Your Roles As A Father

Your Roles As A Father
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Your Roles As A Father

Fathers as we all know are the head of the family. Without a father the family is incomplete. They main role of the father is to provide the daily needs and protection. But here I’ll be telling you that it’s way more than that. As a father, the whole family looks up to you. Your wife and children to be specific. So fulfilling your roles as a father is very crucial. Here are some roles as a father which you are expected to exhibit.

Your Roles As A Father

Your Roles As A Father


Protection comes first as the wife is a weaker vessel whereas the children are defenseless. Guard your family with all your might as that is your number one role as a father.

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Yes you read right. Provision is very essential as that is what keeps the family alive. When I say provision I mean the three basic things that needs to to provided which are food, shelter and clothing.


Believe me it’s the role of the father to unite the family. Some people will say that’s the mother’s job but no, it’s the father who unites the family as one.

Play With Your Children

Don’t just be a bony man who comes hope always angry. Yeah we know life isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time to play with your children. Don’t forget playing with your children builds a strong bond between you and them as well uniting the family.

Detecting Faults

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not only detecting if the house appliances are faulty although it’s part of it, it’s about detecting if your immediate family is faulty and to make amendments if such is detected.

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Loving Your Wife

There is no successful man without a woman who supported him in his hard times. Learn how to love your wife truly. By doing this you’re also building a foundation for your children to take after.


Being a father is a great task and playing your roles as a father can even be greater. Above all follow the above tips and it’s be of great help. Good luck!

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