step 5: Apply Some Mascara 

Applying mascara is the best way to blend both your falsies and natural lashes. 

It is because mascara adds some uniformity to the length and color of the lashes. Thus, making them look more natural!

Final Thoughts

Just because fake lashes seem fake doesn’t mean that you cannot make them look real and natural. 

You just need to find the perfect set of lashes, apply them correctly, and voila! You’ve your natural finish.