7 Reasons Why few women frequently Pee

7 Reasons Why few women frequently Pee

Part way into your morning coffee, you suddenly have to dash out of a meeting in fear you’ll pee your pants. Or, an hour after creating a pit prevent on an avenue ride, you locate yourself desiring to tug over at some other gas station. It seems like you’re peeing a lot lately—and you are honestly not positive what’s up with your bladder.

Your bladder can be a touchy beast, experts say. “There are a number of reasons influencing how regularly we have to pee, inclusive of age, diet/nutrition, medical conditions, medicinal drugs, the extent of fluid consumption, and type of fluid intake,”

However, the truth is, some humans simply have extraordinary anatomy and a smaller bladder, or their body frame makes more urine than others. It’s also viable that someone else you know who takes a ton of water but in no way has to pee, it appears, has trained their bladder a chunk better to maintain pee for longer

Why few women frequently Pee

What Your Pee coloration Says approximately about your health and fitness

Another common reason behind an urge to pee is age. As you become old, you’re at an expanded hazard for an overactive bladder and urinary incontinence, Lack of bladder control, which can cause highly annoying issues

However howdy, what in case you still consider yourself “young-ish”? For your case, here are some of the motives you might be peeing lots extra than you want to be—and what you could do to restore your pee troubles.  “Why few women frequently Pee”

  1. You’re chugging coffee.

Bladder irritants like carbonated beverages, spicy foods, acidic culmination, artificial sweeteners, sugars, and alcohol can leave you peeing lots. Caffeinated beverages in particular sturdy punch, though. “Caffeine is considered to be a bladder irritant, and it’s additionally a diuretic. “It makes your bladder more overactive, and it additionally makes you produce greater urine.”

To minimize your urge to pee, restricting yourself to 2 cups of caffeinated beverages daily – that’s the max before you begin upping your urinary frequency.


  1. You’re mega stressed and fatigue.

As if stress and anxiety don’t stink enough on its own, right here’s one less-talked-about aspect impact of peeing a lot. “now and again, if you’re worrying or stressed, this could result in excessive sensitivity of the bladder.


  1. . You’ve got a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Yep, you guessed it: urinary tract infections ( ‘cystitis’ if bacteria strike your bladder) love to make you pee loads or as a minimum sense an urge to pee. Sex (which can spread germs out of your vagina to your urethra) can up your risk for the pesky infections. If you have a urinary tract infection, you’ll in all likelihood need an antibiotic to maintain symptoms at bay (and to begin peeing normally once more).


  1. You’re remarkably backed up.

In case you’ve been constipated for a while now, common urination can tag together with your signs and symptoms. Why? Plenty of straining puts more stress on your bladder muscle mass and pelvic ground, which might be crucial for assisting you to manage the urge to pee. Over the years, this extra stress weakens your muscles, making it harder to preserve it. Frequently, upping your fiber consumption is enough to transport things along down there.


  1. Baby’s putting more pressure in your bladder.

Peeing a lot or leaking while pregnant? That’s usual. In reality, four in 10 expectant mamas battle with urinary incontinence. Weight gain and baby’s growth alike can position greater stress for your pelvic floor and bladder muscle tissue, weakening your capacity to hold in pee. What’s extra? The weaker your bladder is, the much less urine you could keep, causing the urge to pee and greater leaks.

On a bright note, although: after you welcome your baby, your muscle naturally heals and also you get your bladder control fixed up. If you’re still having bladder issues six weeks post-delivery, contact your doc for a checkup.


  1. You’ve got diabetes.

Some signs of out of control diabetes? Immoderate thirst and frequent urination(midnight urination also can be a sign). When you have untreated diabetes, your body is trying to remove excess blood sugar, because of this, you land up peeing plenty. Dehydration can follow with making for a vicious cycle.


  1. You have interstitial cystitis (IC).

This condition—a chronically inflamed and irritated bladder—is the whopper of your why do I pee so much issues. In case you’re suffering, your pelvic place in all likelihood hurts. And while peeing a small quantity of urine gives you a few comforts, as quickly as your bladder fills returned up, you’re in pain again. Once in a while, the urge to pee is constant—even if you just used the toilet.

Sound familiar? Contact your doctor (who may refer you to a urologist) to id the condition and get remedy, which is usually a blend of medicines and way of lifestyle tweaks.

Do not forget: Peeing lots may be a sign of these situations, but it can also be a normal experience


Is It dangerous to hold your Pee?

Honestly, perhaps you simply *manner* overdid it with the water or coffee on a daily event. So past addressing the above troubles, it is advised you exercise bladder retention strategies inclusive of this one: if you generally ought to pee every two hours, attempt to stretch it to two and a half and finally three hours among restroom breaks. “The purpose is to train the bladder over time to maintain and hold extra urine,”

You can also try the old school kegel sports, which reinforce your pelvic ground to provide your bladder muscle tissues the assist they need to keep your pee. Still concerned approximately the rate at which you’re going? Play it safe by consulting your medical doctor.