3 Benefits Of Consulting With An Asian Fit Eyewear Specialist

It’s the middle of the pandemic, and you’ve been out for hours finding the perfect eyeglasses. You’ve been to more optical shops than you care to count. Then, just when you thought you’ve hit the jackpot, you end up with a pair that doesn’t feel right for your facial features. The frames are too big, and they rest on your cheeks instead of your nose bridge. Also, the lenses have too much tilt. In short, you got the wrong eyeglasses.

When in the market for a new pair, it helps to know the features to look for when buying specs, such as designer glasses. It will allow you to narrow down your choices. But, even if you tick off all the crucial features in eyewear, it will all be for naught if your pair doesn’t fit right. If you find this story all too familiar, then, maybe, it’s time for you to consult with an Asian fit eyewear specialist. And, just because they specialize in Asian-fitting eyewear doesn’t mean they don’t cater to non-Asians. This type of vision care provider can help clients of all races. 

Below are the top benefits of consulting with a specialist on Asian fit eyewear.


  • Your High Cheekbones Are No Longer A Problem

Most Asians have higher cheekbones compared to other ethnicities. As a result, they tend to support the eyeglasses’ weight on the cheeks rather than the nose bridge. Letting your eyewear touch or rest on your cheeks can look awkward and feel downright annoying. In short, eyeglasses aren’t designed to be worn on the cheeks. 

Asian fit eyewear experts, such as https://www.mottoptical.com/pages/asian-fit, will be able to correct this problem if you have high cheekbones. Usually, they’ll recommend eyewear with less curvature or tilt in the lens. Sometimes, shorter or rectangular lenses can also work to prevent the frame from touching the cheeks. The right Asian fit design puts more distance between your eyeglasses and your cheeks.

3 Benefits Of Consulting With An Asian Fit Eyewear Specialist
3 Benefits Of Consulting With An Asian Fit Eyewear Specialist
  • Your Low Nose Bridge Becomes Inconsequential

Having a low or short nose bridge is common among Asians. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that standard eyeglasses are designed to balance and rest on the nose. So, when you have a low nose bridge, you’ll be forced to support your eyewear on your cheeks, regardless of whether you have high or low cheekbones.

Your Asian fit eyewear specialist will recommend a frame design with a thick built-in plastic bridge or nose pads to prop up your eyewear from the nose and not from the cheeks. The eyewear bridge will fit snuggly. With these added elements in your eyewear frame, you don’t have to struggle with problems, such as wearing eyeglasses that keep on sliding down your nose.


  • Your Wide Facial Feature Ceases To Be An Issue

Reading glasses can break anytime. They’re prone to scratches, too. It would be ideal to stock up on eyeglasses so you don’t have to run to an optical shop every time you damage your pair. But, before you spend money on several eyeglasses, it’s crucial to see Asian fit eyewear experts if you have a wide facial feature. 

Other than prescription lenses, the overall design of the frame can affect the quality of your eyewear. Standard designs tend to be too narrow for people with a wide facial feature common among Asians. It can be observed when the temples or the eyeglasses’ arms are over-extended or don’t reach the wearer’s ears. As a result, the eyewear isn’t balanced or secured, and can fall or slide off easily. Besides the obvious discomfort, a loose pair can affect your vision, especially when you’re driving or doing high-precision tasks. 

An Asian fit eyewear provider will address your problem of having a wide facial feature by recommending frames that have longer temples or stems whose tips can reach or rest on your ears. Your specialist may also suggest eyewear frames with a wider width when measured from the hinges. They ensure that the structure will fit across your face. In effect, you no longer have to worry about having a wide facial feature. 



Wearing eyeglasses isn’t just about being fashionable. Many people rely on their eyewear for improved vision. So, it would help if you have functional eyewear that’s comfortable to wear. Choosing the right pair can be a little bit complicated if you have facial features common among Asians. These features include high cheekbones, low nose bridges, and a wide face. Addressing these features is the main benefit of finding an Asian fit eyewear expert.