All things a girl should know

There are many things that a girl should know as a girl about this life and the world we are living in. So if you want to know about those things then relax if that is why you visit for I will show you all those things, so that you will know about all that and take note of them to avoid mistakes.

All things a girl should know

Being careful.

 A girl should know that she is a girl, and she deserves to be careful. Being careful here is when you are careful about what you say to people and how you react to people and where you go.


A girl should know how to cook.

Every girl is supposed to know how to cook, be you rich or poor, know how to cook so that you can last in your Relationship or Marriage.


A girl should know how to talk.

Do not talk anyhow to people, especially to the one you don’t know very well. Mind your tongue and minimize your speech to avoid mistakes.


A girl should listen to advice from elders.

If you are the type that listens to advice, know that you will find it challenging to enter into temptations because your elders will always guild you. Do not say that old things have passed away, no, you are getting wrong, life revolves, but do not stop. For instance, if someone asks you out, and you inform you elderly ones, if you are told not to go, please do not go, do not try to sneak out, unless you are left to go, then that’s a good idea to go out dear.

Nothing good comes easy.

Do not expect your boyfriend to be your everything, because nothing good comes easy, one day he must ask for something that you may not afford, but due to you have committed yourself to it, you will have no option than to accept. Life is not a bed of roses work hard with your parents; you shall get everything you wanted at its own time.


You should know that your body is not the house of men.

You are supposed to know that your body is your body, not your boyfriend’s body, he should not order you to remove your clothes, and you do, learn how to say no and how to protect your body, do not wear too exposed clothes, cover yourself and be a decent girl.

Know how to respect people.

As a girl, respect is essential, for it will give you favor and blessings. The people you may respect today may be the one that will protect you in the future because you don’t know where you will find yourself tomorrow. If you are respectful from a young age, you will see that it will not be difficult for you at your old age, and you will be able to live in peace with your husband and family.


A girl should not live alone.

 It is not suitable for a girl to live alone in a room, for it will give guys a place to be disturbing and sometimes as a human being and as a girl not of mature age older guys can easily manipulate you, it might not be easier for you to resist them. From there, you will be fooled by them, and they will also move about spoiling your name. It’s better to live with your guardian, parents, or even siblings than to live alone.

I believed with these. You can see all things you need to know as a girl. You are free to drop yours in the comments box if you have any.