Can You Be In Love With 2 People?

So many has been asking this question, but now we are going to give an answer to this particular question today. So to answer this question “Can You Be In Love With 2 People?”

The answers to this question are two, which are YES and NO.


The Yes part of it is that, you can be in love with two persons maybe because both have the qualities that you wanted and they might approach you in a manner that suits you, or you may approach them in a way that matches your kind of person.


For instance, as a man, you may see a woman and get attracted to her , she possess every attributes of a virtues woman, along the line you met another woman same as the previous one, and that may get you confused in considering the best, due to both of them suits your kind and you are comfortable with them. You can now see that you are in love with the two women, but unable to choose. So many people are passing through this particular problem and some may in the process of keeping the two, it might bring problem to the other and may lead to collapsing of both relationships.

“Can You Be In Love With 2 People?”

As a woman, you may be in relationship with two men and you may love both of them, simply because you may think that they possess all that you desire in a man, and due to it’s just a relationship, you may desire to keep them two but in terms of making choices you become confused, that time you understand what it means to love two persons.


The No aspect of it is that, a relationship cannot last long when your partner realizes that you love someone else, and that may lead to separation. A relationship is better when there’s just one girl and one guy, it makes a lot of sense. This reason is why you cannot and will never love two persons in a relationship, because a relationship needs undivided attention. Once you are in love with another person, your attention towards the other will minimize.


For instance, your other lover may be calling you while the other is calling at the same time, you can see that it is impossible to answer that call at the particular time they need you. But you may answer the call, but it will be one after the other. If this is the reason why you cannot be in love with two persons in a relationship. Focus on one and both of you will achieve your dreams together.

“Can You Be In Love With 2 People?”

Both of them can never possess the same hidden characters, because everyone has his or her own weaknesses and you may not know it know till you cool down to observe it. Once you are able to know their weaknesses, compare the two and know the one you can endure in case of tomorrow. No matter how much you love them if you cannot control or adjust with their weaknesses, you can see that the love will minimize and you can now choose the one you love most.


If you can deal with the weaknesses of your partner in your relationship that means you can live with that person. And definitely, he or she is the one you love most.


You can now see that the answer to this question is NO, because if you cannot live in peace with the weaknesses of your partners that mean you don’t love them most. But if you are able to compare the two and know the one you can live with and endure, my dear that person is the one you love most.

So do not be receive by those things you call love, for Love cannot be calculated that way.

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“Can You Be In Love With 2 People?”