Best Ways To Impress A Lady

Best Ways To Impress A Lady

This is sometimes a tough thing for guys. Impressing a lady the have a crush on. Some guys get scared and nervous while some just don’t know how. They feel probably she’ll turn them down and don’t even know how to impress her. Impressing a lady isn’t that difficult. It’s not like you’re trying to make a sadist laugh or so, lol. Just take your time and apply the following tips

Best Ways To Impress A Lady

Best ways to impress a lady

Study Her Do’s And Don’t

If you want to impress a lady then you have to study and find out what she likes and what she doesn’t so things don’t go the wrong way. This isn’t difficult, you just need to watch and observe her closely for some time.

Look Good

Looking good is gold. No girl is going to like a dirty looking guy no matter how hard you try. Be neat, look good always. Not just your body but everything that belongs to you should look good.

Be Smart

I don’t believe anyone is dull. Ladies love smart guys. Always act smart and you’ll catch her attention in no time. Do things smartly too. In a nut shell, be intelligent in any field you find yourself.

Become Her Friend

You want her to notice you right. Then you have to get closer to her. That’s the only way to make her notice you and even impress her faster. Become her friend and become a good friend.

Take It To The Next Level

After becoming her very close and good friend, then you can ask her out if you love her. There’s no way you’ll want to impress a girl you don’t love, lol. Since she knows you so well, things will fall in place once you make the move. Remember it’s a gradual process.