120+ Beautiful Top Girl Names She Will Really Love

There are many beautiful girl names, from classics such as “Charlotte” and trending names like “Luna”. It can be difficult to choose the right name for your little girl. We understand. You can get an idea of what you have to choose by checking out some of the top names. You only need a little bit of inspiration!

Top 30 Baby Girls names and meanings for 2022

The Social Security Administration compiles a list every year of the most popular baby names, based on the number of applications for cards. It’s a very useful list because you can see which names are the most popular and track their popularity over time. This is a great tool if you’re looking to see what names have been the most popular over the last year. These top girl names could be perfect for your child.

  1. Olivia – Peace in Latin
  2. Emma – Universal (German)
  3. Charlotte – Free person (French)
  4. Amelia – Hard working (Roman)
  5. Sophia – Wise (Greek)
  6. Isabella – Devoted to God in Italian
  7. Ava – Bird (Latin).
  8. Mia – Moon – Australian
  9. Evelyn (British) – Wished for
  10. Luna – Moon (Latin)
  11. Harper – Harp player (British)
  12. Camila – Priest’s Helper (Portuguese).
  13. Sofia – Wise (Greek)
  14. Scarlett – Red (French)
  15. Elizabeth – God’s Promise (Hebrew).
  16. Eleanor (Greek: Shining Light)
  17. Emily – Eager
  18. Chloe (Blooming)
  19. Mila – Miraculous (Spanish)
  20. Violet – purple (Latin).
  21. Penelope (Greek: Weaver)
  22. Gianna (Italian: God is gracious)
  23. Aria – Noble (Italian)
  24. Abigail (Hebrew version) – The joy of my father
  25. Ella – Fairy Maiden (German)
  26. Avery (British Elf Ruler)
  27. Hazel – Hazelnut tree (British)
  28. Nora – Honor (Latin)
  29. Layla – Night Beauty (Hebrew & Arabic)
  30. Lily – Pure (Latin).

Fast Fact

Some girl names stay at the top for a long time, even though trends may change. Since 2014 , the current top three names (Olivia Emma and Charlotte) all ranked in the Top 10.

120+ Beautiful Top Girl Names She Will Really Love

Popular Girl Names

Popularity of some names is increasing rapidly. These names may not be at the top of the list right now, but they’re moving up faster than others. These names were the fastest growing when the SSA compared 2021 and 2020 girl’s names.

  1. Wrenlee is a popular alternative spelling of Wrenley.
  2. Neriah is now at 993. Neriah has gained 690 places. It means “lamp for God.”
  3. Arlet – Arlet is now ranked 741. This represents a 485-place increase. It is a variant of Arlette.
  4. Georgina, meaning “worker of earth”, has climbed 432 places to 878.
  5. Amiri is a trending boy name that has risen 423 places to 876. Amiri, which means “prince”, also happens to be one of the most popular names for boys .
  6. Arleth Arleth has jumped 325 places to 634. It is a variant of Arlette.
  7. Amayah (close to God) – Amayah has risen 234 places to number 701.
  8. Winona, currently at 980, has climbed 318 positions. It means “first born daughter.”
  9. Love – Love, which has a clear and sweet meaning, is now at number 754, and its popularity increased by 265 points.
  10. Inaya – At number 966, Inaya went up 262 points. It means “protection, help and support.”
  11. Isabela is an alternate spelling of Isabella. This girl’s name has jumped 256 places to number 584.
  12. Jream is a unique name that has risen 241 places to number 777. This could be a creative and alternate spelling of “dream.”
  13. Cielo – Up 225 points, Cielo means “sky.” It is now ranked number 998.
  14. Adalee is now number 673, up 219 places. It means “God’s my refuge.”
  15. Sol is a lovely name meaning “sun.” It was the 837th-most popular girls’ name in 2010, but it rose 217 places last year.
  16. Wrenley is a popular name for girls this year. It means “small bird of song.”
  17. Zhuri is now ranked 843, up 212 points. It means “beautiful, good.”
  18. Scottie is now ranked 922. The name gained 211 points, and it means “person from Scotland.”
  19. Carla is a classic choice. Carla’s popularity has increased by 203 places, and she now ranks 923. It means
  20. Alora: Alora is “free person” and has risen 197 places to number 266, a gain of 197 points.
  21. Arlette – Arlette, who was ranked 800 last year, gained 192 points. It means “leader in the army.”
  22. Yamileth – A beautiful Y-name, Yamileth is an unusual Y. It rose 191 places to 867.
  23. Zendaya is another unique option. Zendaya means, “to thank God.” It rose 190 places to 683.
  24. Aadhya, meaning “first power”, ranked at number 981 and went up 187 places.
  25. Zoya is the top girl’s name, rising 185 places to 787. It means “life.”

