Facetime Sex | Naughty Tips & Ways To Have Sex Over A Video Call

FaceTime sex is great for long-distance lovers and those who want to surprise their partner at work.

You don’t realize how wonderful technology is? You can do everything from shopping to booking vacations to finding a job or messaging your crush all via your mobile phone. What else can you do with your cell phone? FaceTime sex.

Yes, really!

FaceTime is a common tool, so why not spice up your video calls? This is the best way to keep in touch with long-distance lovers. Even if you aren’t, it’s a great way to spice up your life!

Make sure your lover has a lunch break at work. Tell them to go to the bathroom. You can surprise them by showing them some video action! Why not?

You can still be “lay” even if you are miles away over the long term or just for a few hours.

Isn’t technology incredible?

Naughty Tips & Ways To Have Sex Over A Video Call

Before you press the button, call

FaceTime sex can be a wonderful thing. But there are some things you should keep in mind. These tips will ensure that you have a great time.

What is the alternative? The alternative? You humiliate your partner in front of their boss. It’s not good.

1. You should make sure they are available

Send a quick text to ask them if they are busy or if they would be available for a surprise. You can save time if it isn’t a good time. If you have a great time, you will know that you have the space to go after it!

2. You need to make sure they are up for it

Make sure your partner is up for FaceTime sex if this is your first attempt at FaceTime sex.

It’s something that some people dislike, and others love it. Send a quick message and let them know what you think. They will likely excuse themselves from what they are doing and let you go!

3. Ask them to go somewhere private

Tell them to get out of the way before you call. This will make them more comfortable and allow them to take part.

4. Do not call them and give them an eyeful

This means don’t call and be ready to go naked. You might accidentally learn more about them than you thought.

They make sexy sounds when they pick up their phone. Wait for the head nod to confirm that they are in a private setting and then they go for it.

Naughty Tips & Ways To Have Sex Over A Video Call

Here are some tips to have the best FaceTime sex ever

We’ve already covered what you should do before you call. Now let’s talk about how to make FaceTime sexcapades even more fun! Here are some tips that will make your FaceTime experience more enjoyable.

We don’t need to waste any more sexy time. Instead, learn how FaceTime sex should be done. You need to be updated with the latest ways of having sex.

1. Get some sexy clothes

Be sure to choose the right outfit for your lover before you call. You might have their favourite piece of clothing, or you may choose something more casual.

Wear whatever makes you look and feel the sexiest. This will make them feel aroused from the first call.

2. Start a sexy video chat

We talked about making sure your partner is available for FaceTime sex. This is something you can discuss on a previous occasion. If you are confident that they will be open to it, it is possible to initiate it when they least expect it. As long as it is a good time! But, how?

a. Tell them that you are horny

Just tell your partner, while you are on FaceTime. This should set the stage for everything else!

Play with your hair, bite your lips, and let your partner know that you are hot under the collar.

b. Ask them if you’re horny.

After you have made it clear that your attention is on them and shown them some visual signs, you can ask them if you are horny. It’s very unlikely that they will say no.

c. Let’s get down and dirty

Ask them if you can go to their private place and if they would like to do a bit on video. Sometimes, a direct approach works best.

You can pan down and show some skin to help move things in the right direction. They will no doubt desire to be able to enjoy the show from a more private location.

3. Make sure to lock the door and ensure you aren’t disturbed

After you have initiated FaceTime sex, lock the door and make sure no one outside can see you. Then, get ready to enjoy the fun. While this might seem boring, it’s not fun to have someone else walk in on your face.

4. Tell them what you want.

You’ll have to use your imagination as they are not physically present. Tell them what you want them to do for you if you were there. Then pretend that it is them.

Let them see what you’re doing by pointing the camera down. Do not be afraid to use dirty language, they won’t touch you so your only recourse is words.

Be rousing to your partner with words, but be comfortable. If words like “vagina”, are too formal, you won’t be able to hear the difference. You can use a more raunchy version of the word, such as “pussy” – no one but you can hear it.

5. Be aware of your angles

This is not for them. You will feel more confident and comfortable when you can see yourself being sexy in front of the camera. There’s nothing sexier than loving yourself.

While you are having FaceTime sex, make sure to check yourself in the mirror. You will feel more confident. But remember to focus on your partner.

6. Use the camera when you are short on words

The camera is what makes FaceTime sex different from phone sex. Use it!

Take a photo of yourself and tell your friends what you are doing. Then, ask them if it’s a good idea. It is important to feel confident and attractive about yourself.

Naughty Tips & Ways To Have Sex Over A Video Call

7. Talk to each other as much as possible

Communicate with your partner. Are they happy with what you are doing? Are you happy with what they do? Change it if you don’t like what they are doing.

Ask them about their dreams, what they would like to do with you, and what they are most excited to share with you. You may discover something completely new!

8. Embrace your orgasm

Don’t be afraid to have an orgasm if you are on the brink of it. Embrace it! It’s okay to show it off! It’s okay to show it off! You will be so proud of your partner that they may have an orgasm.

9. Keep your wits about you

You’re just a human being, so don’t take this too seriously. It’s just sex!

If you do fart, or your camera falls, you can just shake it off. You’re supposed to have fun. You might reconsider if you are having fun.

10. Eye contact

You can act like you are thereby having a camera in front. You can make sex more intimate and personal by making eye contact.

Facetime sex is no exception! Facetime sex is a great way to make your partner feel as if they are going crazy!

11. Be free from inhibitions

FaceTime sex is something you have both decided to do. This means that you are already trying out new and possibly taboo items. While you’re having FaceTime sex, why not let your inhibitions go? Have fun and enjoy the moment!

Feel free to moan to your heart’s content and to touch yourself in ways that you have never allowed your partner to see. You must be willing to make this a time for connection.

12. Be sure to be in the same place

Sometimes it might take your partner longer to get used to the idea, and vice versa. You can speed things up or slow them down to ensure that you are both on the same page and that you don’t enjoy it more than the others.

Ask questions and keep talking. Share your feelings.

13. Striptease is a great option

FaceTime sex is a great way to have fun and move things along. Make sure your partner can see you clearly by holding your phone high. Next, turn on some sexy music to give them an unforgettable striptease.

14. Enjoy sex games

FaceTime sex games are a great way to have fun and relax if you feel awkward. Maybe truth or dare, but with a very sexy twist. What about snapping, where the loser must drop one piece of clothing?

There are many options, and you will be able to have full-on FaceTime sex within no time.

15. Accept the awkwardness

FaceTime sex will never feel the same as regular sex. FaceTime sex is a great alternative and can be used to keep things fresh in long-distance relationships or just to surprise your partner.

You can laugh at the Internet’s glitchiness if it is. You might drop your phone again and have a good laugh about it.

FaceTime is just as intimate and open as in person. You’ll love all that FaceTime has to provide!

What are you waiting to do now that you’re able to have FaceTime sex? Give your partner a call, and let’s go wild!