Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips Or Small Lips?

There has been a lot of issues on this weather girls prefer a gur with big lips or small one. Infact the question “Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips Or Small Lips?” is what has been in thought of most guys but today i will give you the answers to that.

Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips Or Small Lips?

The truth is that, is all about choice because what you like may not be what the other person like. Weather you have big or small lips, all that don’t count because even with your big lips, you may not attract that particular girl you want and the person with small lips will come and win her easily, that same way small lips guy may find it difficult to win a girl and you do so quickly.  So all is about choice from what they girl want.

Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips Or Small Lips?

Are big lips attractive on guys?

Big lips are attractive on guys same as small lips, so weather big or small what matters is what the girl really want.

Why are big lips attractive?

Big lips are attractive because you are surrounded with the people who find it attractive but when you meet another person with different choice you will understand that small lips is also attractive.

Are big lips better than small?

There is no lips that is better than the other because is all about individual difference or choice.

What does big lips mean on a girl?

There is no special meaning on girls in general but some girl see it as a point of attraction while others prefer small lips.