5 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Looking for ways to boost your Instagram followers? As a business owner, waiting for followers to come naturally can be challenging. Building your brand takes time. There are ways to speed up the process. One effective method is purchasing Instagram followers. When potential followers see a large number of followers on your profile, they’re more likely to follow you.

Even better, a large follower count signals to the Instagram algorithms that your account is growing in popularity, and they’ll give your content a large new audience, many of whom will decide to follow you on your own.

Imagine having thousands of followers on your Instagram account! If that sounds appealing, keep reading to discover the 5 best sites where you can buy Instagram followers.

1. Twicsy 

Twicsy is the best provider of Instagram followers. With their long experience in the industry, they have consistently delivered high-quality services. They offer packages that provide value for money. Whether you’re an individual or you’re running a business with a small budget, this company has options tailored to everyone’s needs. Rest assured that all the purchased followers are real IG users, ensuring credibility and authenticity.

5 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Twicsy offers several benefits, such as:

  • Multiple delivery options – You can receive your followers all at once or slowly in a drip mode.
  • Money-back guarantee – If you are unhappy with the services, you can get your money back.
  • Good customer service- Twicsy offers knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right option for your needs.
  • Secured payment platform- Technology ensures a safe and secure payment platform when buying your followers.
  • 100% real followers, none created with bots.

There are several payment options when it comes to buying followers from Twicsy.

For as low as $2.97, you can get 100 followers. If you prefer to buy in bulk, you can buy 1000 high-quality likes for $12.99. The premium followers are priced at 500 for $11.99 and in bulk 2500 for $46.99 or 5000 for $88.99.

Some Instagram follower services offer fake profiles, which the algorithms can easily detect. Twicsy can give you real followers to avoid this problem. If you’re interested in more than followers, Twicsy also offers views and likes to help your account grow. Twicsy provides two types of followers: premium and active (even higher-quality interactions). And the growth you’ll see can’t be matched by other services.

2. Buzzoid 

Next on the list is Buzzoid, another excellent option for buying Instagram followers. Buzzoid offers packages to suit all budgets and requirements. They even provide custom plans tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Whether you’re just starting out or already experiencing growth, Buzzoid followers can assist you in expanding your popularity.


There are several advantages to using Buzzoid:

  • Convenient – It’s simple and easy to use. You just purchase the followers, which will be added to your account. The hard work is done for you. 
  • Good customer service – The helpful staff is available 24/7 to help with your concerns or queries
  • Secure website – You can feel safe purchasing from this website.

How much does it cost? 100 quality followers will cost you $2.97; for a bulk lot, you can expect to pay $99.00 for 20,000 followers. For their active followers, 500 will cost you $11.99, and 10000 will cost you $129.99. The pricing is reasonable.

5 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

The company protects all of your personal information, and Buzzoid offers several payment methods along with a secure checkout process. For information on how their services work, their website includes a helpful FAQ section. Buzzoid’s services are top-notch.

3. Rushmax 

Rushmax is another highly-regarded platform for purchasing Instagram followers to boost your social media growth. People tend to follow trends. If you have many followers on Instagram, others will be curious to see what you’re all about and why so many people are following you. Rushmax provides all real followers, resulting in increased visibility for your account and rapid Instagram growth.

Let’s take a look at the advantages that come with using Rushmax:

  • 24/7 customer support – If you have any concerns or don’t know which option to choose, the staff are available 24/7 to consult with.
  • The choice of high-quality real followers or premium followers to suit your budget
  • Followers will be instantly added to your account.
  • Always delivers real followers

As examples of their pricing, you can get 100 regular followers for $2.97, or 5000 followers for $49.99. For premium active followers, you are looking at 5,000 followers for $88.99. The pricing is quite affordable and similar to the other platforms we’ve reviewed.

4. InstaPort

InstaPort offers high-quality followers that are authentic.

You can also opt for purchasing likes and views too. InstaPort offers real interactions that are crucial for enhancing the reputation of your Instagram account.

What are the advantages of using InstaPort?

  • 24/7 customer service to answer any questions you might have. They can also assist you in finding the right package for your goals.
  • You can buy in increments – many people prefer adding their followers slowly, which looks more natural than gaining 10,000 followers overnight.
  • Secure Platform – you don’t need to give out your Instagram password or other personal information.
  • All real followers

InstaPort features an easy-to-use platform without any complicated navigation. And their prices are also budget-friendly, with a few excellent options.

5. IWantMoreFollowers

IWantMoreFollowers is another option for buying Instagram followers. However, it may not be as popular as some providers here.

Highlights of this provider’s service:

  • Affordable prices suitable for all budgets
  • Easy-to-use system 
  • Secure website

Unfortunately, this service can only deliver a maximum of 15,000 real followers, their customer service is only available by email and it can take a while to receive a response, and there’s no option for more powerful premium followers. Their results are pretty good, though.


Will Buying Followers Result in an Instagram Ban?

Purchasing followers for your Instagram account doesn’t necessarily lead to a ban. However, Instagram might remove some of the followers if they are deemed fake. To avoid this, choosing a reputable platform when buying followers is essential. By opting for trustworthy providers like the ones on this list, you can ensure your purchase won’t put your reputation or account at risk.

Is it Against the Law to Buy Instagram Followers?

Technically, buying Instagram followers is not illegal, as there are no laws prohibiting it. However, buying “fake” followers created by bots does go against Instagram’s policies. While it is rare to lose purchased followers, Instagram often removes accounts with fake-looking followers. Be sure to only use services that deliver real followers.

Will I Keep the Obtained Followers Indefinitely?

Whether acquired through purchases or gained organically, it’s essential to understand that few followers will remain forever. People and their preferences change over time. While you will continually gain followers, you may lose some along the way.

Adding different content to your account or expressing your changing opinions through posts can affect people. However, it’s important to note that some people may choose to unfollow you if they disagree or are not fond of the content you’re sharing. For instance, when you post about renovations, individuals might follow you for inspiration. Once they finish their updates, they may no longer require your tips and decide to unfollow you. It’s important to understand that there is usually nothing wrong with people choosing to unfollow you; they are simply moving on.

However, real followers supplied by reputable companies should never drop out of your account.


Investing in Instagram followers can elevate your presence on the platform.

Buying real IG followers from trustworthy providers will make your account look more reliable and important to people who see your content. Even more importantly, they will signal the Instagram algorithms that your account is becoming popular and important, so the system will show your posts to a much bigger audience than you’ve ever had. Those people can all decide to follow you, growing your presence on the system organically.

The providers listed in this article will all deliver real followers that accomplish both of those goals, making your IG account more influential and boosting your ability to sell products, if you’re a business, or attract paying sponsors, if you’re an individual. IG influencers regularly purchase followers, and you should, too.