5 Excellent & Exciting Gift Ideas For Your Lover

There are numerous kinky gift ideas you can get for your partner. A monster dildo, vibrators, kink dice, and sensual candles are some of the kink gift items that you can offer and use with your lover. There are a lot more items that would come in handy in this regard. You should keep reading to help ensure you get the best kinky gift for your lover.

What you have in-between your legs is massive enough and you need to come to that understanding. It is even less of how it is and more of what you do with it. Having made that clear, getting the best out of a kinky sex life should take you beyond your dick.

This is why getting your partner a dildo is a perfect kinky gift idea. It would even make more sense if it is a monster one that would bring her to ecstasy.

You can also partake in the fun by being penetrated yourself (if you are into that kinky side of things). Speaking of fantasy monster dildos, you can click here to learn more.

  • Buy a Kinky Dice

For the record, there are more of these special dice that are just sex dice and not necessarily kink dice. That would also work but it is kinkier with a kink dice. They come in different shapes and every part of the dice has instructions on what to do if that side shows up.

For example, it could be a light paddle spank without you or your partner’s underwear on. Already sounding kinky to you? Then go for it.


  • Buy a Massage Oil

This oil will come in very handy while you both are at your kinky activities. For example, you can sensually apply it and talk about how you are going to dominate with the cane.

The smell of a good massage oil product will also serve as an aphrodisiac that spices up your kink life. So, a massage oil product can serve as a good kinky gift item. We also suggest going for all-natural products, especially for health reasons.

  • Buy a Massage Oil Wax Candle

It was just so important that this point came up after the last one. This is because it is taking things a step further and better. There are candles with melted wax that can serve as a massage oil.

The smell is an aphrodisiac as they melt and this will help a whole lot. Speaking of smell, something with pineapple or/and the coconut scent is a good option to consider.

  • Buy a Sensual Cookbook

How about a kinky gift capable of taking the kinky experience beyond when you are involved in your kinky activities? A sensual cookbook is one such gift that would help you achieve this goal.

This is as the recipes have sensual and even kinky undertones. It is one you should try out if you want to give your lover something kinky as a gift.