100+ Evil/Demon Baby Names (Boys & Girls)

If you’re searching for a shady baby name or are looking for names for babies to steer clear of Our listing of horrifying, demon and disgusting baby names is essential to read.

We’ve looked through the past and literature for centuries and decades of films and television to present 100 choices to think about when you want your baby to stand out.

50 Evil Boy Names

There are a lot of sinister and demon boy names that are suitable for babies. If you’re searching for a name that sounds sinister for your child’s demon There are fifty of them.

1. Abaddon

Abaddon is a Hebrew name that means ruin, or destruction.

In the Christian New Testament, Abaddon is known as the Angel from the Abyss. He is the ruler of an army of gigantic locusts, which are as big as horses. The locusts are armed with wings, the teeth of lions’ human faces, as well as tails with scorpion stingers.

2. Abchanchu

The meaning behind abchanchu meaning Abchanchu is not clear.

Abchanchu can be described as the title given to the vampire who transforms into a shape that is a part of Bolivian legend. He transforms into the appearance of an elderly and helpless traveller. When people can assist, Abchanchu attacks and drinks the blood of those who help him.

3. Acheron

Acheron can be described as Latin and is a word that means “river of sorrow”.

It is believed that the River Acheron was one of five rivers of the realm of underworld Greek mythology. The dead were carried over the Acheron and, in Roman mythology, it was believed to be the source where the Styx emerged.

4. Adbeel

Adbeel is one of the Hebrew names which means to be afflicted by God.

The name was derived from the Hebrew verb adab. It is only used one time in the Bible when referring to Eli’s soul in mourning over the death of his family.

5. Ahriman

Ahriman is the contemporary Persian variant of Avestan “Angra Mainyu,” which means evil spirit.

In the early Iranian faith, Ahriman is the Lord of Darkness and Chaos and is the cause of all human frustration conflict, strife and confusion.

100+ Evil/Demon Baby Names (Boys & Girls)

6. Amon

Amon is derived directly from Greek Ammon which means the hidden one.

The 17th century was when an unidentified spellbook dubbed The Lesser Key of Solomon was written. It featured 72 demons, among which is Amon who is the Lord of Hell and has the power to command forty legions of lesser demons.

7. Andras

Andras refers to Andras as a Welsh variant of Andras the Ancient Greek, name meaning masculine, male.

In the Dictionary of Demons, Andras was named the Author of Discord and was the form of an angel, with the head of a raven. It was believed that he appeared on his back on the shoulders of an imposing black beast.

8. Anubis

Anubis is an ancient Egyptian Name which translates to a prince or royal child.

Within the Book of the Dead, Anubis was the God of Death and the Guardian of the Scales. He decided if the dead were worthy enough to go to the underworld.

9. Anwir

Anwir is a Welsh name which means lie.

Within Dungeons and Dragons, one of the worlds in which the game plays or the setting for the campaign is the Forgotten Realm. Anwir Dupretiskava can be one of the names of the old blue dragon and head of state.

10. Arioch

The meaning behind Arioch is not known.

Arioch was an angel of the fallen, driven by anger. If you listen to the voice of this demon, you’d be cursed with a state of anger in which you would be slashing at those who you think have hurt you.

11. Armaros

Armaros is believed to be a Greek variant that comes from the Ancient Hebrew name Armoni, meaning Palatial.

Angels were called Watchers and were sent down to Earth to guard humans. The Watchers escaped, gave humans forbidden knowledge and even took mortal wives. Their leader was named Armaros.

12. Azazel

A Hebrew name Azazel is a Hebrew word that means scapegoat.

In the Bible, Azazel is a deserted place where the sinful goat is escorted. The Islamic worldview states that in Islam, Azazel is an angel with physical desires, and was sent to Earth to illustrate how hard human beings can be.

13. Balam

Originating from the Semitic Bal, which translates to the possessor.

The powerful prince of Hell, Balam was a demon with the ability to inspire rebels. There was a legend that he had three heads, which included three heads: a man, a bull and a Ram. He was able to see the past, present, and even future things.

14. Belial

Belial means useless in Hebrew.

Belial was initially used as an adjective, however, it was later changed to a term for the devil. In Christian tradition, at the time that Michael was told to reveal Hell to the disciples of Jesus, Balial and 666 fallen angels were seen.