Quick Tip

Seen a trend? Three variations of Arleth/Arlet are among the top 25 names. Wrenlee/Wrenley is also represented. Any version of these names is sure to be a hit with your little girl.

120+ Beautiful Top Girl Names She Will Really Love

BabyCenter’s most popular baby names

BabyCenter surveyed real parents to create their list of most popular names. Some names are identical to the SSA list while others are completely different. The BabyCenter list includes some of the top girl’s names that are not listed in the SSA.

  1. Aurora Dawn (Latin).
  2. Ellie – Light (Greek)
  3. Grace – Favor (Latin)
  4. Elena – Shining Light (Greek).
  5. Nova – New in Latin
  6. Maya – Magic (Sanskrit)
  7. Victoria – Victorious in Latin
  8. Ivy – Vine (Latin)
  9. Willow – Willow Tree (English)
  10. Athena, the goddess of wisdom in Latin
  11. Isla (Spanish for Island)
  12. The Greek version of Zoey’s Life
  13. Delilah – Delicate (Hebrew)
  14. Gabriela: Heroine of God in Spanish and Italian
  15. Emilia – Eager (Latin)
  16. Hannah – Grace (Hebrew)
  17. Madison – Child Of Matthew (German)
  18. Aaliyah – Sublime (Arabic)
  19. Paisley – Place of Worship (Scottish).
  20. Zoey – Zoey Variation
  21. Eliana – God has answered in Hebrew
  22. Kinsley – Meadows of the King (British).
  23. Lucy – Light
  24. Savannah – plain without trees
  25. Autumn harvest season in Latin
  26. Iris – Rainbow (Greek).
  27. Serenity (English)
  28. Sophie – Wisdom (Greek)
  29. Addison (Old English), Child of Adam
  30. Ayla (Hebrew:) Oak tree

Favorite baby girl names from the past 100 years

Like your favourite little black dress, some names are timeless classics. The SSA maintains a list of names which have been popular for the last 100 years. You can’t go far wrong with any of these names if you want to stay away from the latest trends and choose something that has been loved by everyone for over a century.

  1. Mary – Drops of the Sea (Hebrew).
  2. Patricia – Noble (Latin)
  3. Jennifer – Fair
  4. Linda – Pretty
  5. Barbara – Foreign (Greek)
  6. Susan – Lily Of The Valley (Hebrew).
  7. Jessica – Rich (Hebrew)
  8. Sarah – Princess in Hebrew
  9. Karen – Pure (Danish)
  10. Lisa – Oath Of God (English).
  11. Nancy – Favor (Hebrew)
  12. Betty – Oath of God in Hebrew
  13. Sandra – Humanity’s protector (Greek)
  14. Margaret – Pearl (Greek)
  15. Ashley – Meadow with ash trees

Select the best girl name for your baby

The process of choosing the perfect girl’s name for your newborn doesn’t need to be stressful. You have a wide range of choices, but you will be drawn to some for their beauty and meaning. Choose a name that you love. It will be a hit with your little girl.