Birthday Wishes for Myself | Happy Birthday to Me

What to write on my birthday to say happy birthday to me or to send happy birthday wishes for myself often bothers many people who are celebrating their own birthdays. At least, one’s birthday must be celebrated in an interesting way.

Almost everyday, we do have one two of our friends celebrating their birthdays. Each of these moments,  we show enough care to them by wishing them happy birthday. With that, we prove our love to them in a romantic way either by forwarding birthday greeting letters or simple text messages to the beloved friend.

However, we can do more than this for ourselves on our own birthday. Certainly, we will surely receive a large number sweet wishes from our friends and family. Still, what we write on social media like WhatsApp status, Facebook status and others about yourself on the day of your birthday will make your status viewers get notified about your birthday. Naturally,  people even your intimate friends do forget your birthday and they won’t be able to send their wishes unless they remember.

Moreover, there is need for you to update your possible wishers by writing something nice, romantic and sweet about your that will captivate them.

So, what do you write on your birthday to say happy birthday to yourself?


Birthday Wishes for Myself


  • Amazing! What an amazement! Today we will host an incredible gathering since I know one amazing personality who has a birthday which is myself. Belated happy birthday to me!


  • This incredible person has fully prepared to welcome all the companions and celebrate the party throughout the night. Think about who this celebrant is? It is me and a belated sweet birthday to me!


  • Another time of life is an inestimable gift, so I give honor and adoration to God today and wish for myself increasingly cheerful years to come as I clock another year today.


  • I trust that my nearest and farthest friends will impart to me this day in the warm and cordial air. A glamorous happy birthday to me!


  • Wine is improving throughout the years, a man is getting more shrewd over the course of the years. I get more established and flourished today.

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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to Myself

  • This is the explanation behind the joy, not pity. I’m so appreciative for these long stretches of life and these nice people around me who encompass me. May there be new excellent minutes and long periods of motivation. Happy birthday to my indispensable self.


  • Today is my birthday, and I’m prepared for new experiences and motivations of this new year of life and of years to come. I need to wish myself to go through this year in lovely heart of mine with my darling well wishers.


  • I wish myself never to miss splendid fortunes of life, and never lose even a day to vanity. Here are the birthday wishes for myself. Happy birthday to my humble self!


  • Here is my birthday and I’m prepared for new achievements and numerous moves of joy. I will have a fabulous time today, who might be my partners on this occasion of my birthday? Kindly signify.


  • I am pretty sure that these winged creatures will sing for me today, I am pretty sure that the sun sparkles for me today because it is my birthday!


Happy Birthday to Me DP for WhatsApp

  • Here is such a favored day and I’m prepared to impart it to my favorite friends. Cheerful birthday to me.


  • Another excellent year of my life has come. I’m so excited and grateful for the previous years, and I wonder about the new turns of things to come.


  • I want to see a great deal of grins today, to invest this energy with all my friends here today. Cheerful birthday to me.


  • Have you heard that today is a significant occasion to me? This isn’t a joke, this is my birthday and I need to make the celebration loud with an excellent scale!


  • Along these lines, you my friends should get yourself absolutely ready. We are heading off to a gathering today. Indispensable Birthday to me!


  • I wish myself harmony, grins, and great state of mind. Moments of life regardless of the awful things, may I overcome all the hardships of existence easily. Happy birthday to me!


  • Each day of this new year of my life will be loaded up with delight and satisfaction. May there be acceptable expectation and unending gladness. A colourful birthday to me!


  • Welcome! New and cheerful year of my life! I feel so much better and cheerful that you have brought this bright day for my birthday.


  • I’m certain that this my new age brought various magnificent fortunes and amusing stories. I bid you a warm welcome with euphoria and prepared for new undertakings. Cheerful birthday to me.


  • Today, without stressing myself, I want to remind you all that today is my day. Today I’m going to exemplify my fantasies.


Birthday Quotes for Myself


  • In anticipation, I feel so grateful for all the congrats and wish myself to have solid wellbeing and devoted friendships right now in my life.