15. Birsha

Birsha is a Hebrew name, which means the son of wickedness.

According to Genesis, Birsha was the King of Gomorrah the city which was, like Sodom destroyed by God due to their savage behaviour.

16. Bolverkr

An Old Norse name, Bolverkr, means malefactor or evil-doer.

Bolverkr was the name used by Odin while he was in the season working with Baugi. At the time he worked with a team of nine people.

17. Boruta

The meaning behind the name Boruta is not clear.

In Slavic mythology, The Boruta guarded the fauna and flora from the woods. Christianity condemned the Boruta as demons, though they were believed to kill those lost in the forest, by tying their victims to death. This isn’t too savage.

18. Buer

Buer is a Germanic name which means temporary dwelling.

The 16th century was when Buer became a great president of Hell who was able to command 50 monsters in legions. He was seen during the period of Sagittarius. He was capable of healing ailments of all kinds and bestowed familiars on people who performed magic.

19. Cerberus

Cerberus is a Greek word that translates to the word “spotted.

The story of Cerberus is a part of Ancient Greek mythology, Cerberus is the name given to the dog who guards gates to the underworld, keeping those who are dead from escaping. Cerberus is often known as Cerberus, the Hound from Hell.

20. Charon

The Greek word, Charon, means fierce brightness.

Charon is the title given to the ferryman who carried deceased people across River Styx to the Underworld. In the past, Ancient Greeks would bury their dead by putting a coin into their mouths so that they could pay the ferryman for their journey.

21. Dagon

Dagon has no meaning but could mean the word “fish” or “cloudy”.

The story of Dagon is a part of Philistine theology Dagon represented a sea god. There is evidence to suggest that he could be depicted as part man and part fish, but a Merman.

22. Dainn

Dainn can be described as Dainn is an Old Norse name meaning deceased.

In the story of Norse mythology Hogni was a King the sword he wields is known as Dainn’s legacy. It is cursed and it is believed that every time it’s used, it has to be killed before it can be used again.

23. Damien

Damien Damien is the name of a cat that is Greek in origin and is a reference to subdue or tame.

The name Damien is still able to send an itch down the spine of those who were raised during the 70s. Damien is the name of the main character of Omen. Omen film series which is a fictional child who’s the Antichrist. The franchise was so well-loved that it led to its remake the year 2006.

24. Doyle

Doyle is a name that comes from the Irish name and refers to the dark stranger.

Although not a blatantly evil thing in and of itself, the significance of Doyle may hint at darker undertones. The genre gained popularity across the U.S. in the first decade of the early 20th century but began to decline gradually following 1930.

25. Eligor

Eligor is a variation of Abigor Eligor, a Hebrew name that translates to not willing.

In Christian mythology, the demonic Eligor sometimes referred to as Abigor is a demon, and one of the Great Dukes of Hell. He rode on an unnatural horse and offered warriors the secrets of victory to their spirits.

26. Forneus

Forneus is derived from the Latin for us which means oven.

In his most common appearance, Forneus is seen as an ocean monster. However, he’s an entity that possesses the wisdom of language and understanding and may take on the shape of humans.

27. Gadreel

Gadreel is a Hebrew name meaning walls of God.

The Archangel Gadreel was believed as one of the five Watchers’ leaders. Gadreel was the one who led Eve off the path and instructed people about killing and weapons.

28. Gresill

Gresill is a French name that has no significance.

French The Inquisitor Sebastien Michaelis claimed that demon Berith spoke to him about demonic hierarchies when he was doing an exorcism on the nun. Gresill had been one of them who attracted impure men.

29. Helel

Helel means the Hebrew word that means shining or shining.

The morning’s son, Helel, was cast into the underworld when He flew too high. According to the King James version of the Christian Bible, his name is translated as Lucifer.

30. Iblis

The meaning behind Iblis is not clear, but it could be derived from the Arabic roots and mean to remain amid grief.

In the Quran, God orders all angels to bow before Adam, his creation. Adam. Iblis is not willing to bow because he believes in his superiority over humans. Because of this, God cast him out of Heaven and sent him to Hell.

31. Lestat

Lestat is a fictional name without significance.

Within the book series The Vampire Chronicles, Lestat de Lioncourt is a blood-sucking vampire who is referred to as”the Brat Prince by his elders due to his actions.

