Carson Peters-Berger Bio, Age, Parents, Mom, Rape Case, Arrest, Sentence, An Adult?

Carson Peters Berger Age, Parents, Mom and Dad, Instagram, Reddit. An adult?

Carson-Peters Berger: Who are you?

Carson Peters Berger is an American-born high school student who was popularized after being accused of killing and raping his cousin Iliana Peter.

Iliana Peters (also known as Lily Peters) is a rape victim aged ten who was raped, then murdered on April 24, 2022. Lily Peters was an elementary student at Parkview Elementary School and a fourth grader at the time she was raped and murdered.

This post will cover Carson Peters’ biography, Berger’s’ parents, father, mother, age, case of murder, arrest, court appearance, and some other facts that you might not know about him. Before we start, let’s have a look at his profile.

Summary of your profile

Name Carson Peters-Berger
Date of birth 2008
Age 14 years
Father Adam Berger
Mother Lorraine Davis
Nationality American
Net worth Unknown

Carson Peters Berger Biography

Carson Peters-Berger was born in the United States of America on an unknown date in 2008. He was raised in Chippewa Falls (Wisconsin) and was granted American citizenship.

Carson Peters-Berger Age, Birthday, Nationality

Carson Peters was fourteen when this essay was published. He is a proud American citizen who celebrates his birthday each year. His dark brown hair and brown eyes are notable features. He is also white and belongs to the White ethnic group.

Carson Peters Berger Education

Carson Peters-Berger received his elementary teacher’s certificate from Chippewa Falls. He was a senior at Chippewa Falls High School in Wisconsin.

Carson Peters-Berger Career

Peters-Berger does not have a job. After being arrested for raping his cousin Lily Peters the day before, Peters-Berger became well-known on April 26, 2022.

Carson Peters-Berger

Carson Peters-Berger Arrest, Rape Case

According to previous reports, Carson Peters Berger, a victim of a rape in Northwestern Wisconsin, was arrested on April 26, 2022. Three counts were brought against him in connection to Lily Peter’s murder.

  • Intentional homicide in the first-degree
  • First-degree sexual assault
  • A child younger than thirteen years old is subject to first-degree sexual assault.

According to a report, Carson Peters proposed to his cousin Lily Peters that they explore nearby forests along a route through Northwestern Wisconsin. He led Lily Peters to the scene where he sexually assaulted and then murdered her.

According to the same report, Carson Peters Berger returned to the spot to hide Lily’s corpse by covering it with leaves. This was evident after he had raped and killed her and was concerned about her body being found.

The complaint that Lily Peters filed after she could not return to Chippewa Falls to visit her aunt states that Lily didn’t return home until the evening of April 24, 2022. Lily’s body, which was discovered on April 25, 2022, was found.

Carson Peters-Berger, an Adult, was Charged and Sentenced

On April 27, 2022, Carson Peters Berger, 14, was brought before an ADULT court and charged with three offenses relating to Lily’s’ death.

  1. Intentional homicide in the first-degree
  2. First-degree sexual assault
  3. A child younger than thirteen years old is subject to first-degree sexual assault.

According to reports, Carson was still in detention despite being granted $1 million bail. According to reports, Carson is an ADULT in the criminal court system. This applies regardless of the severity or nature of his offense. His most recent appearance before the court was June 24, 2022. Carson’s counsel may ask Lane to transfer the case from juvenile court to Carson, but this case is not eligible for that plea.

Who is Carson Peters Berger’s Attorney? Court Appearance

Michael Cohen is Carson Peters Berger’s lawyer. Carson was taken to the Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and is currently awaiting his next court date.

Carson Peters-Berger Mom, Dad, and Parents

According to reports, Carson Peters-father (Berger’s Adam T. Berger) is 37 years old. He resides in Eau Claire. For possessing pornographic images of pre-teen girls and four crack pipes, he was held at Oshkosh Correctional Institute for three years (May 2018 to April 2021). After being released from prison, he moved to Eau Claire and is currently on supervised probation.

Carson Peters’ mother is Lauraine Davis. Berger is 45 years old. Before becoming pregnant with Carson, Lauraine was convicted of theft and drug offenses. Carson’s father was a close friend, but they split when Carson was just two years old.

Lauraine filed a report against Carson’s father, Adam, to the police, accusing him in 2017 of trying to run her over using a car. Carson’s grandma called Carson a terrible mother. Carson was controlled in his interactions with his paternal family. She resides in Chippewa Falls and is dating John Repetto (a 50-year-old convicted fraudster).

Carson Peters-Berger

Carson Peters-Carson was sent to prison by his father.

Mary, the boy’s grandmother, revealed to Mary that her grandson was unhappy after his father was sentenced to prison in May 2018. He was very reserved and had a hard time interacting with others.

Trial of Carson Peters Berger

On April 27, 2022, Carson Peters-Berger was seen in court and admitted to the murder of his 10-year-old cousin. According to reports, he had suggested that Lily explore the woods near Chippewa Falls, Northeast of Eau Claire and Northwest of Wisconsin. Then, he lured Lily to the crime scene, where he committed the evil.

Wade Newell, District Attorney, told the court during the case proceedings that Carson had revealed to law enforcement his intent from the beginning to r*pee and kill Lily Peters. He was then charged with first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree sex assault on a child younger than 13 years. Carson was ordered to remain imprisoned, and his bail was $ 1 million.

When did Lily Peters disappear?

Lily, her aunt, left Carson’s house on April 24, 2022, around 4 pm. Her father reported her missing after she hadn’t returned home by 9 pm. Her body was found the next day around 9 am.

Which court is responsible for Lily Peters’ case

Carson Peters-Berger, a juvenile court, was prosecuted for the hearing of Lily Peters”’ murder and r*pe charges on April 27, 2022, and June 24, 2022. Intentional homicide cases in Wisconsin should be dealt with by an adult court, according to the criminal justice system.

Carson’s lawyer announced plans to file a reverse waiver petition on September 1, 2022, to move the case to juvenile court. The meeting to schedule the reverse waiver hearing will take place on September 29, Peters-Berger. Where are you today?

The $1 million bond secured by the teenage murder suspect is currently in place. His case will be heard at the Chippewa County Circuit Court in August 2023. Carson will be tried in adult court, and Judge Steven Gibbs will preside over the case.

Is Lily Peters still in fourth grade?

She was a fourth grader at Parkview Elementary in Chippewa Falls (Wisconsin) when she was murdered and r*ped. She was at her aunt’s house when she disappeared and was later discovered murdered.

Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly are Lily Peters’s parents.

Jennifer Eyerly is Lily’s mom and has been in multiple legal problems. In 2021, she pleaded guilty to five misdemeanors and two felonies in scamming her mother for $7,788. She also took her credit cards. Alexander, Lily’s’ father, has a heroin addiction. Despite her smiling face in many images online, Lily is from a chaotic background.

Carson Peters-Berger (14 years old) murdered Lily Peters. It is both tragic and heartbreaking. Carson Peters-Berger is a young man with no moral upbringing, and the horrific acts he committed against Lily, a defenseless child, are unimaginable. It is unfortunate to know that both of these minors are from broken homes. Can the boy be saved?

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