Early Urine Smell Signs Of Pregnancy

Women who are trying for a baby or have missed their period examine every symptom as a possible sign of pregnancy. Some early pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, are well-known. Others are less so. Early pregnancy can change the smell of urine for many women. They say that it’s possible–particularly for second-time mothers–to use urine odour as an early pregnancy sign.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Human chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is secreted by a fertilized ovary shortly after it implants in the lining. In his book, “Anatomy and Physiology,” Dr Gary Thibodeau explains that hCG, which is found only in the urine and blood of pregnant women and is therefore a sign of pregnancy, is called “the pregnancy hormone.” Home pregnancy tests can detect hCG. Some women can smell hCG and notice that their urine is pungent, compared to normal liquid waste. First-time mothers may not be able to identify this strange odour, but later in pregnancy, they can.

Early Urine Smell Signs Of Pregnancy

Nasal Sensitivity

Early Pregnancy Metal Taste

The nose of a pregnant woman becomes more sensitive due to pregnancy hormones, such as progesterone. It is useful in several ways. She can detect spoiled foods and make healthier food choices. It also helps her avoid environmental toxins such as cigarette smoking because their smells are so unpleasant. In “You: Having A Baby,” authors Drs. Michael Roizen, Mehmet Oz and others note that women can smell things they wouldn’t normally be able to. They are also able to detect odours at concentrations that are much lower than what is normally needed to activate their nose. Although some women report that urine smells stronger in the early stages of pregnancy, Drs. Roizen and Oz say that the reason for this could be at least partly due to a difference in the nose, not a change in the urine. The urine may smell the same as a woman’s urine before pregnancy to an untrained observer. However, pregnant women are more sensitive to smell, including urine. Doctors note that nasal sensitivity does not necessarily mean a change in the urine. However, it can be an indication of early pregnancy.

Kidney Function

The first change a pregnant woman will notice is an increase in her kidney function. The increased progesterone causes the heart to work more, increasing blood filtration. According to Dr Lauralee Sherwood’s book “Human Physiology”, the more blood that the kidneys filter the more urine will be produced. The increased kidney function may change the smell slightly. Since metabolism increases during pregnancy, pregnant women’s urine can smell stronger than normal. Early pregnancy can be indicated by a typical “urine smell” that is stronger than usual.