32. Leviathan

Leviathan is a Hebrew name which means twisting into folds.

In the early days of Christian symbols, Leviathan was used as a representation of Satan and was later associated with the Hellmouth. It was also believed that he was have been among the Seven Princes of Hell, and was associated with Envy. The name Levi is an odd name for a newborn however, you could also refer to him as Levi to shorten his name.

33. Lucifer

Lucifer refers to the light that comes from it In Latin and was first used to be a reference to Venus as the morning star.

In the early renditions from Middle Eastern religious texts, Lucifer, referring to the morning star was capitalized and became the name. The motion of the star was thought to be the fall of Satan from heaven, and Lucifer became known as the devil.

34. Malacoda

Malacoda is Italian and is a reference to the evil tail.

In Dante’s Inferno Malacoda is the chief of the Malebranche the evil demons that protect their territory in the Eighth Circle of Hell. Their mission is to prevent corrupt politicians from getting out of the boiling pit.

35. Morfran

Morfran is a Welsh name that means sea crow.

In the story of Welsh Arthurian legend, Morfran is an extremely ugly warrior. The legend goes that the other warriors were scared to hit his body in battle because his appearance was so horrible He must appear to be devilish. The nickname of Morfran was Afagddu meaning absolute darkness.

100+ Evil

36. Naberius

Naberius could be a descendant of Cerberus which means spotted.

Naberius can be described as a demon that takes shape of a dog with three heads believed to be clever and talented in rhetoric. The first time he appeared was in 16th-century literature and was believed to be the commander of 19 groups of demons.

37. Nali

Nali can be described as an Old Norse name that means dead person.

It is believed that the Voluspa can be described as an Old Norse poem that tells about the beginning of the universe. In it, there’s an elf named Nali who was a dead demon.

38. Narfi

“Narfi” is the name of the town. Narfi is Icelandic meaning narrow.

In Norse mythology, Narfi is the son of Loki and Sigyn The legend also states that it is believed that the demon was dead. Many experts believe that the Na component of the name comes taken from Narfi, which is the Old Norse nar, which refers to the corpse.

39. Orobas

The significance of Orobas is unclear, but in demonology, it is believed that he is the Prince of Hell.

In the 2012 horror film, Lovely Molly, Orobas is implied to be the demon that encourages the evil actions of the protagonist.

40. Peter

Peter is a Greek name which means stone.

In the year Serbian villager Peter Plogojowitz died in 1725 the villagers claimed that they had seen him at night. They, therefore, removed him from the body, and on finding his nails and hair were “grown,” declared him to be a vampire. They then drove an iron stake through his body.

41. Radna

The meaning behind Radna is unclear.

Radna was a demon from medieval times who was also called”the King” of Demons. He could influence people and fill people with greed and envy. The heart of a person was corrupted by the power of his heart, and Radna too became powerful.

42. Ravana

In Sanskrit, Ravana means roaring or screamer.

Within Hinduism, Ravana is widely considered to be a symbol of evil. But, Sri-Lankan mythology claims him as a powerful ruler.

43. Ruthven

Ruthven is a fictional name that has no meaning.

The Lord of the vampire Ruthven is believed as the very first that appeared as a character in English Literature. He was the main character of the novel The Vampyre.

44. Samael

Samael is a Hebrew name. It refers to the venom that comes from God as well as poison from God.

According to the Talmud, Samael is the angel of death and the chief of Satans. Many see Samael as the cause of evil because he orchestrated the falling of Adam as well as Eve.

45. Sedit

Sedit refers to a person that comes from Wintun mythology.

In the story of the Wintun legend, Obelbis is the creator and wants humans to live their lives without death or birth. Sedit accidentally brings death to humanity, and when he decides to avoid his fate, he’s the first human to die.

46. Seth

Seth refers to Greek for dazzle and Hebrew for appointed.

Seth Was the Greek version of Set Seth, who was one of the Egyptian gods of violence, storms, and chaos. At first, there were no judgements about his value however, he was viewed as unclean by Christians.

47. Teivel

Teivel is a Yiddish word meaning devil.

While it is often regarded as a surname, the word Teivel can also be used as an initial name for your child demon, but without being too obvious about it.

48. Typhon

The meaning behind Typhon is debated. It could mean smoke, abyss or the word whirlwind.

