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Will Sex make Him To Love Me

Will Sex make Him To Love Me

There are some things I want to make ladies understand here because it hurt me at times seeing some ladies saying that they know if sex will make a man to love her and never cheat on her again but the truth of it all is that there is nothing you can do as a woman to make a man to stop cheating from you. But rather a man who loves you will decide on its own not cheat on you but to love and cherish you alone. “Will Sex make Him To Love Me”

I still remember back in the days in school when I meet my wife. I never believe that there is a woman that can stop a man from cheating and I have the mentality that I can sleep with any woman I like. And as a man I need to have many girls as my friend but the truth is that after meeting her all these wipe out of my mind as if I was force or ask by someone to do so.

Well it happens because I truly love her with my whole heart and not fake. But all that never change immediately but it happen gradually due to how she love and care for me as if without me she will not exist. When I mean care and love, I don’t mean sex because back then she told me she will accept me if there will be no sex. So I accept but thinking I can change all that in due time but when I stay with her daily and with the way she treat me all that mentality and thinking changed automatically. “Will Sex make Him To Love Me”

So you see all that never changed because she agrees to have sex with me but because of her character and the way she treat and show me love. In fact the truth is this, never believe or think that sex can make a man love you because sex can only make him stay with you for a while.

I know that by now you may be thinking and asking yourself how then will i make him love me since sex is not a way to make him love. Well my dear any man who love you never talk much about sex, although at times out of urge when you are together he may try to but when you say no he will understand and will never push you again at that moment.

The only way for you as a woman to make a man love you sincerely with her whole heart is nothing else than your character and the way you treat and appreciate every little thing that he buy for you. I know most women may not understand this and may take it as if is nothing but that is the truth because having sex is different from making love. “Will Sex make Him To Love Me”

So if you want to make a man love and value you then do the following

  1. Mind the way you talk to him and the public.
  2. Mind how you dress (wear or dress the way you know that he love)
  3. Learn to cook for your man
  4. Learn to respect your man
  5. Learn to love those he love(His people)
  6. Learn to say sorry at times even if is his fault

Please try to be very careful when dealing with a man and never think that sex is what will make him love you because this mistake is what is happening with so many young girls out there and of which make most of them ending up with heartbroken and in pains because they think that when they have sex with a man that he will love him without knowing that is a waste of time and effort. So be careful and stay safe. “Will Sex make Him To Love Me”



Onyedika Boniface

Born in family of life. Love seeing everybody in a peaceful and happy relationship and marriage. Address: no 23 Ase-Eme village, pH. Road, Ohabiam,Aba South, Abia State, Nigeria. Phone number: +2347062470552 Email: [email protected]

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