Best Time to Collect or get money and things From Men than Ever

Best Time to Collect or get money and things From Men than Ever

Most women at times find it very had to get things or money from a man, or sometimes when they ask or request something from a man, they don’t get what they want. They do some of their request at the wrong time when they will allow the man to decide, forgetting that man has a weak point or times that you need to do some request and make the man to do it, not that the man don’t love you but just that men are very hard people to deal with because men believe to gain something before they give out their own and for you as a woman to win them in that way, you must learn to follow that procedure directly or indirectly, so am going to show you ways to follow for you to get something or for you to collect or ask the man questions that you want from him.

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On Bed

That moment that all his emotions is high, during this time nothing else runs in his brain than you and him, that time is the best time you can use that romantic an sweet voice to pet and call him that names you think is sweet and then bring up what you want ask him or request money or things that you want him to do for you and I bet you that he will do it or promise to do it for you but to be at high chance of him doing it for you, force him to do it immediately or if is something for that can’t be done immediately force him to take a step for you to be sure he will do that for you, because some men are crafty and will accept that they will do that thing for you due to that point all they want is sleep with you or have sex with you, due to that they will accept but fail to do it after they have gain that which they want, so try to force him especially that one you don’t really know his character too well, force him to o it instantly for you or take a step on that but remember not to use harsh voice instead use a low.  petting and sweet voice to beg him and even make him to be more seduce with your touch and voice, he will o it for you.

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When Drinking or Drunk

If your boyfriend or husband is the type of person that love drink, then when drunk ask him about any questions you want, I bet you he will say everything the way it happen, but if you want him to give you something try to ask him that time he is drinking before he get drunk, use that your sweet and romantic voice to beg him and try to distract him from that drink, in fact disturb him like a child, he will give it to you, for you not to distract or disturb him from that drink but remember not all man that drink that you will get something from using this method, so try to first know your man and also his mood, weather he is just drinking or that he is drinking because he is angry. Don’t use this method always for him not to notice because men are clever.


In Public With Friends

This one work well if your man is a shy type, or you notice that he brag or that he is the type that love public respect then know that this one an be the best way for you because that time he is with his friends in public he will like to maintain his dignity and integrity, so ask or request the things or money you want from him in a sweet, romantic and funny way, he will give it to you because he will be shy to say no in front of his friends or there in public, he must try to prove his a big man or that he is caring and give you that which you ask for.

  When He Is Happy

At times when he is happy try to use that time to beg or collect something from him, during that time is also a ;perfect time to request something because out of happiness he will gladly give it to you and try also to make him more happy during that time for you to get him well to that which you ask for.

Give Him Food

I put this because men love cooked food especially if your husband or boyfriend is someone who love food, try to then cook that his best food that gives him joy when he is eating it or that food he will never resist or reject, serve it to him and allow him to eat finish and enjoy it well before ou ask or request from him in a sweet, romantic and seductive way, even if he shout or try to get you angry just ignore him and even add more pet and sweet voice because  some men will try to get you angry for them to see reason not to do that thing for you, so don’t give him that chance to do so and he must surely o it for you.


I put this last because this is the best among them all, which every man must fall for no matter the kind of heart that he has, especially those men who have good heart, he must give that which you ask for but remember not to use this method always. So now what mean by pretence is this, at times you pretend to be sick, angry or bothered, or you behave as if there is a big issue and you beg him to help; you solve it  that the problem is really killing you or that the problem is on your neck, then you try to apply change of mood, if he loves you and care about you he will do that for you, but there is a mistake most girls do when applying this one, which makes it look as if is not working for them, they will apply pretence and still ignore the man when he call or tell them to do something, this mistake makes some men take it that all you care of is that thing or that you are trying to trick them and due to that they may not give it to you an use it as an excuse, remember that men are very clever an ticklish too, so try to pretend in a right way that will make him feel that the issue is really a big one or serious that require attention urgently or that the issue will give you full happiness, so do it the right way and you will surely get what you want from him.


If you are a married woman don’t always rely on this method because it can hurt you if you over use them, remember he is always with you and may easily notice those ways you always use to get something from him so try not to always use them but a girlfriend can always use this method and can always use this method on guys and she will always get what she want from them especially using the first method. There are many ways to get something from a man but this are the best way I know for now.

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