  • This favored day is so excellent and I plan to go through it with affection. I’m so excited forever for this experience.


  • Even today I have become plus one and this is the reflection of joy. I will enjoy my birthday today to the fullest!


  • I wish myself to carry out increasingly helpful things, present more grins to close well wishers and be a decent good example for coming generation. Join me in saying thanks to God for this new life.


  • On this new year of my life, I’m prepared for splendid positive temperament, high accomplishments, profound congruity, thriving, and great wellbeing.


  • I work towards having new thoughts, self-advancement and going to achieve what I couldn’t previous years. I wish myself a happy birthday!


  • I am thankful for each day of this life, one more year passed, and another one began. Joy to my day!


  • The supernatural occurrence of life is a blessing from God, so I supplicate today with appreciative words for it means so much to me!


  • Every one of my companions are welcome to impart this day to me. We should go through this lovely day together. Happy birthday to me from my soul.


  • By the extraordinary elegance of the Lord who made me, this new age I am entertaining a full will to be delighted and never to allow sadness into my life, presently and for eternity. Much obliged to you the most Supreme Ruler for saving my life.


Birthday Quotes for Self

  • Behold, there will be shower of blessings upon me as I have a fresh age start from today. Sweet and birthday to me!


  • Congrats to me as the delight and all fortunes that accompanies this life will slide upon me in this new age of mine as to embellish my birthday!


  • I am so fortunate for the heavenly master will multiply me in riches and wellbeing all as the year progressed. I am the happiest person today and I will forever be happy!


  • Much praises to you God for everything you have done for me in previous years! Rejoice with me for it is my birthday!


  • I love myself and I need to wish myself the best and the most birthday ever. May the achievement of this life never miss my direction.


  • I request that God increase me in information and favor me and make me a productive youngsters as a birthday gift to me today!


  • This new age I attain today should be accompanied by the ocean of favors from the Sky. I pray that my life age is loaded up with flourishing, gladness and all other interesting things in the world.


  • I am commending the greatest day of my life today; I ask that the Master of heaven improve my wellbeing, and my prosperity pathways.


  • I express my healthy gratitude toward God for I am a year older  and stronger today. I wish myself the best minute throughout everyday life. I trust you will celebrate with me this evening?


  • I wish myself an extremely enormous cheerful birthday. I am utilizing this chance to acknowledge everybody around me. May goodness visit me this day!


Prayers for my Birthday


  • Happy birthday to my dear self. I am a year plus. My best request from God is more blessings and uplifting.


  • I have Birthday wishes for Myself to ask God to grant me and I have faith in God that He will grant me.


  • Today I will be egotistical; I need to be center just around myself so I can feel the best of the unique day I was conceived. I will never be let down. Smart birthday to me!


  • I’m such a wonderful person to welcome uncommon favour and uplifting. Disappointment is far from me.


  • The day has come again for me to wish myself a happy birthday. Therefore, I wish myself success and everlasting happiness, positive life as I celebrate a birthday full of joy today.


  • From now and forever I will be grateful to the Lord for granting me another special day on this earth. On this day, I pray for a lovely birthday and supernatural grace in my optimistic life ahead.

Prayer and Birthday Wishes for Myself

  • I give a thunderous praises to the Almighty God for protection and blessing I received for time being. I am a year older today and it’s His grace. May I continue worshipping Him.


  • Lord, please guide me and give more grace in all that I do today and in the many days and years ahead as I celebrate my birthday. Happy birthday to smart self!


  • In fact, no one has ever been faithful and shown me more love, faithfulness, care and mercies than You have done, my God. Sincerely on my birthday today, I want to thank you for all that You have done and those that you still doing for me and the many more wonders that You are yet to do in my pretty life.


  • Living to see another bright year is a precious blessing welcoming from the Lord. Dear God, on this special day, I lift up my hands for more priceless blessings like this.


  • I am being celebrated today because I have been blessed with an additional year in this world. I beseech advancement in my, academic, career and finances. Wishing myself the happiest of birthdays ever!