Women and money decision issues on marriage

Women and money decision issues on marriage

Please ladies be careful on decision you make, I wonder what most girls are thinking if they think well, I wonder if they think that only men are born to make money, but the truth is that not only men should be struggling to make money, you as a woman should struggle too for money, because if both should make it things will be easier for the family. Been a lazy woman is never good for you as a woman neither been a house wife is the best option because if something should happen to that man in the house who provide all the money for the family what then will be the faith of you and your children. Is better you make a decision now.

There are many women who think that a rich man is the ultimate solution for all but let me ask you something, what if you marry that your rich man an end up been in marriage that cause you pain and tears always, I believe this is not what you pray for, why then will you consider money first instead of love, happiness and peace of mind that money will not give you, don’t be deceive with that his riches because marriage is for better for worst, once you enter you have enter no going back than divorce, and you know what it means to your reputation. so consider well on the decision you make today because if you make mistake you will suffer for it.

I don’t say that a rich men is not good in marriage but if that rich man is not the right person for you why getting marry with him, if you are always afraid of him why getting marry with him, if he always treat you as if you are nobody why getting marry with him, I will not be happy hearing or seeing you been unhappy tomorrow because of the choice you make today, take courage and tell yourself the truth that wealth is not enough to buy your heart.

Try to listen to the heart beat of your heart and not been blinded with a man’s wealth , will you be happy to hear your husband telling you to leave his money for him, I don’t say you should stop dating rich men but try to give that one that you think that is poor or that  is not up to your level a chance because you don’t know tomorrow he is poor today and may be rich tomorrow, to be sincere with you 80% of rich men out there d o not value their wives because most of them their wives never contribute to their success and due to that they never respect them, all they think of is their wealth.

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Open your eyes as a lady and see the handwriting on the wall, please my dear don’t be deceive by his money, try to give that one who you think is nothing a chance, try to look for that one who love you, who is always ready to die for you and not the one who will even use you for his rituals if he sees the opportunity to do so, most men who are rich today don’t value their wives especially those ones who their wives never contribute to their wealth, so why not you cool down an make the right decision now for the sake of your future.

I don’t say you should date or marry that man who is already useless who don’t have a plan for his future neither do I tell you to insult him. Try to allow yourself at times to think properly over on decision and make right choice that will suit you, if you think that a man don’t know your value then leave but that don’t mean you will make your value to high for him not to see. Because most men will try to deceive you and pretend to be of that level with you and you may end up making the wrong choice that will affect you tomorrow. If you can be plain and simple with your life, it will be hard for you to be deceived by a man, because you will know what you want and your decision  and you will stand on it.

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There is this mistake you do at times as a lady that pain me a lot, because you think is right or make a good decision about your life, the mistake am talking about here is listening and moving around with those friends who never value any man who is poor, who look down on people because they think that their level is not the same., just cool own an watch such women, most of them en up at times hurting themselves or marrying the wrong man an such marriage is nothing but a sorrow or heartbroken to them. let me not talk much on this issues I believe a word is enough for the wise. so you women should think twice on your decisions.


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