Communication In Marriage a key to a Good Marriage

Communication In Marriage is a key to a Good Marriage

For your relationship sake it is good for you to know the importance of communication. Because in other to have a successful marriage, you have to make yourself an expert in communication. You have to try to understand what your partner is saying on a simple level as well as try to analyze the underlying message or desire. so this is why i say Communication In Marriage is a key to a Good Marriage.

Le say for example. The last thing a woman wants to hear from you when she complains about her weight is a suggestion for a new diet plan. Actually the last thing she probably wants to hear is “Yes dear, you need to slim down a little”. Neither does she want a sympathetic ear. but she wants to hear you say, “You look terrific!” You look thin!” “You look so young!”

Always try to look down and try to understand or figure out what our partner really wants. For example when a woman tell her husband that she is not feeling fine. This may be her way of saying that “she can’t be able to take or drive the children to school”. or it may be her way of expressing that she needs more attention from you. So you see it is very important to communicate and not just to communicate but to also understand what our partner may be saying to us.

2 Reasons why Communication In Marriage is a key to a Good Marriage

  1. Know what each other needs

If No communication then know that it will be hard for both to know what they need from each other. If you are in a marriage that lack communication. know that it will be very hard for you to know when your partner needs you. that same way it will be hard for your partner to know when you need him/her. And that same way you both won’t know what each other needs. all these kill marriage and may bring lack of trust and happiness and when these started happening the marriage will collapse.

Communication In Marriage As a key to a Good Marriage

  1. Listen to each other

Any marriage that lacks communication will be hard for both partners to listen to each other. Of which is very bad in a marriage. Learn to communicate with each because doing so will help you understand your partner and will make you listen to your partner. When you started listen to what your partner have to say. You will then see that there will be happiness and trust. You will also find it hard to listen to third party advice. By doing so you are making your marriage better and happier to live.

A Short story to clear you well why Communication In Marriage is a key to a Good Marriage

There is a boy and a girl that fall in love with each other. Two of them promise to always stand by each other. One day the guy travel outside the country to make more money.   Or let say to do more business, something happen after he traveled.  He lost contact details of the girl and due to that the stop communicating with each other.

So as time goes on the girl tried to wait for him. But after waiting for several years, she decided to marry, because she don’t know the guy plan again. Due to they lost communication. Although she later marry but when the guy come back and called her, she became sad and angry. She feel shame and was ready to divorce her marriage just to be with the guy once more.


So you see now, assuming that they still communicate with each other the girl would have wait for her. I have also see a relationship that the partners finds it hard to call or visit each other. that kind of relationship won’t last because if someone else build that communication for you with your partner. Then be sure that you have lost that your partner. Try as much as you can to build communication because Communication In Marriage is a key to a Good Marriage.