Aww Meaning In Whatsapp

Aww means “Any which way.”

There are many ways aww can be used in WhatsApp; it depends on your direction.

Aww, meaning can be either you like what happened, feel that, or are bored with any conversation. It can be used to express how cute someone or something is.

What does aww mean Or What Is aww mean

Aww, can be said to mean different things depending on how and the conversation that is going on between you and the person. But in general, we can say it means a sign of showing affection toward someone or his or her action.

How to respond to aww

Response to aww depends on the incident that raises the aww. 

For instance, if you got your friend a birthday present that looks so beautiful and also a surprise gift, he or she might say, ” aww, I love this.” Then your response should be either “thank you” or I’m happy that you love it.” Aww is normally used by girls or women.

Again. You may miss something that you valued or someone, and you approach your friend, telling her that you just missed something now that is very important and cannot be gotten again; she will tell you, ” aww, I’m so sorry for that dear” you may respond to her with ” my dear I’m not happy at all.” 

So you see that your response to aww depends on the issue.


When a girl types aww, thanks

Aww, it can mean many things to a girl. When a girl types aww thanks, it either means she finds your words interesting, or she is bored with those words.

But for her to add thanks, it means that she likes what you have done or said. It has a different meaning.

For instance, you just messaged your girl, telling her that you just transferred some money into her account to buy the things she needed. She might reply to your text with ” aww, thanks.” This means that she liked what you did and was happy about that. 

Aww Meaning In Whatsapp

When a girl goes awww

Aww simply means that the girl is flattered by whatever you tell her.

When a girl goes awww, it means that she’s just attracted to what you are saying or doing at that moment. It’s a kind of appreciation or concern depending on what is happening during that period.


When a girl goes aww when talking

The girl is either flattered or showing concern or pity for you, depending on what you are talking about.

For instance. You are talking about a friend who just lost her Job or his Job. She might use aww in her words just to express her feelings about what happened, as sympathy.

Again. You might be promising her something she needs, and to show how happy she is, she might choose to use aww to express it. It depends on the individual and the events at hand.

Aww, Meaning In Whatsapp