Does Breast Size Matter In A Relationship

The breast is a beautiful creature made by God to beautify women. They are perfect and also bring out the feminine shape of every woman.

Again, in a relationship, some things are needed depending on the choice of your partner. But generally in a relationship size of the breast is not a problem, and I will tell you why.

Before going deep into answering this question, we want to welcome you to this our blog and urge you to carefully read this article very well as it will give you the main reason why breasts are given to women and why it doesn’t matter in a relationship.


Does breast size matter in a relationship?


  • For a person who doesn’t care about the physical aspect of a woman, instead, he cares most about your character and the possibility of your togetherness.

For instance. There are some men, not that they don’t care if a woman is ugly or not, but the issue of Breast size is never an issue to them, provided that the little one a woman has can be able to feed his children. He is okay with any size of breast.

In such a case, you can say that breasts don’t matter in a relationship. 

Because to them, what matters is the heart and love you have for them. The character and the womanly in you are all they wanted but not the size of your breasts.

With this, you can see that breast size is not an issue in a relationship for people like that.

  • Breast size is also an issue for some men who find joy in seeing the big breasts of a woman. Men are after the look and appearance of a woman, not minding the character. Especially when there’s not any serious relationship, but just for enjoyment and satisfaction. 

For instance. Some men don’t care much about the character of a woman provided that she is good-looking and has big breasts. They are always got attracted to those women who have big breasts.

Sometimes they felt that it’s only big breasts that can feed a child, but the small ones won’t produce enough milk for the children.

Such men are the people who find fault in a woman who had small breasts. So you can now see that such a man has an issue with the size of the breast of a woman in a relationship.


In life, there are different calibers of people, and it depends on the ones you meet.

How to increase your breast size naturally.

How to increase your breast size naturally


There are natural ways in which you can increase your breast size. The most simple and effective way to increase your breasts size is by Exercise

The different exercises to do in In order to increase your breasts are.


  • Placing your hands against a wall while standing in front of the wall. 

For instance. If you gently stand facing the wall. Press your hands against the wall, and stand a bit far from the wall but not too far. Move your head so close to the wall, almost touching the wall with your head, with your hands on the wall as if you are pushing it back. 

Finally, return your head to your gaze and move again. Do that repeatedly, and you will see the results. 


Note. It will take some time but will gradually increase until it reaches the size you want.

  • Another Exercise is lying with your back and holding a dumbbell with your two hands. 

For instance. You hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Uplift it up and down without touching the ground. Just maintain the level of your shoulder. Do that repeatedly till you are tired from that day. 

Repeat the process for some time and watch the results. It is called chest press extension.


  • Push-up exercise.

This is a modified push-up that you will do by lying on the ground and raising and down with your body, not touching the ground. And you should do that repeatedly without touching the ground except for your two palms that will be on the ground.

It is called a modified push-up.

Note; Sometimes the size of your breasts can be a genetic one. It may come from your origin.

How to take care of your breasts.

How to take care of your breasts

There are many ways to take care of your breasts, which are listed below.


  • Self-examination.

Take time to examine your breasts to know if there’s an unusual sign that you will notice. If there’s any lump. If you don’t know how to do the self-examination, you can ask your gynecologist for directions.


  • Watch your weight.

Regular watching of your weight can help you get a beautifully curved breasts. But when you allow yourself to be overweight, you will find out that your breasts will not be in a beautiful posture again.


  • Healthy living.

Living a healthy life and also healthy food can contribute to the wellness of your breasts.

Try to add whole grains and nuts to your daily meal for better health. Each such good can help prevent breast disease and cancer.


  • Get yourself a cute bra.

Putting on a better bra can improve the fitness of your breasts. Try changing those bras and get a better one, not too tight and not too loose. But a bra that can hold your breasts firm, not those that will fold your breasts is so odd.

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