The Infernal Names is a list of names that are intended to be used to carry out Satanic rituals. In this book, Typhon is listed as the Greek personification of the Devil. In other documents, Typhon is equated with the Egyptian god Set. Set.

49. Ubel

Ubel is a German word that means evil.

If you’re searching for the name that translates to evil and you’re not concerned about what it’s derived from or if there’s an origin story there’s no better option than choosing one that means evil. In this case, choose the German version is Ubel.

50. Zagan

It’s not known what the meaning behind the name comes from.

Zagan was a fallen angel who was a servant of Lucifer within demonology. If you’re seeking a unique name This is it. In the year 2019, it was the 17334 most sought-after male name.

50 Evil Girl Names

There aren’t many evil and demon-themed baby names to pick from, however, we do have 50 names to show you.

51. Abyzou

Abyzou is believed to have come from the same root as the word abyss.

At the beginning of European legends, Abyzou was a demon who was consumed by jealousy after she realized that she had infertility. In the process, she caused miscarriages as well as the deaths of infants. If you are looking for an unlucky Baby name to name your daughter that you can associate to call her by it, you could call your child Abby for the short.

52. Achlys

Achlys is a Greek name which translates to death mist or mist that covers the eyes when one dies.

Achlys was a character from Greek mythology believed to represent suffering. She was the Ancient Greek demoness of the death-mist who appeared before those who died.

53. Agash

Agash is an old Iranian word meaning evil eye.

Agash was one of the demons of Persian mythology, who represented the curses that were evil and imposed by the sight.

54. Akeldama

Akeldama can be described as an Aramaic name meaning blood field.

In Christian mythology, Akeldama is a field that was bought using 30 silver pieces that were paid to Judas Iscariot in exchange for his abandonment of Jesus.

55. Akuji

Akuji is believed to mean awake and dead, however, we could not find any solid evidence to support this.

Akuji is a beautiful name and is an excellent choice for someone who is a huge fan of zombies.

56. Alabasandria

The name Alabasandria refers to Bast, the Goddess. Bast.

The story is told in Coptic Egyptian legends, Alabasandria is a demon that targets children and women and feeds on their blood and flesh as well as the milk of nursing mothers.

100+ Evil/Demon Baby Names (Boys & Girls)

57. Allatou

The meaning behind Allatou is not clear.

Allatou was a demon from medieval times who whispers to your ear, encouraging you to surrender your beliefs. The people who believed her were believed to be condemned to hell.

58. Ammit

Ammit originates directly from Ancient Egyptian, meaning devourer of the dead.

According to Ancient Egyptian mythology, Ammit was a demon with head like those of a crocodile. the upper torso of a lion and the lower body of a hippopotamus.

59. Antaura

Antaura is a word with Greek roots and translates to a gentle breeze.

A demon named Antaura was the one responsible for causing migraines, specifically headaches. Her apparitions would arise from the ocean and hurl pain on the winds.

60. Aynat

Aynat is a Coptic word meaning evil eye.

According to the legends of Ethiopia, Aynat is the personification of the evil eye. The demon would walk between people, spreading destruction and negativity.

61. Batibat

According to the Ilocano dialect, Batibat means nightmare.

Ilocano myths speak of the Batibat who was a tree-loving demon. If the tree where she lived has been cut down and a baby bat will be released into the house built around that tree, and terrorize those who reside there.

62. Bushyasta

Bushyasta is a Zoroastrian name which translates to long-handed.

Bushyasta, the Zoroastrian demon Bushyasta was responsible for procrastination and apathy. She induces sleep and then keeps them there to stop them from working.

63. Carman

Don’t confuse it with Carmen The significance of Carman’s name Carman is not known.

The story of Carman is a part of Irish folklore, Carman was a witch who lived in Athens. Her sons were Dub, Dother, and Dian which translated to dark, evil and violent. They tried to conquer Ireland and during the process destroyed the country.

64. Carmilla

Carmilla came from Carmel. It means garden.

Carmilla is a Gothic novel written in 1872. It’s about a girl who is snatched by the female vampire Carmilla. If you’re seeking a subtle namesake for your vampire child, this is an excellent option.

65. Claudia

Claudia was derived from Ancient Greek and means lame or crippled.

