Best Letter for Gf on Her Birthday

Below are some heart winning and best letters for your gorgeous girlfriend to reach out to her on her birthday in lovely manner.

Best Letter for Gf on Her Birthday

My sweetheart,

It’s been a year since we were together today. Looking back to the day I met you, and being as honest and objective as I can be, I think the least I can do is to thank you for all the tenderness and tell you I’m much happier now than ever before you came into my life.

Thanks to your love my life is much better; you are giving me such happiness and joy. I don’t even know most of the time if I reciprocate all those caresses of yours that not only reach my body but also my soul.

You filled a void that I would never have thought was empty, which I never knew existed at all. Today, I look back on the past and remember how empty my life was, how monotonous the day-to-day was and how I wasted so many meaningless interactions and other things that added nothing to my existence.

Your love has changed me, made me see the world and future expectations in a new light, a light that favors joint efforts and the desire to conquer, then share and enjoy the results of such good harvests.

I know that you never doubted my love, though I’m not too effusive to show it. But today, and I am seriously taking the opportunity to celebrate our (and only our!) Birthday, I want to tell you again that I love you and that you are the one that makes me a happier person day by day.

Yours in love,


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Best Letter for Girlfriend on Her Birthday


My love for the pretty,

I want you to feel the happiest person in the world, on this special day. I want you to get all the good light from the sky, whether it’s from the Moon, the Sun or any other star.

Without any signs of anger or sorrow I want to feel your body and soul lit. I want you to feel lighter. I want you to relax in peace and tranquility, enjoying all the good smells of nature, like the smells of eucalyptus, blackberries, peaches and pineapples, for example.

On this happy day-not just for you but for the world (because you make it more bright and beautiful)-I wish all your dreams come true. Even if it takes some time for things to happen, have patience, because not everything always happens at the pace we wish it to.

So, know I wish you all a happy year. I’m always going to be with you, think about you, take care of you and support you with everything you need. Get my kisses, hugs and eternal happiness wishes.

With wholehearted love,



Birthday Letter for Gf

Time’s gone by, every minute, hour, day, month and year, you grow old and I love you more! What kind of magic is yours that always delights me? I believe you cast me a spell … did you put my potion on me for any chance, tea , coffee or coke?

My dear Wizard, let me use this letter to reaffirm my love for you and to share my wish that you will enjoy the most of  this magnificent day.

I don’t know what to bring to you for your birthday, I just hope all your dreams can come true (and that I too am part of those dreams), and you will continue to use this special gift that all those around you have to make happy. But I will not forget to give you something, I think about you every minute of the day, which will remind you of me.

Apart from my overwhelming and relentless attention, what would you like to get? To be an album? You have a few CDs, maybe a romantic one, so you can play low and keep me tight!

Honestly now, my friend, I want you to look nice at sunsetting, feel good atmosphere and happy and be ready to receive the best donations I could send you: myself, all dressed up, smelling beautiful like a princess, just as you like them!

A chocolate touch,


Birthday Letter to Gf

My love, (Name),

I wrote this letter to wish you a happy birthday, because I could not be close at hand. You are the kind of person that merits nothing but that best in this world. I want you to be happy. This is why I will not be able to attend your party on a special date. I know our date is unpopular.

However, I think the difference between our relationship is all ridiculous and will sooner or later fade away, but let’s for now avoid the hearing saying … I’m not going to be there, but I’m just going to be next to you in my mind.

I hope good things only will happen to you during the meeting: cake breaks, Happy birthday song, toasts with champagne and plenty of kisses and warm hugs. We are together because we are loving each other and we will never waste the opportunity to celebrate our love tomorrow, when the party ends. I know, you will be by my side sooner than I expected.

We will have a special and own way to celebrate it all night, with kisses and hugs and plenty of love. Tomorrow night, we will celebrate your birthday and together will be an unforgettable month. For both of us, this is definitely a special moment.

Cleverly, we must disperse the entire field and eventually score the toast of the night most expect.

Yours forever,


Love Letter for Gf on Her Birthday

Lovely Lady (name),

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! After all, you don’t celebrate your birthday every day, isn’t it? See, you can even try to avoid such birthday wishes by telling us that it’s not an opportunity and that time goes the same way, that it’s nothing more than a party and so on.

But it’s worth you! Your good mood and your will to go the extra miles to help your friends, including those who turn out to be not so good friends after all! you deserve it because of your way of working, the smart, cheerful and fun way you spend your time.

The way you look at the world and the way you rejoice with all the beautiful and good things you deserve. So for many years to come you must live and remain alive and witty, because it is people like you who make this a better life. If each of us is to share in this, be sure you are among those who really do it and you are really good at it!

So stop being modest and take my heartfelt birthday wishes! May a wonderful day be for you!

The sweetest love,