Exercise for flat tummy

Tummy fat is gained between your organs like stomach & intestines. It contributes to a high risk of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes. There are some exercises that can help burn belly fats, which we will be writing on today.


So, if you are finding it difficult to fit into your favorite dress, Or do you get stressed looking at your belly fat in the mirror while getting ready every day? If your answer is yes, then, it is time to do something about it seriously and start working on a healthier and fitness path.


Tummy fat doesn’t only looks bad, but it is also a way of accumulating so many internal problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and more of them. Tummy fat or visceral fat is fat that accumulates between your organs like stomach and intestines.


This produces toxins that affect the functioning of your organs and puts you at a high risk of diseases.

In addition to it, if you really want to put an end to it, you have to minimize your level of food intake, and customize your stomach to be accumulating a little quantity of food.


Here are the exercises for flat tummy.


  1. Lie face up on mat with legs extended over hips, arms overhead. Crunch up, reaching hand towards feet. Keeping legs straight, bring arms back overhead as you lower upper back and right leg toward floor. Crunch up, lifting left leg over hips and reaching hands to toes, then repeat on the opposite side. Do it repeatedly, for about 15-20 times.


  1. Extend your legs and lie on your right side such that your feet and hips rest on the floor on top of each other. Place your right elbow under your shoulder, while contracting your core muscles lift your hips and knees off the floor. Hold on to the position for few seconds and come back to the normal position. Repeat the same on the other side.


  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind head with elbows out to the sides. Shift weight onto the left leg and lift the right knee toward right elbow, engaging core to crunch to the right.

Tap the right foot to the ground and stand tall to return to start. Switch your legs and do that pattern repeatedly.

  1. Sit on mat with knees bent and heels on the floor lean back slightly and extend arms overhead while lifting feet a few inches off floor and bringing knees toward chest. Focus on engaging core and drawing belly button to spine to keep the pressure out of the lower back.


  1. Stand with feet together. Lung back with right leg, bending knees to 90 degrees (form check!), and reach right hand to left foot. Stand onto the left leg, and lift the right knee to hip height, bringing fists to chest and bending elbows out to sides while twisting to the right.

Twist back to center, lunge right leg back, and repeat. Repeat the procedure as much as you can.


  1. This is One of the best exercises that you can do for your core. This one will help to improve your posture by building isometric strength. Go down on the floor in the press up position. Put the weight on the forearms while bending your elbows.

Form a straight line through your body from shoulders to ankle, suck your belly button into the spine and hold on the position for some time and relax. In the beginning you may be able to hold the pose only for 8-10 seconds. Don’t worry, this will increase as you keep doing this. Repeat the same 5-6 times.

  1. Strengthening the abdominal muscles is the advantage of this exercise. Start by lying flat on a floor mat, face up. You can put your arms behind your head or cross them in front of your torso. And then, keep your lower body still and move your upper body towards your knees. Take a deep breath and exhale as you go up. Inhale as you bring your body back to the mat.

Make sure your arms are not pushing against your head and neck too much. You are supposed to use the abdominal muscles to move up and down, so make sure your neck is not strained during this exercise. Do it for 10-15 times.


  1. This one is considered as the fastest way to burn the belly fat and are very easy to do at home without any equipment. They tend to build endurance and power in your belly muscles. Lie down flat on the floor, place your hand behind your head, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Lift your upper body off the floor, exhale as you go up and inhale as you come down. Repeat, for few minutes and relax.


These are the few exercises you can do for your flat tummy so as to have a well fitted shape. You can read on body fitness plan to learn more about exercise that you can do.