In the film, Interview with a Vampire, Claudia is the young vampire who is innocent but then becomes increasingly angry and sinister. Take this movie as a source of the guide at your discretion.

66. Cozbi

Cozbi is a Hebrew term that means deceiver, lie, or liar.

In the Christian Old Testament, Cozbi was an ancient Midianite princess who enticed Israeli men, luring them to idolatry and insanity.

67. Druj

Druj is one of the Zoroastrian names which means deceit or falsehood.

In the old Zoroastrian faith, Druj was a demon who was the embodiment of evil. She was among the main evil beings.

68. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the English version of the Hebrew name Elisheba which means God is my swearing.

Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, who lived between 1560 and 1614, is believed that she bathed in the blood of girls in their teen years and eaten their flesh. Therefore, she was identified as a female vampire who existed despite the claims being doubtful.

69. Empusa

Empusa is Greek and means one-footed.

The story goes that in Greek mythology Empusa could be described as a form-shifting god. It was believed that she attacked young men while they were asleep eating their flesh and drinking their blood.

70. Enyo

The meaning behind Enyo is not known.

Although not necessarily bad, Enyo was the goddess of destruction and war. She also has a close connection with Eris the goddess of conflict.

71. Euryale

Euryale is an antiquated Greek term that means “far roaming.

The third of three demon Gorgons, Euryale, was the daughter of the primordial god of the sea and goddess. Euryale was well-known for her booming cries which could cause the stone to crumble into the sand.

72. Hecate

Hecate can be described as an Ancient Greek name and means the worker who is far away.

It is believed that the Greek goddess Hecate was also the goddess of magic and witchcraft. Christianity focused on these aspects of her mythology and made her an evil persona.

73. Gello

Gello was born out of Gello, which is derived from the Greek term gal which means to make fun of.

Gello is a demon who lived in the courts of Lucifer. Anxious that she died when she was gorgeous and young, Gello kills children while in the womb of their mothers or shortly after birth.

74. Gorgo

Gorgo originated from Sanskrit Nagarjuna which refers to a guttural sound similar to the growl of an animal.

Gorgo is an alternative title for Medusa who is being one of three gorgons in Greek mythology. Medusa was a live snake for hair and any person who was into her could be turned to stone.

75. Hala

Hala is a word with Proto-Slavic origins and refers to the fury that comes from the elemental.

According to Serbian legends, Hala is a weather demon that can drive hail and high winds through fields of crops and eats the crops. Her appetite for food can lead her to devour the moon or sun which caused an eclipse.

76. Hel

Hel can be described as one of the Old Norse names meaning death or the realm of the dead.

In the story of Norse mythology Hel is a gigantic child of Loki and Angrboda. She governs that realm of the dead.

100+ Evil/Demon Baby Names (Boys & Girls)

77. Jahi

Jahi can be described as an Avestan name that has no significance.

The beautifully elegant, delicate name reveals its significance. Jahi is a demon who was known in various ways as a libertine courtesan and Hussy.

78. Keres

A name with a Greek source, Keres means the destruction of dead people.

Keres were female demons from Greek mythology. They didn’t cause death, but rather were waiting for people to die to feast on the flesh of their victims. The personification of death in violent ways was frequently seen on battlefields.

79. Kikimora

Kikimora is a Udmurt word that means scarecrow.

In the story of Russian mythology, Kikimora grows up with the magic of. When she reaches the age of being a magician, she is found making evil plans for the world out of flax.

80. Krasue

Krasue was derived from Sanskrit and is a term used to cause someone else to be hurt.

In Thai mythology, The Krasue appears human during the daytime, however, at the night her internal organs and head travel on a trail once it has separated away from the body. The head is scouting for prey and has to come back to her body before dawn.

81. Lamashtu

Lamashtu can be described as an Akkadian name that translates to she erases.

A demon from Mesopotamian mythology. Lamashtu was said to murder babies while they were asleep or when their mothers were nursing. It was also believed that she would cause illness in water.

82. Lilin

Lilin is a Hebrew name that translates to night spirits.

In the ancient Mesopotamian faith, Lilin was an evil night-time demon who visited people during their sleep and caused bad dreams as well as sleep paralysis and even death.

83. Lilith

Lilith was born out of the Akkadian word lilitu, which means of the night.

In ancient Assyrian mythology, Lillith is a demon. In Jewish custom, her children were considered to be the demons of the world.

