Divorce In Washington Checklist: Updated for 2022

Are you about to dissolve the lasting marriage in Washington and eager to become single again? I understand that it might not be easy for you and the decision might also not be an easy one for you but no matter what the case may be. Here you are, we’ve got what you want to know. To become legally single, you should take certain steps with precision to go through the procedure smoothly and relatively quickly. Keep this checklist with you to cross out the things you’ve done and not forget anything important during the divorce process.

Find out what forms to submit and collect them

The first thing that should be done to terminate one’s marital life in Washington is divorce papers. They are available at the local court or online on its website. Feel free to download them and get familiar with their content before you start filling them out to avoid any mistakes, try to make sure that you are fully aware and understand the exact things needed and required by any of the court in your area to avoid you being confused or scattered. It is also advised that you can ask questions or get a lawyer that can assist you to get all the things that will need.

  • Marriage dissolution petition like:
  • Summons;
  • Confidential Information Form 001;
  • Notice re Military Dependent Form 103;
  • Personal Service Proof. 

These forms are suitable for all uncontested divorces in Washington state; however, your local court may request the form of service acceptance or declaration of personal service inability and family case cover sheet. Just try to make sure you go to your local court and also ask questions if anyone seems confusing to you to avoid mistake.

For anyone that lives in Arizona you can also follow the same process and asked questions about things too for you to get your self fully equipped on the necessary documents that will be required from you.  Take a look at  divorce lawyer phoenix to learn more about it, but in all never forget to ask your local court questions if any area seems confusing to you, with that way you can get better assistance on what you need.

Also, during this preparatory stage of the process, collect all applicable documents for marriage termination in your situation: your passport ID card, bank account statements, including the statements of loan payments, the documents on your property, cars, and real estate (both personal and shared with your partner), your kids’ birth certificates, etc.). Copy all these papers and scan them to make sure your partner will not hide them from the court, but no matter what their requirements may be all you need to do is try your best to get the necessary documents.   Remember you are going to divorce, so it would be good to make sure everything necessary is ready and we’ll arrange in a way that you can easily get it or carry it to your lawyer.


Submit documents to the nearest court

The next step you need to take is to file the marriage dissolution package. Remember that you need to do it in the county court where you live, not where you were married. But at any place both of you have lived or stayed together.

The filing process does not take a lot of your time while collecting and filling out the papers does. Therefore, we suggest that you do that carefully to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies that may cause questions during the investigation by the judge. The best way to prepare a petition and other documents for filing is through the Washington divorce online service. On this website, you can get DIY forms for free, find out how to handle a divorce if kids under 18 are involved, and why uncontested dissolution of marriage is the most convenient option in Washington.

You can easily check online from any place, state or country that you are staying to find anyone that will be close to you. All you need to do is small research online and you will easily find a court base on your location. So try to also check it out, you may even be amazed to know there is one around you.

How to file for divorce in Washington state through the online service? Complete the eligibility check on the homepage to find out whether you are qualified for marriage dissolution there, and then order the divorce papers online. They will be done promptly so that you can file them with your county court immediately. 


Deliver the documents to your future ex 

After the case was registered in court, you need to deliver your divorce papers to your partner to let them know that you initiated the procedure. The sooner you do it after filing the papers, the better since postponing will only make your life more stressful. Therefore, hand in the documents quickly or send them by mail if you don’t want to meet your partner. 

Either way, you need to be sure that your wife or husband signed the form confirming that they accepted the papers. Once it’s done, the judge will be able to start looking into your case. 


Consider consulting with the lawyer if needed

If you feel confused regarding any issue during the marriage dissolution, consider asking for professional help. However, do not rush to spend money on famous lawyers to handle your case: you can ask for legal advice in your county court and search the Internet for online consultations of state attorneys. Also, prepare to search for a lot of information regarding divorce laws in Washington to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the procedure of marriage termination. 


Prepare your financial documents

The next thing you have to pay attention to is documents regarding your financial situation in marriage and after it. Review your savings account, credit card history, loans, assets, and other matters to know exactly who owns what and how it will be divided after your marriage is over. Couples often overlook this aspect of their relationships and that’s a big mistake to make. Resolving it may cost you years of litigation and anxiety over the lost money and time. 


Settle the agreement regarding kids and support

To carry out a simple divorce in Washington, you and your partner should have no contradictions about how you will split your money, house, who will be the major custodian of your kids and where they will live, who will be the visitor, who is going to pay support to their spouse, etc. All these and other questions have to be agreed in written form so that the judge could look into them and grant a marriage dissolution decree without additional court hearings and attempts to resolve those issues. 


Wait the necessary period

In Washington state, couples need to wait at least three months before their marriage dissolution is finalized, so prepare to wait this period. Keep in mind that this term applies to couples whose divorce papers were completed flawlessly and submitted quickly. The slower you go through the previous stages of preparation, the longer the whole process will take. 


Get your marriage dissolution decree

Finally, once the judge has all your papers submitted along with the settlement agreement, they provide you with the decision to divorce you and your partner. If you managed to get to this step without fighting and throwing out your dirty laundry, congratulations! Now you are legally single again and don’t have to bear the burden of the divorce anymore.