Can one person save a marriage?

Well first of all I want to remind you what marriage means, once more before going to answer you this. Because it will help you understand your question, and what is involved in it. First marriage is said to be the legal Union between a man and a woman who agrees to live together as one, which is called husband and wife. “Can one person save a marriage?”


Now to answer your question I said NO with the reasons below.


  • For marriage to exist there must be two persons who will agree to live together as one. And not one person


  • For marriage to work both parties needs to work together as one, and do their work in the marriage.


  • For only you to save to save marriage you need to be sure if the other person is ready to be saved. Of which if he/she is ready you two will then work for it and save it.

“Can one person save a marriage?”

In fact there is no way one person can save a marriage. It only takes the grace of God for one person to do that, but you can only endure the challenges or problems that face your marriage, until your partner realize his/her mistake and decide to change and work together with you.

If not there is no way you can do it alone and forcing yourself to do it alone on your own, may lead to your early grave. Because the shock, pains and load that is involve in marriage is not what one person can do.


My advice is that you should always try to do your part, and cover that of your partner. But if the problems involved grows more than you can carry alone, then leave instead if dying in it.

“Can one person save a marriage?”