Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You

Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You
Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You

Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You

Many married women do ask or say this “my husband don’t touch me or make love to me again” well the problem or the reason why he do so may at times be your fault. So due to this I write this article to let you know the things that you as a woman may do without knowing that you are the one chasing your husband away from you. So read this post carefully to be sure that is not you that make him run away or look at another woman outside. So here are things that may be the reason why he don’t touch you. “Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You”

  1. The way you dress.

If you as a woman think that this don’t matter then know that you are making a mistake because if you don’t dress to impress your husband then be sure that another woman out there will do that for you. I want you to know that now you are married is also the best time to mind the way you dress and know those cloths he love to see you wear. So that you can wear them and make yourself to be more attracted to him. You know that everything in this life require maintenance for them to last, so in that same way you need to mind the kind of dress you wear that attract him. Doing so will make that love and attraction he has towards you to grow more.

  1. Your Character.

This one is very important and is one of the things that causes problem in some marriage and may even lead to divorce if care is not taken. For the fact that you are married don’t mean you have to talk to your husband anyhow or treat him anyhow. Don’t think because you are married that you can now do as you like because  he has marry. Try to respect and obey him as the head of the family.“Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You”

  1. The Way You Treat His People And Friends.

Some women may say how can this make him not to touch me. Yes this can make him not to touch you and may even make him to hate you. Because his family and friends you treat anyhow are the ones that has been with him from the begging before he meet you. They may even be the one to advice or support him to marry you. And if you treat them anyhow you may one day end up losing him. He may not tell you that this is the reason he don’t you because he is a man and most men don’t talk anyhow. So try to mind the way you treat his family and friends.

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Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You
Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You
  1. Your Shape And Body.

This is one is very bad and not good at all. If you as a woman think that you are married that there is no need again to maintain your shape and body just the way you do before you got marry. Then know that you are making a big mistake because that shape and body is one of the things he see in you that got him attracted. Your husband may be attracted to you because you are slim and fair and now you are married you stop to maintain that slim and fair complexion he love and grow fat and dark. Now if you are the husband won’t you be sad and still look at ladies who slim and fair? So is better you mind your shape before you lose him. “Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You”

  1. You behave Less Concern.

If you behave anyhow and less concern about your husband, not minding if he is happy or weather there are things troubling him. Then know that you are making a big mistake because if you don’t care about him you will lose him to another woman who will show him that care. Try to know when he is happy and when he is sad. Try to ask him about his day and know if there is things troubling him and advice him in some area that he need advice.

  1. You Are Too Busy With Your Work.

If you are the type of woman that is always too busy with your work and forget your duty as a woman then know that you have started failing in your marriage. Never put your work first before your husband and your family because they are more important than work. If you lose your job today you can easily get another one but if you love your family, you not get another one. So let family come first before work.

  1. The Cloths You Wear When You Too Are Alone

If you want to attract your husband to touch you or make love with you, then know that you should try to know the kind of cloths you wear when you too are alone. It said that men are attracted by what they see. So mind how you dress in the room and at night. Don’t expect to attract him when you always as a woman going to church even when you too are alone. “Why Your Husband Don’t Touch You”

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