84. Mare

The meaning behind Mare is not clear. It could refer to the oppression of the oppressor, to smudge or be a doom.

The legend of Mare is a part of Germanic mythology, Mare is a demonic entity that haunts people while they sleep, and then sits on the chests of their victims. The hair of her victims is tangled and induces nightmares.

85. Mircalla

Mircalla is a term used for literature. It is not a word with any meaning.

In the novel about vampires Carmilla, Mircalla is the protagonist’s real name, with her name being an anagram of her actual name. Another option for the perfect name for a subtle baby vampire.

86. Morana

The name Morana was derived from the Proto-Indo-European word more, which means death.

Morana was at first an ancient goddess of death and life however, in certain religions she became an evil goddess who caused death to the people who disapproved of her.

87. Naamah

Naamah can is a Hebrew name that means pleasant.

In the Zohar Naamah is the name of a demon who appears to men while they sleep and creates children, that are demons too and who reproduce alongside other human beings.

88. Nimue

The meaning behind the name Nimue remains a mystery.

It is pronounced “NIH-moo-way,” Nimue was an individual from Arthurian mythology who could or not have negative traits, based on which version of the tales you believe.

89. Nocnitsa

Nocnitsa originated in its Ancient Greek word noc and refers to night.

Nocnitsa is one of the demons found in Slavic folklore. She is a patron to victims, typically children, during their sleep and then lies on their chests to draw their life force.

90. Onoskelis

The literal meaning of Onoskelis is that she can walk like an ass.

Onoskelis said to Solomon the demon she was living in caves. Sometimes, she would nudge people off from the truth of their essence. In other instances, she would make them strangle themselves.

91. Pandora

Pandora is derived from Greek roots and refers to any gift.

According to Greek mythology, Pandora received a locket with all the evils in the world. She was told not to open the box. However, she became interested, opened the lid and unleashed evil on the human race.

92. Persephone

Persephone is derived from Greek words meaning to destroy and kill.

In Greek mythology Persephone had a stunningly gorgeous beauty and, when Hades saw her beauty, she was kidnapped by Hades. He then dragged her to the Underworld.

93. Puck

An Ancient Germanic name, Puck originated from the word poke, which means evil spirit or devil.

Puck is a well-known girl’s name throughout the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. Therefore, it could be an ideal choice for an alternative name for those who have Scandinavian roots.

94. Ran

The meaning of Ran is unclear, however, it is believed to refer to theft or robbery.

For Viking seafarers, the turbulent sea was represented by Ran. There was a legend that Ran would rise using her net to take sailors captive, and then drag them into the world of the dead.

95. Rangda

An ancient Javanese term, Rangda, means widow.

According to Balinese legends, Rangda was a demon that is the Queen of the Leyaks which is an army of evil witches. She is regarded as the symbol of evil.

96. Rusalka

The word “Rusalka” comes from the Latin Rosalia, Rusalka means day to be adorned with roses.

The legend goes that in Slavic legends, Rusalka would use a good appearance and a beautiful voice to draw young men into the waters. Once they were in, Rusalka would wrap long red hair around the legs of the victim before dragging him towards his death.

97. Samara

Samara is a Latinized version of Shomron that translates to the watchtower.

Following The Ring movies In the film, where the female spirit of vengeance was given the name Samara The name was taken its place in the U.S. It was ranked 256 on the top 1000 names for babies in 2018.

98. Selene

Seline is a Greek name which means moon.

The names of genuine evil girls are difficult to find We’ve decided to include the names of the main characters from The Underworld series.

99. Stheno

The word comes from the Greek stenos, the name refers to strength, force or vigour.

Stheno is one of three demon Gorgons from Greek mythology. The mythology depicts her as having red snakes for hair, and this would be a suitable choice for a baby with a redhead.

100. Usha

Usha is a Hindu name which means dawn.

According to Hindi the mythology of India, Usha can be described as a princess demon. She is the heaven-born daughter and her sister the night. In other words, she’s the place between night and day – the dawn.

Names for Your Little Devil

If you’re looking for a dark or demon baby name, or simply an evocative name that has a bit of a darker side Our list of 100 is sure that will pique your interest.

While they might not be the most popular choices, many of these will guarantee your child’s personality is distinct from the rest.