6 harm un-satisfaction of sex will do to your marriage or relationship

6 harms un-satisfaction of sex will do to your marriage or relationship

Satisfaction in marriage is one of the things that can also make a union to last because it rekindled the light in marriage thereby reconnect the spirit and mind of both partners. Un-satisfaction of sex is also one of the key points that lead to collapse in marriage and also very hard to control when it gets out of hand.

Here are some of things that un-satisfaction of sex can bring in marriage.

  1. Lack of happiness
  2. Lack of focus and attention
  3. Failure in business
  4. Deprive of sexual intercourse
  5. Lack of trust
  6. irresponsible

lack of happiness; un-satisfaction of sex in marriage can deprive your partner from being happy, because when your partner is unable to satisfy your sexual desires, for example- maybe you as a man will be aroused and you will deal with it but instead of you to satisfy your wife, you will left her and sleep off not minding her mood. The same thing is applicable to you as a wife, in this kind of situation; you will find out that there will not be a complete happiness in that marriage.

6 harm un-satisfaction of sex will do to your marriage or relationship

Lack of focus and attention: un-satisfaction of sex can also make both partners to lack focus on things they do especially in the family, because every time you will be thinking of the reason why your husband or wife is not satisfying you. You will also know that you are lacking attention to your partner; you will not focus on your family and the things that will bring progress to the family. All your focus and attention will be drawn back.

Cheating:  this is the major one that un-satisfaction of sex can bring, because when you are unable to satisfy your partner, she may find the satisfaction outside and when that happened it will be hard to control. Your partner may not even keep only one person but numerous of them that can satisfy her

Failure in business: because you are suffering from emotional depress, it will definitely affect your business, because you will no longer be able to gather some ideas that can improve your business instead you will always feel weak and sad every time you come to your office thereby missing some important opportunity for the development of your business.

Deprive of sexual intercourse: having gotten some satisfaction of sex outside, you may be finding it hard to have sex with your partner again. You will also be tired her or him at any moment he or she requested for that.

Lack of trust: un-satisfaction of sex can minimize your level of trust to your partner, because you may think maybe your wife or your husband is keeping outside relationship or he doesn’t love you anymore and thereby you will be feeling unsecured with him thinking that your husband or your wife is heating on you.

6 harm un-satisfaction of sex will do to your marriage or relationship

Irresponsible: because you are having challenges in your sexual life , you will find out that your dignity will be diminishing gradually in the process of meeting up with the young or older opposite sex in the name of satisfaction thereby making people to disregard you as a responsible woman or man, people around may not understand the reason behind it instead they will think that you are irresponsible.


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