Advice about relationship

Relationship is the commitment between two persons who are in love with each other. A lot of advice are here for the people who are in a relationship. So read and understand so we to learn what you need to know. “Advice about relationship”


Advice about relationship


Relationship is a decision you have to make within you, it shouldn’t be something someone should choose for you. If you are not ready please you shouldn’t be in it for relationship is not for the kids. It’s for the matured mind and only the matured mind is allowed to be into a relationship for they will know low to tackle any problem that may arise tomorrow.

For instance, a child who is still living under his or her parent’s roof with their decisions is not supposed to be engaged in any kind of relationship for they are bound to make mistakes.


Those mistakes include;

  1. Getting unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Using their parent’s school fees to sponsor their partner.
  3. Taking un-prescribed drugs for preventing pregnancy.
  4. Having some issue that may lead to fighting which may result to killing or serious injuries.
  5. Stealing their parent’s money just to meet up with their demands.


Can you see that relationship is not for kids but for the matured mind, if you are not matured in thinking. It’s not just being matured in age but by how much you can handle any situation that may come across you.


Relationships are meant to have quality love in it. A relationship that lacks love and understanding is bound to collapse one day and once it collapses, there will be a great chance that the relationship may not go on again. You should make sure that you love that person who you want to be in a relationship with. Let there be absolute love between you two.


A relationship is supposed to be two sided, no one is supposed to be the leader. Both of you must accept that relationship with full heart so that it will help you fight for each other in case of any arising issue. If there aren’t any commitments between you two, that relationship will definitely collapse one day. But once there is commitment, you will surely know your duty in that relationship. Thereby not going contrary to what you planned.

“Advice about relationship”

Relationship is supposed to be something that you will live for, not something that you will regret being into. So for that to successfully happen, you need to make the right choice of partner. Choose someone who can be your true friend, someone that you can rely on, not someone that you won’t trust. Trust in a relationship helps to strengthen the relationship.


Relationship is supposed to be your leading way to marriage. The kind of relationship you will have will determine the kind of marriage it will make in future. If your relationship is somehow fallen and you have tried to fix it but unable to be fixed, it means that you are not matured enough to be in a relationship or that you made the wrong choice of partner. So be wise while choosing your partner.


In conclusion

Relationship is so sweet when you find someone who is suitable for you. Do not just say “it’s just a relationship I won’t marry him or her”. That is the starting point of your mistake in life, because one thing may lead to another and you may not know when you are married to him or her. Then you may start having issues in the future. So be wise.

Your decision start from your beginning of relationship, which is the choice you made.


We believed that you are able to understand what it means to be in a relationship. Drop your comments if you have any.


“Advice about relationship”